DARE: Which started my love story (Epi 8)

Hai guys this is shrilatha aka shri…back with my ff..done with the exams ..i really missed u also here goes….

Laksh is about to open the book and parth is hell worried …but laksh closes the book..parth sighs a relief…
Laksh: so before we start I want to talk about love…as we all know romeo and Juliet are icon for love..what is love ??
Its is a feeling which comes from the core of your heart..
Both raglak look at each other….
Laksh(still looking at her):it makes u jealous when that particular person is close to someone else(laksh looks at parth and ragini looks at riya)
U cant control ur self with that person..u lose ur self…
Both of them remember their moment..
Laksh breaks the eyecontact and continues the lecture…
Ragini finds it difficult not to look at him…and parth’s heart took thousand leaps everytime laksh opened the book….
Finally lecture got over…laksh leaves and ragini runs behind him…
Ragini: sir my book..
Laksh: here.

Ragini goes but laksh keeps staring her…
..here ragini is about to keep the book something falls down…it is a letter she picks it up and reads it
Ragini: laksh ..i will not leave him…
She storms to the staffroom..she finds no one thei rexcept for laksh..who was looking at some books ..
Ragini barged inside and closed the door..laksh was shocked to find her ..
Ragini: what do uthink of ur self..haa.what is this..how can u do this..what r u a romeo?
laksh was not registering anything..he was so lost in her angry face that was more beautiful than her smiling face …her lips which were twitching in anger…he just moved close to her..ragini was busy scolding him…but suddenly he captured her lips with his..ragini was numb..it was a wild yet passionate kiss…laksh broke the kiss when he realized what he did…
ragini was quiet and looked at him shocked..
laksh was again coming close when ragini jerked him..

ragini: whoa.. Mr. kissy ..what was that ..we decided na that nothing will happen between us then ?..moreover it was you who said that we should forget everything..
laksh: I know..i am sorry I couldn’t stop myself…
ragini: first tell me why did u write this letter..
laksh: I didn’t write any letter..
ragini: don’t lie..i kn..
somebody knocks the door..
ragini is about to go to open the door..but laksh grabs her..
laksh: where r u going..
ragini rolls her eyes..
ragini: to kasha..u wanna come
laksh(in mind): I am ready to come to hell for u..
laksh: buddhu..u r in staffroom..if anyone sees u here then they will think bad about u..u hide under the table…
ragini nods and hides under the table…

laksh opens the door to find riys there..
riya: hai sir..
laksh: riya u here?
Ragini: riya??
Riya: sir wo I had a doubt so I came here..
Laksh : haa say?
Riya: sir do we have any restrictions to love someone..
Ragini widens her eyes..
laksh: riya..what r u talking..
riya: sir today we were talking about love na that’s why..
laksh: oh okay..no if u really love someone then no need to worry..
laksh is turns around and walks while riya walks behind him..sudeenly laksh turns and riya is about to fall but laksh holds her in a romantic pose..
ragini(in mind): why no dialogues??
she looks at them from beneath the table…she fumes looking at them so close..
ragini: what does she think of herself…
she smirks and takes her hairpin and pokes tightly on riya’s feet..
laksh leaves her..

laksh: what happened..
riya: there is something beneath the table…
raglak r tensed..
laksh: no there is no one..
riya: I said something not someone..
laksh:oh..riya I have somework..can u go..
riya: okay sir meet u later..
riya leaves and ragini comes out…she gives a angry glare to laksh and storms out..
ragini :how can he hold her like that?/
parth comes from behind..
parth: so liked the surprise..
ragini: what r u talking about..
parth: don’t act I saw u reading the letter..i thought of giving to ur hand but thought it will be good if I keep it in u rbook..
ragini: u kept it in the book…
parth: haa who else will propose u..
ragini bites her tongue..
parth: achha take this mamma gve it for u..
ragini : ladoos..oh thank u..
parth: bye dear…

That evening ..ragini was thinking about laksh..
Ragini: unnecessarily I scolded him..now what to do??
Swara: sanskar give these ladoos to laksh sir na..he also stays alone na..go..
Ragini(In mind): I will say sorry to him..
Ragini: I will give ..swasan nods and leaves..
Ragini takes some ladoos with her and goes to laksh’s house the door was open so she goes inside…
Here laksh just came out of bathroom after having a shower he was wrapped in a towel… he played the music player and was searching for clothes ..that time salman khan’s song came and laksh started dancing like crazy…
Ragini who just came there was amused to see him dance like that..she took a ladoo and leaned against the door frame and was enjoying the scene..
Laksh who was unaware of her was dancing like a crazy person…suddenly his towel fell down and ragini freezed..with ladoo in her mouth..
Laksh turned and saw her.
laksh : hai ragini..
he realized the situation widened his eyes and ..
laksh: aahhhh…
ragini came to sense …
ragini: aaahhhh…
epi ends

precap: raglak moments..

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  1. Mintu

    Amazing dear…. Missed this ff alot..!!! wow.. Raglak moments r suprb..!!! omg..Last scene is really funny..!!!! waiting for next chappy.. Post it soon dear

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u mintu…I missed u too

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks avika

  2. IQRA222

    di the episode was super awesome
    oh my my both raglak are jealous in love
    their kiss and moments were awesome
    but riya was arghh
    the last scene was really really funny but didu i closed by eyes when lucky’s towel went down really
    and i am really really excited for the next part shri di

    1. Shrilatha

      Awww bachha…thanks

  3. Follybraverl

    Awesome shri just in love with this ff

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks folly ..love u

  4. Awesome ?????

  5. Fairy

    Hahahahahhaha omggggg?????? omg omggggg it ws fabulousssss mindblownggg…awwww!!!loved it sooooooooo muchh yaaar.tooo awesome…….N last scene…rags enjoying his crazy dance wid LADOO wahh????n den opppsyyy???????????? n dere kiss awww????superb superb superbbbbbbbbb..keep rockng n stay blessed sweetheart???????post nxt part soon????tc loads of love?..

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks fairy…means a lot

    2. Asw

      Yaaar fairy when will u update ur ff ?U know teja is signed new serial in Sony tv

      1. Fairy

        Hey dr….sry yaar actually I got busy due to xamzzz bt now m free????…yeah dr I got dat news ..m super doooper doooper happpppy heheheheh….??????haaash!!!finally our priencess is coming backkkkk n dat too on royal sort of show?????????waitng eagerly for it dr…N wl post my ff very sooon..???love u yaaar…let’s celebrate for teja??????

  6. Awesome waiting 4 next

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  7. Sindhura

    Last scene was lol

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u akka

  8. Darshini

    Shri I waited for this ff so long…finally u posted..wow they are jealous..hehe!!Riya I hate u….the dialogue “something not someone”was aww…
    Raglak scenes were super duper…
    Last scene was really funny da…hehe!!same pinch iqu me too closed my eyes…hehe!!

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks akka glad u liked it…and thanks for thinking about Laksh’s dignity

  9. Dharani

    haha!! last scene very funny

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  10. Shilpa-Saraj

    Amzing amazing amazing.. pls post asp..

  11. Sreevijayan

    Very sweeet update dear….

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  12. Amazing part.& Last part rofl 😛

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  13. Hahahahahhahahaha…….. Tooo gudddddd

  14. Episode is awesome and iam so happy today as our princess is coming back with a bang in Sony channel in princesses role the story revolves around a girl of rajparivar with unquie concept produced by diya aur bathi hum (dabh) producers iam so happppyyyyyyyyyy……. Male lead not confirmed if is nami it will be cherry on cake other wise hoping for young and talented and handsome actor.

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks khushi…oh god really …oh dear I really wanna treat u for this good news…a big hug for u

  15. Awesome n missed ur ff

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  16. Akshata

    hahahahaha lol let me laugh first, hilarious update. waiting for the next

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    Amazing yaar last scene lol? keep going

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    Ohh our shri back….how was ur exam dear…..
    It’s fantablous update dear….laksh kiss ragu….superbbb dear…..last towel scenes semma dear….loved it alot dear…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u asra…exams were good and our teja is coming back on Sony TV…I also happy

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    Omg.. Super dr.. Plz update next ff as soon as possible dr..

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  20. Amazing dear ….. last part was funny ????

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  21. Superb….
    Hehehe.. Last scene very funny…

    1. Shrilatha

      Double thanks for commenting in my last part as well..thanks dear

      1. ??

  22. Outstanding episode and Raglak scenes are really awesome specially last scene. What happened next ? Eagerly waiting for next episode. Plz post next part ASAP

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u ammu

  23. Love this ff yaar

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  25. Awesome part

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  27. Sorry for late comment nd super duper update

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  28. A.xx

    Amazing and love both of their jealousy and the Towel scene ?? xx

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  29. Tigeress

    Hahahaha omgggggggg di that was hilarious yaar ??????????? oh teri I was imagini Ragu’s face omgggggggg di hahahaha ????????laksh ka dance kya professor h???????????? sorry for late comment actually I was at my dadi’s house na toh, but epi was incredible di???

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      Thank u tigeress…oh not fair yaar he is a human he needs to dance….

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