Dark Destiny (Spin off Epi 3)

Our Dark Destiny: Episode 3 (Spin Off)
Finally yet again guys, another update- this one my spin off! Let’s get to the episode already! :p
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Angel with a shotgun 😀 I love this song sooo much! I felt it would suit the scene 😀
Ok enough with my rambling, here comes the episode!
Morning finally fell upon Allahbad, FINALLY… Suhani tossing and turning in her bed- restless… Yuvraaj’s mind a broken tape recorder replaying the shaken voice of Suhani… Yuvraaj decided to get Yuvani a new necklace, to stop her worrying about him, he left the house without a stir, no second thought, without no question… He stayed quiet making sure that no one heard him, pleased that his plan was successful…
While at the Shrivasta house, the small family are arguing about who is going to go to the jewellers, but they finally decided the newly- wed couple should spend some time together- to Sambhav his plan is all falling into place… Ticking his checklist inside his head as he starts to walk towards the car- keeping his head glued to the phone screen.
Yuvraaj already getting there first, looking around for a new purchase for his daughter, knowing that she has become more simple due to the presence of Suhani…
Yuv PoV:
She appreciates the little things, which was something no one could do, I’m forever glad… Keeping my eyes focused on the glass, the shop is finally starting to fill up with chatters of other people…I ask the jeweller to take out the best jewellery for me, knowing he would take out a large selection.. I didn’t mind, I wanted to be anywhere but home… I don’t find it home anymore without the presence of her… my eyes caught onto a mangulstra, not any mangulstra though. It was one specially made for Suhani’s by maa’s wish.. My heart left hollow- it dropped faster than a shark attack…
Yuv: Excuse me sir… can you put the mangulstra somewhere else?
Jeweller 1 (J1): Oh sir but wasn’t it your mother who ordered this?
Yuv: Oh but it’s not needed now… It was too late, how about you keep it with the others…
the jeweller nodded while Yuv got lost in his thought staring deeply into the shining jewellery
While Yuv is lost in his thought Suhani and Sambhav step into the shop, and were directed to the furthest table in the shop, he out his arm around her his hand reaching her lower back- making her jerk and fidget a little before they reached the jewler which she managed to squirm out of his grasp..
Suh: Sir? Can you fix this mangulstra please?
Jeweller 2 nodded and had a look at the mangulstra, but shook his head realising the damage
J2: I’m sorry… I am afraid I can’t fix this… Some beads are missing, how about you find another one, I will give it you for half the price…
Suhani: You are very considerate sir… Thank you…
Suddenly Yuv was brought back to reality when he heard “thank you” in the most angelic voice he wished for, his head flung around, his eyes rested on the new couple- picking a new mangalstra…

Suh: Sambhav are you ok? Why do you look soo urgent? I would hurry u if you want…
Sam: N-no-no no Take your time… (he pushes out a forced smile)
Suhani goes back to picking a mangulstra, Sambhav just pick a really heavy one up… Suhani made a face and picked her customised one…
Suh: Sambhav how is this? (she picks it up and puts it around her neck and spins around, during the spin she notices a pair of eyes staring at her, so Yuv quickly turns around and changes his voice…
J2: oh a man and his mother made it specially for his wife, but he said he didn’t need it anymore as someone was too late- it was either us or him… So do you like it?
Suhani gave a hug nod in agreement and smiled widely at Sambhav who gave a faint smile keeping his eyes glued to the door… He reached for his pocket to take out money-
Screams of horror filled the tiny jewellers as goons started to fill the place with bin bags filling it with jewellery… Yuvraaj got up and turned around to Suhani stood stiil bcos of the shock…
Everyone turns to him
Goon: Do you want you head blown off, no. Just Shush.
Suhani stunned to see Yuvraaj there, Sambhav vexed that his plan was slowly coming to a downfall… Suhani’s eyes scanned the shop to see the emergency button a few steps infront of her, she ran to press it but one goon grabbed her and placed the pistol to her head, Suhani’s eyes filled with terror…
Goon in a serious monotone: one move and your blood is splattered everywhere.
Sambhav and Yuv in shock…
Goon tilted his head and raised his eyebrow: Excuse me?
Yuv: Leave all the children and women. If your going to kill anyone let it be me. Don’t you dare pull the trigger to her head.
The goon let her go, and Suhani just stared at Yuv in awe.
Yuv: Suhani. GO!
She hesitated bfore starting to leave, but her arm was clutched by the goon…
Goon: Before you go, give me ur necklace (he points the gun at her neck and Suhani just grabs the mangulstra and shakes her head) Just give me, so i don’t have to do it the hard way…
Suhani looked at him shocked and started to take the mangulsta off.
Yuv: SUHANI. DON’T (he glared at Sam) just don’t. I am guessing you like it, dont give up ur likes for another guy who is bossing you around… And as for you (he looks at the goon) no means no. You probably don’t have a wife to know how important the necklace is.
The goon ignored him and started to reach out to suhani’s neck, in a split second the goon was on the floor, blood streaming from his nose, the goons looked down in horror and with trembling hands point the gun at Yuvraaj, fuming…
Yuv: Don’t you understand what go means… Go suhani…
Suh: But- tum… (she turns to look at Sam who is looking down in disgust) and Sambhva..
Yuv: we will be fine, now go…
As soon as she steps out a gun shot is heard she whips round to see blood oozing from Yuv’s arm
Suh: YUVRAAJ! (she was about to run to him when he shot her a glare)
Suhani hurt, she runs to find help…
Yuvraaj’s arm overflowing, staining his blue shirt that hugged his body…
Yuv smirked and looks up at Sambhav: Is that all? Oh come on… when Suhani finds out… I have witnesses…
He looks around to see everyone ccoward in a corner, the sound of sirens getting louder, the goons trying to run, Sambhav worried f getting caught so he throws the gun to one of he goons and runs. Leaving Yuvraaj to defend himself, Yuvraaj punching the goons keeping in the shop stopping anyone from escape till the police comes and arrests them… The manager of the jeweller shop came and gave Yuv his gratitude and gave him a gift- one of the most beautiful kids locket he has seen- due to the lack of blood he felt light headed until someone put their shoulder’ s underneath is arm and wrapped their arm on his back…Blood soaking through their clothes- he gently opened his eyes to realise it was a nurse and Suhani- her eyes icey cold as she stared at me.
Suhani: Don’t try to be a hero again! What if we have –
Yuvraaj didn’t get to hear what else Suhani had to lecture her about as he fell into a deep slumber…

Precap: In hospital someone tries to change the drips for Yuvraaj… Is it fake Dadi or Sambhav, maybe even Rags or Mehnka!

There you go guys! I finished writing two fanfics in one night, I didn’t get any sleep the past week, maybe 6/7 hours all together… So i found that writing this made me feel better instead of staring at my wall- which is infact very boring XD But anyway I hoped you enjoyed, it was very similar to the other episode shown on TV, but I changed it slightly… (to be honest this isnt my best :(, but I did try 😀 )

Ly all Aqsaah x (A verry tired Aqsaah XD)

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  1. Sanaa.khan

    This is amazing Aqsaah….The suspense in the precap is too interesting. Consider this as an advice to u. Aqsaah, u don’t need to write all stuff at once…write 1 or 2 paragraphs each day for a week , this will keep u going and u will have less pressure on u. I do the same?

    1. Aqsxxh

      Ty Sanaa, for ur compliment and the advice 😀 x tyy x it means a lot

  2. Beautifully written..

    1. Aqsxxh

      Ty very much Farhat 😀 x

  3. its is really amazing ,there is no words to describe each nd every line .

    1. Aqsxxh

      Thanks Sri! x

  4. Manya

    Superbbb imagination sanaa???

    1. Aqsxxh

      Ty very much Ayushi 😀 x

  5. Ruksy

    this is amazing please update soon

    1. Aqsxxh

      ty Rusky, I will soon 🙂

      1. Ruksy

        could you update one ff per day

    2. Aqsxxh

      Ooo… that maybe a hard request, but I will try… 😀 Just for u lot 😉

      1. Ruksy

        thanks ?

    3. Aqsxxh

      Which one do you want first my OS, Finding my angel or our Dark Destiny…. Your Choice ;p

      1. Ruksy

        your OS please.

  6. awe its very interesting.ur title selection also very good.waiting to see whats going to happen.

    1. Aqsxxh

      Thanks Radha 😀 and ty yet again for another beautiful comment

  7. Shilpa-Saraj

    Sissy.. Its really wonderful.. I think this was better than what they show in the serial…

    Anyways thanks a lit for posting this… Umwwwaaaaahhhhh….. Ly ?…

    Keep posting….

    Eagerly awaiting for the next…

    1. Aqsxxh

      Awww shilppy u r my inspiration, my encouragement my everything- all your comments are a constant reminder that i am here not for my happiness but for all yours ty x di you are my everything


    I cant believe i havent commented on this yet, i had read it and absolutely adored it. I though i had already commented. I really liked the suspense and Yuvraj’s care. Just wonderful x

    1. Aqsxxh

      It’s fine Shreya! Ty for ur infinte support 😀 x

  9. NAPSHa J

    Aqsaah from where do u get such ideas?? I really want to know.. 😀

    1. Aqsxxh

      Oh Napsha how sweet! I actually don’t know where I get the ideas from, I might be a bit crazy XD but I tend to read a lot, specially thrillers so I get the unique ideas from there, but thanks for such an amazing comment it has really made my day x

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