Our Dark Destiny: Episode 6 (Spin off)


Our Dark Destiny: Episode 6 Spin Off

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Author’s Note:

Eid Mubarak to Everyone Celebrating (Including me!) My first week at school has been, well… Stressful at the least, but I am pulling through- very tiredly… But Hey! This Spin is coming to a close- meaning one less FF for me to handle, making life sooo much easier 😀 So I decided to carry on updating this till it is over, so I can work on my other FF’s 😀 x
But a final note before the episode: Never Give Up, no matter how hard life is being!



~One week later…

Yuv’s PoV:

Finally, in my bed, away from the dull hospital room, I found out that my arm is recovering rapidly, but a slight mal-movement could leave my left arm paralysed… I know. Frightening. I just don’t know, Suhani hasn’t been around lately, neither had Pankaj Uncle given me any update on how they are…. Call me Paranoid, but I feel something fishy has happened- in the deepest depths of my soul…
I stare at my wall, the fun, the exhilaration! -.- Not really. I just can’t do anything, especially with Dadi up my skin, and Maa watching my slight movement. I feel like a new born again. Restricted and spoon fed. I just can’t take this, I am bored out of my depths and I just don’t know I feel empty… Hollow… I miss the constant nagging, I miss the Nok Jok, I miss the laughs, the jokes, the presense of Suhani. Suhani…

Who wouldn’t miss her…

My head starts to ache, I feel a disturbance somewhere in my desolated heart… Something way way out of the norm…


Tears streaming down the vulnerable girl’s face, her lips trembling, where has that strong independent woman disappeared to… Dead. In the shell of a woman no longer existing…
“but… but… no… n-“ The sound of a hand clapping against the skin of another human, the woman clutching on her face- trying to lessen the stinging, not in shock after the umpteenth time of the incident occurring… “I trusted you, both of you! Especially you… Dadi….”
The witch reincarnation begins to bellow… “ I am not Chandrakala, I am her twin… Taking revenge of you poor saps, and I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the help of your husband.. Sambhav…”
Suhani couldn’t help but growl at the word- not name but word… “Sambhav, the devil…”
“Oh shh my love, this wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t stop acting like Sherlock holmes, and if you didn’t stop spending every waking hour with him.” He caresses her face and bites his lips as his eyes meet her trembling lip- split due to the amount of times she had been hit nd how dry they were…
“Don’t you dare call me love, You don’t even know the meaning of love!” Yet again she was striken by another blow in her face… “you think your slaps and punches would break me down, I would rather DIE then live my life with you! Kill me! I dare you….”
A devilish smile forms on the pair’s faces…
“Oh ladki! You don’t know what trouble you got yourself into… But maybe Sambhav want you spend your last waking hours with you…”
A sadistic smirk forms on Sambhav’s face “oooo Suhani, I will make you my doll for the next day… maybe two depending on how well you behave…”
“heh, you think I will follow your orders, men and women like you are way too bad for hell! Oh will you hit me again, oh please do, I am sooo scared!” Suhani feigns fear as she speaks, knowing she can’t break now, she would rather die with dignity she had… “what would you do to my family when I go…”


Suhani’s PoV;
right now, I don’t care how many bruises I have, how much blood I am losing, how much time left till I leave this cruel world… Right now my family comes first, I don’t want them tortured, I don’t want them hurt… My parents think Sambhav has taken me on a honeymoon, and the Birla’s think that Dadi has gone to see her friends for a week… now imagine when they go back without me… What will they say, that someone kidnapped me and killed me? I died of a heart attack? I downed in a lake and before they could rescue me it was too late? Then what would happen to my family? What would happen to my children, I can’t trust Yuvaan in the hands of Sambhav! Ah… Why… Why couldn’t I have waited 5 minutes more at my mandaap? Why couldn’t have I put Yuvraaj’s anger aside 7 years ago… none of this wouldn’t have happened…
I am in a turmoil, a turmoil that in unfortunately inevitable…


Sharad is revolted by what Yuvraaj has told him… Believing his guru and every word that he has fed to him…

“I can’t believe that Sambhav! First he kidnaps you, then he shoots you in the arm! HOW CAN WE TRUST HIM WITH SUHANI! Like didn’t you say you heard the fear in Suhani’s voice last time you called, the time she spat out his name in disgust! It all makes sense Yuvraaj! He is not a husband, forget that he isn’t even human! He is a monster!”

Yuvraaj now lost in his own thoughts about the destruction occurring at this moment in time, he senses when Suhani is in distress, and he feels something now…

“Sharad… Something is wrong”

Precap: “Suhani, how many times have you disobeyed me? You know how many lashes that is right?”
“please I beg you, my skin is splitting, my muscle is showing, don’t you have any mercy?” She chokes on her sobs as she realises her time is almost up….


Guys a vile, brutal episode for the huge exposure! I just wanted Sambhav to appear as even more of a monster then he is in the show… So sorry if I have hurt anyone, but I still kept Suhani strong through all the pain she is suffering, I didn’t want to break her- she has always been my inspiration…

Love you all x
Aqsaah x

Sorry for the bad episode x Well I am guesing it is really a dark destiny! XD Sorry bad humour i know, just school is having a toll on me

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  1. Sis… Wonderfull… Really my eyes were full of tears..

    1. Aqsxxh

      Thank Shilppy I missed you soo much

    2. Ayesha Siddika Munia.

      Are you free sis?Can you able to update the epi 4 of the ff kya karu haye…kuch kuch hota hain?Please hurry up.Waiting eagerly.★Eid Mubarak★

  2. Yvonne Codner

    Can someone tell me why does Suhani allows Sambhav to have so much influence on Yuvaan when he has a dad, and also why she allows Yuvaan to use emotional blackmail on her. I just don’t understand it.

    1. Aqsxxh

      I don’t understand either, but it is teh fact that she was alone with him for 6 years, he was the only nuclear family she hadat the time- so it is easy for her to giv into Yuvaan…. but good question x

  3. Manya

    Awesome ?

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  4. Ruksy

    this was truly sad but still amazingly written. suhani should stay strong despite the torture of those monsters.

    1. Aqsxxh

      Thanks much Rusky

  5. Ayesha Siddika Munia.

    Really heart touching episode.Though it is truly sad but wonderfully written by you.Wishing you and your family member a joyous Eid day.★Eid Mubarak★

    1. Aqsxxh

      Thanks Ayesha and you too x

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