DARE: Which started my love story (Epi 7)

Hai every one …thanks for the immense support that u r giving me…so here goes..

Swara: what ???ragu how do u know that he stays in our apartment..
Sanky: wait wait ..jaan did u know each other
Ragini : no yaar how would I know him…
Laksh felt bad
Ragini: actually I saw him today afternoon …then I knew it
Laksh: can we leave
Swasan: yeah…
Ragini(in mind): oh god u gave me walking question papers as friends…and this laksh …
She looks at her wound which reminded her of her last ride with him…now he was on bike
Parth: ok guys bye meet u later .(.he kisses ragini on her forehead..) take care..
Ragini smile while laksh looks at parth as if he is going to throttle him..

Ragini: yeah
She sits behind him..laksh starts the bike with a sudden jerk due to which ragini falls on him and hugs him tightly from behind…
Unknown smile comes on laksh’s lips…
Ragini notices this and is about to remove her hands but laksh holds them tightly…
Ragini: laksh what r u doing..
Laksh: u will fall hold me like this only…
Ragini: ok..
Laksh: ragini..wo parth ..is he ur friend..
Ragini: haan..he is my best friend I love him a lot..
Laksh stops the bike ..
Laksh: what..

Ragini:what happened..why did u stop
Laksh: first tell me this u love him???..is he ur boyfriend.??.
Ragini rolls her eyes..
Ragini: I love him as a friend…
Laksh sighs in relief ..and starts the bike again…..
Ragini(in mind): why is he asking me all these questions …is he jealous..stay away from him ragu…but what to do he is like my favourite dairy milk…so mouthwatering…..
As soon as they reach the apartment ragini runs like a theif without even saying thanks…laksh smiles..

Ragini reaches the house and hides behind the door and sees whether he went or no..laksh who was going from there suddenly looked at their door to find ragu watching him secretly..as soon ragu saw him she closed the door in fright..laksh laughed at her childishness and went to his room..
Laksh mind was still thinking about ragini and parth..he felt uneasy thinking about them…

Ragini is in the college when she feels someone from behind and turns around to find smiling parth with a bouquet in his hand..
Ragini: parth what is this..
Parth: I love you ragini ..i love u a lot..
Ragini feels some unknown happiness..
Ragini: parth I tried to stop my feeling but truth is I love u too.
He immediately hugs her..after a sec he breaks the hug and looks at her intensly he cups her face and leans towards her ..their lips were just inches apart when ragini closed her eyes in approval…soon he captured her lips with his..it turned into a passionate one and then to a wild one…
Laksh who was seeing all this was fuming

He wakes with a jerk to find himself dreaming..
Laksh: oh no..this is a dream?..no this is definitely nightmare ..will they kiss each other like this…that parth looks at her like he is going to eat her.. what if they..no laksh think positive..

@ college
Ragini: where is my text book …
Parth: here ..idiot u always forget it..
Ragini: thanks parth..

Parth(in mind): u will find ur surprise ..
In the class ragini is sitting in the last bench…
Laksh enters the class room..
Parth: excuse me sir.may I come in?
Laksh(in mind): I wish I could stop u..
Laksh: yeah sure
Parth looks at ragini and goes towards her and is about to sit next to her..
laksh: ragini(almost shouting)

ragini stands up..
laksh: u sit in the front next to Riya..
ragini: but why sir..
laksh: wo..wo.. I heard that u disturb the class a lot so I want u in first bench always next to riya..riya is a good girl .u will have good affect..
riya who was giving why- ragini-expression suddenly blushed at his comment ..she fell for laksh the very moment she saw him…

while swasan and parth were giving him..are-you-blind-look..
they always hated riya as she is very possessive type of girl..
ragini came to the front and sat with riya..both were glaring each other…
laksh(in mind): good job laksh..dont let that idiot come near her..
laksh: so we r going to see about romeo and Juliet…riya can I have ur textbook plz..
riya was beyond happy.nad ragini was angry..
before riya could give the book ragini jumped and gave her book…
laksh couldn’t control his smile..

while parth was looking in terror..
epi ends..

that’s it guys i am not getting any ideas …that’s why I am giving such boring chappy..bye

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    Awesome loved their jealousy can’t wait for more when’s the next update xx ??

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    Awesome.. Its not boring dear..!!! It’s interesting..!!! Raglak moments are cute..!!! Waiting for next part.. Post it soon

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    Nice keep going

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  11. u say u have no idea what r to write… Butwhen u have no idea u write it as awesome. But t when u get in what type of extension u may go

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    hahahahhahahha…………….how cute .laksh and ragu jealous………….bechara parth…………..r-u-blind part was awesome…………hahahhah………………loved it awesome epi

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  15. Superb your story is really different like it

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    awesome !!! you nail it.. lol i really enjoy this ep a lottsss ! raglak are damm amzing and parth lol i was seriously laughing !! this whole ep was really funny .. i love it… !!! keep it up shrilatha.. keep smiling and stay blessed!

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      didi Hw r u?…whn u r going to update ur ff didi…..waiting for u didi…tkcr didi…

  18. Nice sis but short 🙁

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    fabulous dear….Both raglak r jealous….superbbb dear….Ohhh laksh dream hahahaha…..poor Parth he didn’t understand our laksh language…..eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

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  21. Its not boring
    Its awesome and marvelous
    Waiting for next one

  22. Interesting episode and loved Raglak scenes specially their jealousy. Eagerly waiting for next episode. Plz post next part ASAP

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    As usual am late…sry shri…and I was laughing throughout…
    Hehe!!rago he is ur dairy milk uh…mouthwatering..haha…
    Laksh u can’t evn see them sitting together…jealous jealous…
    Their hide n seek moment was fun…hehe!!lol..
    I thnk parth have kept something in that book…laksh gonna see that nd something something..hehe…waiting for the next epi…tc da…

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      If u r a ragsan fan then do read my ff on ragsan

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        I am crazy fan of ragini urf tejasswi and love bot raglak and ragsan but loved ragsan and i have read ur story born for u ..living for u. It really awesome and really sorry i didn’t comment on that ff.

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    Amazing and u killed it can’t wait for next part post soon xx

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  27. Superb….
    Loved Laksh jealousy….

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