I was dared (Swasan OS)

“Let’s play truth or dare.” A complete drunk Sia suggested keeping the bottle she had just finished drinking, on the floor.

“I’m in.” Ragini said settling on the floor next to Sia.

“Me too.” Saba chirped in giggling but the next moment she tripped and fall down on the floor. She didn’t bother to get up and dozed off there itself. Even the small ounce of alcohol was unhealthy for that girl.

There were six of us. Maya, Saba, Sruthi, Sia, Ragini and me having a sleepover in Ragini’s house. Currently we were in her room drinking the hell out of us except Ragini who had decided to remain sober as she didn’t want her house to be damaged by the drunk zombies. I meant us.

I saw the other girls settling down around the bottle but I stayed behind.

“Come on Swara. The sooner we start, we can finish and we can crash into some bar.” The normally calm but violent when drunk Sruthi said. See we were worse than zombies.

“That’s a good idea.” I said even though I find the idea of truth or dare intimidating. But the alcohol in my system forced me to get into the game. It gave me the courage I always lacked.

But what’s life without some fun?

I sat on the bed as I didn’t want the lost Maya to drool over my clothes. I was drunk but I was not too much drunk. I was still in my senses.

Sia rotated the bottle and it swirled a couple of times before stopping in front of Ragini.

“Okay Rags truth or dare?” She smirked.

The game went on for a quite a time. I had went through a couple of harmless truths but others were so in trouble. Sruthi was shirtless after Maya had dared her to do it. I couldn’t help but laugh at what would be her reaction when the alcohol leave her system.

But right then the truths that I considered to be harmless had took a huge turn. Ragini have started looting information of her friends’ crushes because she knew they are not going to give them up when they are sober.

I knew that my turn will come soon. What would I do? Will Ragini ask about my crush? Will I be able to lie? Of course not. I am too drunk to lie. But I can’t say the truth too.

Because the truth is that I have this huge crush on her twin brother Sanskar.

“Truth or dare Swara?”

I met him through Ragini of course but we are not just acquaintances. Over the years we have become best friends. I tried a lot to not become the plain girl who fall in love with her best friend who don’t reciprocate the feelings. But I turned out to be that girl. But I don’t want to Ragini to find that out. I want it be my dearest deepest darkest secret always.

So I replied, “Dare.”

The girls went silent for a minute. Even Saba stopped snoring and sit up straight staring at me with open mouth.

“What?” I asked even though I knew why I got this reaction.

“Nothing we were just, SURPRISED.” Sia said dramatizing. “Did you just say dare?”

“Yeah I did. Any problem?” I asked pretending that it is not such a big thing. But it was. Normal Swara wouldn’t even have the courage to whisper ‘I dare.’

“Yehh, my baby have grown up.” Maya said hugging me tightly. I rolled my eyes at this and turned towards Ragini who was supposed to give me the dare.

“Will I get my dare today?” I sat upstraight with a smug expression on my face to show that I am not at all tensed.

“Of course, don’t worry.” She smirked and went on to a discussion with others. By the time they ended others were giggling and Ragini still had that smirk on her face. Oh god, why did I pick dare?

“I dare you to kiss Sanskar.” Ragini said.

I don’t know what happened but currently I am on my butt on the floor making them laugh.

“What did you say?” I asked hoping that I heard it wrong.

“I dare you to kiss Sanskar.” Maya mocked Ragini and burst into giggles.

“And what made you think I would do that?” I asked trying to keep my voice steady.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Ragini giggled. “You like him.”
And that’s it. I went hard and chose dare just so that she won’t find out about my crush and it turned out she always knew.

“Is it that obvious?” I gulped.

“Seriously, you look at him like he’s some god. Everyone except him of course, know that you are head over heels for him.” Saba chirped in.

So much for my dearest deepest darkest secret.

“Well, I admit that I like him,” I said. I was surprised by me admitting it so easily like that. Funny what alcohol do to you. “Then you will also know that he don’t feel the same way.”

“Did he say that?” Ragini asked.


“Had he ever said that he don’t like you as more than a friend?” She asked trying to make a point.

“No bu-”

“So there’s a chance that just like you he’s afraid to open up because he think you may not like him back.” She stated.

Everything Ragini said had of course crossed my mind. I have stalked him online and in real life like a fan girl for three years. I have already gone through all the possibility that he may like me. But all these things happen only in books.

“This is your chance to know Swara. I know you don’t tell him because you think it will damage your friendship. But in this case you don’t have to worry. If he kiss you back, you got your love. And if he don’t, no regrets. You just say it was part of the game and your friendship is intact. Simple.” She said.

I wish it was that simple. I don’t know if I could handle that rejection after having my lips on him. Atleast now, I can hope that he will like me someday. That hope is enough for me.

But for how long? How long will you hide? How long will you wait? Ragini’s right. I should do this.

“Okay. I will do it.” I was met with whistles and claps from my friends. I stood up with determination.

“Try not to get too PG.” Sruthi winked at me and I glared at her. I opened the door of Ragini’s room and peeped out to the living room.

There he was sitting on the couch watching a football game. Thank god, their parents are out for the day.

I turned around to find that the girls are already coming behind me and I hold my hand out to stop them.

“I need some privacy.” I informed them.

“Atleast can we look from here?” They asked innocently and I sighed.

I left them and made my way towards Sanskar. I don’t know how I have got the courage but it’s now or never.

His eyes were glued to the television and mouth was filled with popcorn. Isn’t he too cute?

I waited as I didn’t want to interrupt him while watching the game. But it was over in a few minutes and he was switching of the TV.

He turned and find me standing there. He smiled at me and came towards me. All the courage I had gathered seemed to evaporate and all I wanted was to hide under a pile of blankets. But I reassured myself. This is not the time to back down.

“Canitalktouforasec?” I blurted out.

“Sorry, I didn’t catch that.” He said confused. I took deep breaths in and out. Don’t panic Swara .

“I was saying… Can I talk to you for a second?” I asked.

“Yeah sure.” He said. He stood leaning on to the wall, crossing his arms, waiting for me to talk. A few minutes passed in silence while I was thinking out all the possible outcomes. The chance for happy news was really low. Yeyy.

“So, are you going to spend another hour just staring at the floor?” Sanskar asked at last. What am I doing? This is not a time to think. This is the time to act.

“Please, don’t hate me for this.” I whispered and stood on my toes and touched his lips with mine.

I slowly moved it against his’ tasting the whole of his lips. If I am doing it, I am doing it perfectly.

I felt his body tensing up. The good thing was he was not pulling away but sadly he was not kissing me back either. Of course he see me just as a friend. I am no more than that. I shouldn’t have let Ragini’s words to get to me.

To avoid making it more awkward I lingered my lips for a moment more or so and pulled away.

I had this whole speech planned up, if this was the outcome but right now all I want is to run away so far from here because the tears were threatening to spill out. Is this what heart break feels like?

f**k you Ragini. f**k you and your stupid plan. If it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t be in here, in this sitaution.

I stepped away from him and turned away but I was yanked back by a strong hand. He pulled me closer and stared into my eyes so intensely that I feared my poor eyes would break.

“Where do you think you were going?”

“I’m sorry Sanskar. It was-”

For a moment I don’t understand what’s happening. But then I came to process that Sanskar was kissing me. Like really kissing me.

I remember spending hours thinking how his lips would taste. But it was nothing like I imagined. It was much more tastier than that.

I was drugged by him. His scent. His lips. I don’t know what’s happening and I don’t know what will happen next. But at that moment I didn’t care and I kissed him back with all I have.

I felt him smiling against my lips and he slipped his tongue inside my mouth and twirled it with mine.

We pulled apart as the need for air started to kill us, panting. I looked at him to find a msichevious smile playing on his lips. He didn’t let go of me but hold me towards him, wrapping his hands around my waist.

“Sanskar..” I started.

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

I found my legs failing me as I almost fall down but Sanskar hold me up. Did he just say what I heard? No way, I have to fix an appointment with Doctor for my ear.

“Will you be my girlfriend?” He repeated, sounding pretty confident.

“What made you think I will say yes?” I asked. What the hell is wrong with me?

“Well, your action a moment before pretty much said it.” He grinned.

I blushed deep red like a tomato. Please don’t make sandwich with me, I am not original.
“But that may not be true as I kissed you because of a-”

“A dare. Common Swara, do you think I will buy if you say just because you are drunk you will kiss any randon guy my sister asked you to.”

He had really caught me there.

“And whom do you think gave Ragini the idea to play truth or dare?” He asked me, chuckling.

He’s such a devil.

“So you both planned it all to tease me.” I said annoyed. If he like me which was of course obvious now, he could have just said it. I would be all his’.

“No I didn’t. I was not sure whether you liked me. But I knew you would never kiss me if you really don’t like me. So I asked Ragini to set this up. Do you know what? I had to bribe her for it.”

“What do you mean you didn’t knew I like you? Ragini knew it of course.” I said.

“She knew it. And she put me in such a misery.” He said, irritated at his sister.

“Hey, I wouldn’t have got the money if I told you then.” Ragini popped her head through the door and winked at me.

The girl set us up. I am not going to leave her. But not now. It can wait.

“So Sanskar. You wanted answer don’t you? I guess it is a yes.”


Another OS. Just love me.

I think most of my one shots are like ‘falling in love with best friend’ clichΓ©. I really find it enjoyable to write.

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    Its awesome.. i just loved it … such a cute content with lots of romance nd essence of friendship….

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