Our Dark Destiny: Episode 4 (Spin off)

Our Dark Destiny: Episode 4!

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(Sanaa’s request)

Beep, beep, beep, the continuous monotone of the heart-beat monitor is the only sound echoing through the cold room- inhabited by the one person who saved everyone just a few hours ago… Still unconscious he lays as his heart beat regulates back to normal, his breathing finally stable as the nurse finally lets visitors come to see him… “surprisingly” Dadi rushes into the room, and sits by his side, faking his eternal love for his grandson…

Dadi: Yuvraaj… Beta… Why… why did you retaliate against them goons… You are only very young, you have children, you still have a long life ahead of you… you can’t just think about a jewellery shop!
Fake tears stream down the old woman’s face and she slowly lowers her head to Yuv’s hand hiding the mischievous smirk at the show she is performing…
She gets up and leaves the room after a few more minutes of “mourning”, if only the naive people knew she was just a fraud…

Pratima was next to sit by the soul’s side, pleading for his consciousness and well-being, unaware he could hear their words at this state, if only he knew how to shoot open his eyes…
Pratima: Bachu, wake up… Beta, you always do well… for everyone, I think Suhani has been a good role model for you, but you know you didn’t have to risk your life! *she chokes back a few sobs looking at the calm figure breathing peacefully* Yuvraaj… Please do get up soon… *she looks around and her gaze locks into suhani’s as she gets up and holds her wrist* Suhani… Please do talk some sense into him… He doesn’t listen to his mama anymore…

Suhani throws back a weak smile through her mouth as well as her blood-shot eyes and walks to him, cautiously… Sambhav painfully biting back all the curses he has to offer- trying to respect the fact he has a fatherly image to keep up.
Suhani drops herself down in the chair next to her, and automatically grabs Yuv’s hand and pulls it near her mouth, resting her lower quivering lip on his soft luke-warm skin, tears fighting their way down her face, splashing into Yuv’s hand…
Suhani: Yuvraaj, you duffer! You idiot! You stupid! You careless human being! WHY! WHY! WHY! *she kisses her teeth in disgust reminiscing the thought she once had in the ambulance*…

~Flashback~ Suhani’s PoV~

I was shouting. No. Not even shouting, I was bawling from the top of my lungs when his head flunked on to my shoulder, he didn’t just give up on me… His head left light, unsupported, his body getting colder within seconds, our pace getting faster, the nurse knew his state could get fatal. But what if it was too late, what if… what if he has already gone… the red metallic substance still poured out of the wound faster than a landslide, drying on my dress like thick red rubies, turning a dark dull colour, I look at his face comfortably resting on my shoulder- it was getting paler the more time we took. Suddenly his head was removed from my shoulder into the ambulance- the distance between us felt far, very far… I couldn’t take it, it was slowly killing me, Slowly yet harshly…
I beg them to let me go with them, at first they disagreed until they realised the trauma I was going through, the fact that I was going though this trauma for a man who doesn’t love me made me laugh, laugh at how foolish this was, but when I realised that he means the world to me i was compelled to make sure i was with him through the darkest of times, not only the best…
I was petrified to see the father of my children in this state, again. Again, I remember just before my wedding Rohan he met with that accident… I gave up, I thought he was going to give up, maybe this time he will, there is only soo much a body can take, the mask, the blood transfusion, the fact that his heart is not that strong anymore…
My eyes do not divert anywhere apart from his face, pale, bruised, and pain-ridden. My eyes trace his features, from his lengthy eyelashes, to his messy stubbles, to his long nose, then his chapped dark purple lip- covered in blood- probably from my clothes- till I notice a slit in his lip… I let my head fall into my hands, the actions that I do now are uncontrollable, my emotions have finally taken over…
“NURSE!” I hear, my head shoots right back up. “His condition, its getting critical, he has taken a blow in his arm- right near his shoulder blade- luckily if it was more to the left she could’ve been paralysed, but unluckily, we don’t even know if he would survive…” one on the nurse nods a little before checking his breatjing which is getting more unstable… “How long left driver?”
“We have arrived”
With that the nurses rushes off the ambulance- with Yuv lying half dead in the stretcher- leaving me looking dumbstruck, with the voices in my head…
~Flashback over~

Suhani: YUVRAAJ! How can you… You could’ve been paralysed, you could’ve died! FOR GOODNESS SAKE! What about your family! Yuvani, Krishna, yuvaan? What would thay have done! Forget the children! What about your Ma! Your Dadi! Your Bhayyha’s! Snoopy! Most importantly m-

She freezes realising she has no connection which the man she has infront of her…

Suhani: Most importantly Maa! Wait I said that! But still! We are all soo worried…. *she subconsciously kisses his knuckles, which triggers a movement, like the kiss of life*

Yuv: S…suhani?
Suhani hugs Yuv’s arm that she has in her hand.

Yuv: Oh shhhh Suhani, don’t call me Duffer, idiot, stupid, careless again… I heard everything, from you, dadi and maa… Now, where is everyone…
Suhani lets go of his arm and steps back to call them all…


Time passed, everyone except the two devils of course were relived , Yuvraaj reminiscing the heroic moments that happened that day, from the moments he had with Suhani before drifting away into a dreamless sleep…

The door creeps open, letting out a strip of light hitting the sleeping prince, making his flinch at the light…

The person creeps inside and catches a glimpse of the drips…

“Yuvraaj, you can’t steal anything that belongs to me”

It was clear that Sambhav was there, as he steps towards the drips, the second he touches them a hand grabs his legs causing him to roar in pain as he sees Yuvraaj poke a pin into him…

Yuvraaj: You think I am stupid Sambhav? Heh. Trying to poison me… *Yuv smirks as he sees the bottle of bleach in Sambhav’s hand* HELP HELP HELP HELP! HELPPPPPPPPPPPP! *Yuv turns to Sambhav amused to see the look of horror on his face and the whispers* Evil. Never. Gets. Away.

Sambhav shoots a glare at Yuvraaj before running away successfully…If only Sambhav knew Yuvraaj was millions of steps away from what Sambhav has cooking in his tiny brain…

Nurse comes running in…

Nurse: Yuvraaj are you ok?

Yuvraaj fake pants as he looks around hastily: I… I …. I don’t know… maybe it’s a bad dream… Or maybe i am hallucinating… I think the drugs you gave me were too high… I think I need someone to stay with me….

Nurse nods in relief: So do you want a specific family member to stay with you?

Yuvraaj nods: Suhani… But don’t tell her I wanted her… Just ask for the most responsible person…

The nurse nods yet again, confused at what the man had going on in his mind…

Yuvraaj: Oh Sambhav, I might have cried on the night you took my world away, I was shattared, distraught, suicidal infact! But trust me, I am not broken any more… Like they say “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger everytime”

Yuvraaj relaxes himself down on the hospital bed staring up at the blank ceiling, waiting for the time to execute his plan…

Precap: Hospital room with Suhani and Yuvraaj…

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  1. it was too lengthy and sweet.i like it a lot.hope yuvraj’s plan get succesful and soon we will see our old yuvani.actually yuvraj should hurt that sambhav more and more.because of him only our yuvani are suffering.ur ff was going in an amazing way.i loved it when suhani realizes her feelings fr yuvraj.i just cant wait fr their luv confession.all d best my dear lovely sis.pls update asap.

    1. Aqsxxh

      awwwh Radha, thanks x Yes don’t worry! Sambhav will get the ultimate pain… Don’t you worry 😀 x

  2. Superb… keep it up

    1. Aqsxxh

      Thanks XXyy 😀 please do comment more 😀 x

  3. Ruksy

    this written so amazingly plz update soon

    1. Aqsxxh

      Thanks sooo much Rusky and I will x

  4. Manya

    Super duper hit and did u watch the teaser of ae dil hai mushkil #ranbir Kapoor ??of yes then how as it ?? If not then surely do ??

    1. Aqsxxh

      THANKS OOO MUCH AYUSHI! And yesssssssssss i got to watch it! it came on the news so I immediately watched, and when I saw Ranbir my heart exploded <3 Karan Johar is back! And I love it x


    This was soooooooo amazing. And im so excited to see what Yuvraj will do now!!! Wow. That was awesome. And i am just waiting for your next update Aqsaah di… x

    1. Aqsxxh

      awwwe ty shreya x 😀 this comment means a lot to me x

  6. NAPSHa J

    Too good dear.. U just rocked!! 😀

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      Ty soo much Napsha!

  7. its very nice epi… plz updates nxt episode soon….

    1. Aqsxxh

      tyvm sri x 🙂

  8. Shilpa-Saraj

    Awww…. Yet another super duper epi… Luv it… Ni words… Just praying that yuvraj gets HIS Suhani back

    1. Aqsxxh

      Thanks Shilppy, my absoute inspiration

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