Our Dark Destiny: Episode 7 (Spin off)

Our Dark Destiny: Episode 7 Spin Off

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Faded by Alan Walker 😀

Author’s note:

I know this FF is really bad xD but hold on with it, I have to finish it ASAP XD soooooo HOLD ON TIGHT GUYS THIS ENDING WILL BE ABURPT! MAKE SURE YOUR WEARING SEAT BELTS 😀 xD


A thick fog sets on the ground- murky and cold foreshadowing the souls of the earth’s devils lurking in the darkness praying not to get exposed.
Laughter erupts, shaking the still ground at the cries of help seeping out the hoarse dry throat, not of one- but two victims… Chandrakala and Suhani.
“Don’t break Dadi, they feed off your pain, just don’t break, I know you have faced this longer than me, but don’t you dare fall weak… This is not the Dadi I know…” words of encouragement triumphs from Suhani. “ladk- Suhani… Are you sure we will be fine?” Dadi frightened to the core- even the most evil change… Suhani places her hand on top of the emaciated old woman’s and nods at her in reassurance… “Now, just be patient, maybe I won’t last… But if you do- don’t worry… There is always light at the end of a tunnel…” Suhani still beams to Dadi, as if she is the happiest person ever, as if all the troubles have never existed… “Just make sure you stay quiet- don’t you speak up, or your fate will end up like mine” Suhani still going strong, fighting back the chokes she has in the middle of her throat. “ now Hush… they should be back… Act as if we hate each other… Well we don’t have to act because you hate me anyway…” Suhani weakly smiles, a crooked broken smile- lacking the warm, and joy, instead over-powered with melancholy.

The sound of thundering footsteps on the damp stone, Sambhav grabs Suhani by her hand-cuffs, and pulls her up to his level.

“Suhani, dear, love, you have to please me… Please me by dancing, not any dancing- belly dancing, with lothes that I have brought you” He smirks sadistically, and pulls up a belly top- of lace revealing her dignity- the last piece of dignity she had… Her eyes caught on to some see through trousers- almost like Jasmine’s trouser- but in blood-shot red… “You either have to do this or-“

“NO NEVER! YOU DISGUSTING MAN! YOU ONLY WANT A WOMAN FOR PLEASURE, YOU ONLY LIKE TO ABUSE WOMAN FOR THEIR BODY? YOU ONLY WANT ME FOR YOU SO-CALLED LOVE? I said I wanted to leave this world with dignity, not without shame-“ She was pushed down to the floor, she felt her feeble bones shatter on the rocks “oh push me down, but six feet under this time! I will die for all the abused woman in society- your an example that they must fight for their rights! Yes, I might not get my rights in my grave- but I will get peace, but I want to be a role model for woman to follow, or maybe a mistake that woman shouldn’t make!”
“Offo, Suhani… Your speech was useless… Come on obey my orders, or get the punishment” Sambhav says holding his head in annoyance and impatience.

“My answer will stay the same you monster, it will always be NO! Shall I spell it out? N. O. NO!”
Sambhav Pulls Suhani by her hair, ruffled and knotted, by the amount of times she has been through this torture…

“Suhani, how many times have you disobeyed me? You know how many lashes that is right?” Sambhav shouts out infuriated
“please I beg you, my skin is splitting, my muscle is showing, don’t you have any mercy?” She chokes on her sobs as she realises her time is almost up, the pain is finally getting to her….

Sambhav slowly lifts up the whip, and lashes out in the air, making the air run at the horrendous noise of the clap. “You can still change your mind..” Sambhav inquires, but Suhani refuses… Sambhav kisses his teeth and tuts at the foolish decision of his ‘lover’ he slowly lowers his arm and places the whip’s tail at the position he wants and lifts it up for the blow.

It was like the whip was flying down in slow motion suhani slowly cowering down in safety waiting for the lash to bounce off her back, gifting her with a stinging sensation- making her scream…

She waited

And she waited

She waited again…

She waited for longer, but realised nothing was happening… She feels a hand on her back instead, a hand that send sparks down her spine, the hand slowly lifts up and footsteps walk around to Suhani’s face and kneels down to her level…

A finger traces down her face and lifts her face up, his thumbs wipes away the tears and the blood seeping from her dry cut lip. She collapses into his lap, tears streaming down her face, more than before, the bitter liquid soaking his trousers, he pays no heed to this- instead he strokes her hair and hushing her cries…

“Suhani, Your Sadu Kumar is here, it’s fine, don’t worry… The evil monsters are there look… The police have them…” HE picks Suhani up a bit and makes her face the devils and she nuzzles her head into the crook of Yuv’s collar.

“Yuvraaj, I am sorry… I should’ve told you earlier” Suhani finally breaks the silence with a whisper of apology, calming her and Yuvraaj down.

“Suhani” He wraps his arms around her “It’s not your fault, you actually saved yourself… with the trail to this hide out, and then the coded text message, and your strength most of all… I admire you for everything”

He gets no reply realising the gentle snores on his shoulder, realising the minimal hours of rest Suhani had, making sure she is on full alert not only to protect herself, but Dadi too…

She also couldn’t go to sleep due to the nightmares haunting her every sleeping hour- never allowing peace….

He scoops her up to take her out the place that holds her miseries to a place of freedom, peace and for her to soar.


Precap: Suhani finally free of Sambhav’s marriage


Hope you enjoyed this episode, a bit of woman empowerment in this too 😀 Well I liked this episode, the strong Suhani, the selfless suhani, the Suhani that never backs down, the clever witty Suhani who will also never give up 🙂

Please do comment as I see my comments are going down, I do understand people are busy, but even an emoji or a word will make my day 😀

Anyway Love you all

Aqsaah x

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  1. amazing epi …yaar every line is awsome.

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    Awww.. Aqsaah.. It was such a beautiful epi.. Loved each and every bit of it.. The strong suhani.. The selfless suhani. Wow.. Loved it..

    1. Aqsxxh

      Thanks Shilppy x Yes, that suhani has been lost in the show I wanted her to shine here 😀

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    this was short but amazing and beautiful. short is nice so there can be more episodes.

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