Dare:which started my love story Epilogue

Hi everyone this is Aditi Ayansh..i am honoured to give u the epilogue of Shri didu’s FF Dare: which started my love story…but i am sry coz i knw i cant write like Shri di..but i have tried ..Thts all everyone..even i am sad as one of my favourite Raglak ff is coming to an end..Love u all..tk cr Have fun..And a big thank u to Shri didu for giving me this opportunity…LOVE U Shri didu.. <3
After 1 yr
Ragini is sitting and watching boxing..
Laksh comes home..and sees her watch boxing…
Laksh gives a she will not change expression….
Laksh goes and stands near her..
Ragini: aa gaya hero…Laksh babu..
Laksh: Ragini…
Ragini turns to him..
Ragini: so how was office..
Laksh; just like it is everyday…why r u watching this boxing everyday
Ragini: becoz i want our child to become a boxer
Lkash opens his mouth.
Ragini giggles
Laksh kneel down near her
Ragini pulls his cheeks
Laksh: awe..Ragini it hurts…
Ragini: oh really..then go i am not taking to u…
Laksh: meri baby naraaz ho gayi
Laksh pulls a chair and sit on it..
Ragini doesn’t look him.
Laksh holds his ears..
Laksh: sry baba…
Ragini stands up and was abt to go..
Laksh stops her by holding her hand..and makes her sit on his lap.
Laksh: hey Ragu baby..i said sry na..
Ragini: this is ur problem..har cheez keliye sry sry sry..tumhe koyi aur kaam nahi kya..
Laksh: haan yeh toh tumne sahi kaha..mujhe toh koyi kaam hi nahi..
Ragini: Laksh no no…
Laksh: what ek kiss toh mil hi sakte hain…
Ragini: haan..but only one..
Lkash: ok baba
Ragini kisses on Laksh’s cheek..
Laksh: one more..
Ragini: u said only one..thts it..
Laksh: haan toh…
Ragini: ok last one..
Ragini kisses Laksh’s cheek..
Laksh: ek aur..
Ragini closes laksh’s mouth..
Ragini: no more ek aur..
Laksh: so come lets have dinner ..
Ragini stands up..
Laksh picks her up like Bridal style.
Ragini: Laksh..
Laksh: Ragini…
Laksh cares Ragini’s face..
Laksh: i love u both..
Ragini blushes..
It is seen tht Ragini is pregnant.
Laksh cares her baby bump …
Laksh: ab bas humare jr ke aane ka intezaar hain..
Ragini: chalo lets hv food.
Laksh serves food..
And After dinner Laksh makes Ragini lie on the bed..He keeps pillows on both her sides..
Ragini: Laksh..
Laksh: haan..
Ragini: sit here na
Laksh sits near her..
Ragini keeps her head on his lap..
Laksh cares her head.
After some tym ..he ses Ragini is sleeping.
Lkash: i love u..
Ragini: i love u too..
Laksh: tum soyi nahi ab tak?
Ragini: tum bhi toh nahi soya..
Laksh hugs her..
Laksh: u will never change…
Ragini: and i dont want to change also..
Laksh kisses on her forehead.
They doses off..
Their love is so True..so their Love Story Never Ends….

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  1. comeback with new one Thanku for writing raglak ff bcoz the writer of raglak ff keep my raglak alive but some writer are missing plzz come back with a bang bcoz.we really enjoye reading raglak ff bcoz it give us raglak memory plzz all those raglak ff writer write more and those who left incomplete raglak or ragsan ff plzz comeback and plzz those who finished plz start new one bcoz all those writer is awesome and yaa some people say I write same thing but guys all raglak or ragsan ff writer is really hardworker so every ff is special and yaa all Temish fan who are inactive and raglak ff write who are inactive comeback in TU with bang and all fan become active and make teju as serial biggest hit of the year

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    Fantastic???? Adi, you are a fabulous writer just like Shri????

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    Adi love u for this I could never write as beautiful as this…amazing sorry raglak fans I couldn’t give it myself.thanks adi

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  30. Firstly I’m really sorry for very late comment, my exams will starts in next week so I’m busy in studying. It’s cute epilogue dear and my suspense queen Adi, u nailed it. Love you dear. Raglak scenes are really beautiful and lovely. Love you shri, if possible please write more Raglak stories

  31. IQRA222

    adi di you rocked it
    it was soo cute and superb epilogue
    their scenes were just mind blowing
    shri di will miss this ff too much
    thanks a lot ffor giving this heavenly ff on my sweetheart it will be always close to my heart<3 <3

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