Our Dark Destiny: Episode 5 (Spin off)


Our Dark Destiny: Episode 5

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Author’s Notice
Hey guys, so most of you lot know that I have officially started school (Year 11 to be exact) making this year the most important year to my life EVER! (well soo far anyway) as this will determine my college as well as career path so yh a lot of studying for me! *hurray…. *hint the sarcasm* but I will update for you lot whenever I can, the epi’s may be shorter- meaning there would be a TON of episodes and it might seem like it is dragging so be warned… Anyway that’s it from me… Here is the episode…


The door slowly creaks open, with the begging bright light entering first, then blocked by the shadow of a figure- followed by a person. I couldn’t quite figure out the features of the person- but in the back of my mind I know it was Suhani…

The figure then speaks softly, breaking the eerie silence in the air.

“Are you ok Yuvraaj?” The feeling of concern laced between her words “The nurse told us all you were in shock, did something happen?”

“I am not sure, I think it was a mouse-“

Laughter erupts from Suhani’s soul- wafting the air with joy- a joy that has been lost from their lives ever since she left…

“Tum! TUM! A MOUSE! A little mouse! Oh please Mr. Sadu Kumar! You couldn’t have been scared of such a tiny thing! The mouse must’ve got scared seeing you nose!”

She stumbled closer indulged with her laughter, and she throws herself at the hospital chair

“Off, Yuv! I can’t believe you. You never change!” She carries on laughing, but making yuv star at her in awe, and admiration- he hasn’t seen her like this in over seven years- when will he ever get the chance again- he just saviours the moment…

“Suhani… Don’t laugh… I am scared… and all you are doing is laughing, next time I will make sure a lizard in on your bed to get you back!”

Suhani feigns a shock, and exaggerates her state, “OHHHH YUVRAAJ! Since when did you become soo evil! I am never going to trust you-“ She stops in the middle of her words and the once blossoming smile on her face drops in an instant- her heart ached at that statement…

“Suhani! I took that as a joke! Why are you upset for! We are friends yaar… Can’t we joke?”

Suhani turns her gaze back at Yuvraaj- who is trying to hold a harrowing smile on his face, just to comfort the broken heart of Suhani’s.

“Mr Sadu, I’m sor-“

“Uh, no! No sorry’s or thank you’s in friendship! Disobeying your own rules now Suhani!” He playfully winks at Suhani, but stops realising his action were far beyond fine, he had lines now, barriers that he knew he mustn’t cross…

“Offo, Yuv… Ok, fine… But when you are fine I am taking to you to your favourite European restaurant… as a gift” She beams at him, showcasing her perfectly aligned teeth with her tiny dimples…

“But Suhani… You know you don’t have to… Like seriously, your a married woman now, you should stay with Sam-“

“But he can’t stop friends from hanging out, you saved my life, you saved this mangulstra! Without it mine and his” She pauses realising that he hissed out the last word she said but carried on “ marriage would be nothing, this is the least I can do, Sam would understand…”

“Are you sure?” Yuv knowing the corrupt and destructive morals cooking up in that man’s head- he doesn’t want Suhani getting hurt…

“Yes Yuvraaj I am sure… If not, I can bring Yuvaan, he has never tried foreign food before- on the pasta I used to make for you” She closes her eyes to reminisce the alluring moments spent with her ~amor~ (Love)


The room was dimly lit with candles to set the picturesque atmosphere, it was a surprise fr him, still trying to win his heart… she cooked one of his favourite dishes- pasta, she set it in the middle of the table- waiting for him to come out his room to relish the treat she spent ages to cook… She looked immaculate- an angel, innocent and simple… She waited, and waited- for almost an hour till she realised that he wasn’t going to come out for the dark-skinned girl…


AN/ If you remember this episode comment a food emoji! I know i didn’t writ it perfectly but hey I think Somu drugged Yuv so he wouldn’t wake up… I am not sure but back to the episode….


She smiled a bit and looked at Yuv, whose eyes were filled with confusion- a bit glassy, cold… As if he was thinking of the same innocent, but guilty and angry at himself… He shook himself into reality when he realised Suhani looking down at her hands in her lap fiddling with her dress anxiously.

“Hey Suhani, I can’t believe you deprived your child of the right to good food!” Yuvraaj mused
“Excuse me! Isn’t traditional food good? Just becos we aren’t all post like you, eating salads and drinking some disgusting organic juice! You might as well have a diet on air only!”

They both laughed at the jokes that were following out the ex-couples mouth, lost in their own dimension,inundating each other with their unending rhetoric. This cold night filled with a frosty air was going to fly…

Precap: Yuvraaj is back at his house and something unexpected occurred…

Guys, I might end this FF bcos I am utterly lost so I will end this after the event… Trust me… it’s unexpect… REALLY unexpected…
Hope you enjoyed this 😀
LY all
~Aqsaah x

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  1. Ayesha Siddika Munia

    Awsome episode.You are a great writter.★Best of luck for class 11★
    I am also a student of class 9

    1. Aqsxxh

      Ty Ayesha! <3 please keep commenting 😀

  2. Hey my little sissy it was superb.yuvani nok joke was really very funny.that sambhav he is the only obstacle in between our yuvani.i just want to throw him out of yuvani’s life.anyway all d best fr ur studies.episode was nice. Ienjoyed it completely.but felt littlr sad because ur ending too early.but its ok u have to concentrate on uf studies also. But yaar pls pls try to update whenever ur free.

    1. Aqsxxh

      Don’t worry x SuhBhav will be out the picture they were never a couple in my opinion! <3

  3. its a nice epi ,i really enjoyed it while reading. update nxt epi soon.

    1. Aqsxxh

      Ty Sri dear x

  4. Manya

    Super duper hit and all the best ???❤️❣?????

    1. Aqsxxh

      Hehe Awwee Ayushi im blushing ty x

  5. Ruksy

    amazing love it

    1. Aqsxxh

      Thanks Rusky Dear i am glad you feel this way about my writing x

      1. Ruksy

        i always love it because its so amazing

  6. Aqsaah your writing is just pure magic! We are lucky to have such a wonderful writer writing a FF for us all. BTW, this is ?????????. My real name is Aisha so i just changed it.

    It is a pleasure to read your amazing work. Good luck for Year 11 Aqsaah and all the best for your studies.

    I’m looking forward to the next epi.

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