Dare:which started my love story…. last episode

Hai guys ..Shrilatha is back.Ok first of all don’t be angry I know I am late.I mean super late.Its been many days I haven’t posted this sorry for that..this is the last episode..Okay lets go on with the story…

Tanu discusses her plan with parth while ragini comes out blushing all red like tomato..tanu gets shocked seeing her and then panic covers her..
Tanu: what were you doing inside..
Laksh comes out for returning ragu’s shawl..
Laksh: ragu u..tanu..what happened?
Tanu immediately changes colour..
Tanu: what Is ragini doing here..
Ragini holds his arm blushing while laksh smiles at her..
Laksh: we are in love..
Colour fade of her face..
Tanu: what?
Laksh looks at her surprisingly..
Tanu: wo I mean ..when did this happen…
Ragini: I came to say sorry to him ..then one thing led to another and we ended up kissing..laksh winks at her mischievously..
Tanu fumes but covers it..
Tanu: sorry ragini I wanted to unite you both that’s why I said those things to you…
Ragini finds it weird..as tanu was very angry some moments ago and now she is so sweet..
Ragini: its ok tanu.laksh told me ..
Laksh : ragu ..u take rest for now..ur examz r going on no..go..
He kisses her on the forehead and pats her cheek.she leaves from there…
Tanu: lucky wo tomorrow I wanna meet you I am leaving to delhi tomorrow..
Laksh: but you stay here only na..
Tanu: I mean tomorrow you will leave for college early so I thought I will come and meet you there only..what say..
Laksh: ok ..

Here at ragini’s house..swara was biting her nails in tension..
Ragini comes..
Swara hugs her immediately..
Swara: what happened ..howw was it.
Ragini : so romantic..huh he was so romantic..
Swara and sanskar look at each other in surprise and confusion..
Sanskar: jaan r u ok..you found the date with parth romantic.I mean why this change for parth..
Ragu slaps her head..
Ragini: me also na so stupid..actually I was with laksh..
Sanskar: laksh???
Ragini explains everything.
They become very happy..
Swara: oh my god this is so good..
Sanskar: I knew parth was good but this good..hmmm
Swara: but I find this tanu thodi suspicious ..
Ragini: even I think like that..
Sanskar: but laksh said na she did that to help you..
Parth: but she has plans..
Trio look at him..
Ragini : what?

Parth: ragu she is not as she looks..
Swara: how u know..
Parth: she thinks ragu is cheating me and told me everything ..she is pregnant..
Trio are shocked..
Ragini: what??
Parth: yes she thinks I am with her..she is pregnant and cant get aborted as it will be risk for her life so she came her as she cant risk her status being top model.so she came her to get married to laksh so that he could be the father of that child..but unfortunately for her he was in L..love with you.so she planned of trapping laksh..Ragu u need to be very careful of this lady she is too sinister.
Ragini: but laksh thinks highly of her..
Swara: ragu she seems quite shrewd ..laksh wont trust us easily we need to prove this.
Sanskar: I have a plan…
He says something which was muted…
All the foursome hi-fi each other.
Next day
Tanu comes to college..she calls laksh and ask him to come to an empty classroomsaying that all others were present as well..
She calls ragini.
Ragini: hello.
Tanu: ragini how innocent are you..laksh said he loves you u believed him..stupid girl he loves me..
Ragini: stop your nonsense..
Tanu : nonsense??ragini come to room no.5 u will find evidence to this nonsense..
Ragini cuts the call and thinks..
Tanu sees laksh going to room no.5
As soon as ragsan and parth reach room no.5.tanu comes out with torn dress…
Laksh also comes from behind her..
Laksh: tanu what happened?
Tanu: stop this laksh what you thought..they will believe you ..u tried to take advantage of me..
Laksh was shocked..
Laksh: tanu.

Tanu: I thought of meeting you before leaving and you.
She fakes crying..laksh looks at ragini ..
Laksh: ragu I didn’t do anything..
Ragini: stop it laksh I have seen everything with my eyes..and everyone present here is witness .
Laksh becomes shocked
Tanu smirks
Ragini: now if u say I didn’t do anything then who will become father for tanu’s child..
Laksh and tanu both become shocked..
Tanu: wha..what r u saying..
Ragini: truth..
She slaps tanu..
Ragini: what u thought u will do drama and I will believe it ..ofcourse u don’t know the meaning of love na..huh..I love him that means I trust him…
Laksh: tanu I thought u were my friend..I hate myself for loving you once chi..
Tanu: say whatever u wnt to but laksh molested me..everyone here is eye witness for that
Ragini laughs..tanu looks confused..
Laksh: but I was never in that room.
Tanu : what.
Parth: haa we all saw laksh coming from behind u from that corridor..
Tanu : no u r lying..
Sanskar: no dear we r not lying…Jaan I have a doubt if laksh didn’t molest tanu who was inside then..
Swara comes out all dressed as laksh ..
Tanu: uu??
Swara: haa me now don’t say I tried to molest you..
Tanu tries to throttle ragini but laksh holds her while swara controls sanskar and parth who were now damn angry..
Laksh: I loved you once that’s why I am leaving you.. just get lost..
tanu goes from there crying..
laksh looks at her with disgust..ragini holds his arm and intertwines her fingers with his..

after 6 months..
proff: finally I call upon Ms.Ragini swara sanskar to take her graduation certificate..
ragini comes on to the stage while swara, parth and sanskar were cheering her ..they had already taken their certificates.
Laksh handovers her the certificate with wink..
Ragini tries to leave but laksh pulls her back shocking everyone..
Ragini:laksh what r u doing..everyone is seeing..
Laksh: let them he holds her in his embrace..
Principal: mr. laksh what is this..I didn’t expect this from you..
Laksh: sir I have an important announcement to make..
Laksh everyone Me laksh maheshwari is getting married to ms.ragini swara sanskar..
Ragini looks at him with amazement..while the trio down were completely shocked..
Principal: mr. laksh this kind of behavior will not be tolerated..u r her teacher..
Laksh gives him a sheet of paper..still looking into ragu’s eyes…
Parincipal: what is this?
Laksh: resignation..
Ragini: lak..
He places his finger on her lips to quiet her..
Laksh: so ragini r u ready to marry industrialist laksh maheswari..
Ragini: industrialist??
Laksh: yes..I am into business..this was a challenge between my dad and me regarding my capabilities..
Ragini looks shocked..
Laksh: for the first time I made you quiet..feels good..
he lifts her in bridal style and carries her with him..amongst the confused and shocked crowd


so guys done with this..I wrote this ff for my friend nikki but now I met such a wonderful crowd ..love u guys

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  2. Sorry for the late comment and it’s really outstanding episode dear. I loved it a lot. Raglak scenes are as usual really beautiful. It’s Happy ending dear. I also want an epilogue dear Please. Thanks a lot for this beautiful Raglak story. It’s one of my most favorite Raglak story dear. I know you are busy dear but If possible please write more Raglak stories because I love your writing.I will surely miss you and this story.
    Love you dear and take care.

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