DARE: Which started my love story (Epi 18)

Hai everyone ..sorry guys I was not able to reply to ur comments due to my bad health condition…and Naymaz ,our friend posted an analysis on PPK.do check it out..its in episodic analysis page..and raglak fans I will be ending this ff soon..I have planned this much only..try and understand…

Laksh’ POV
Ragini ..My life ..I have dated my girls but I fell in love with u only..I thought u love me too..but truth is u love parth..u broke my heart ragini…I feel completely empty ragini..I wish all that was a dream….I tried ignoring ragini on my way back…if I talked to her I was sure I would lose my control and become obsessed for her..when I came to my room I found someone waiting for me…
The girl turned around and to my shock it was tanu my ex girlfriend…
Laksh: tanu..u here..
She came and hugged me…
Tanu: I missed u lucky…
Laksh: I missed u too but…
Tanu: no but vut..I know u still love me..so I came back…
Tanu was my ex girl friend infact long term girlfriend ..we dated for about 3 years..tanu is famous model..I thought this was love and proposed her but she said her career was more important to her than me….so we parted ways ..Later I met ragu..she was special never I felt that feeling in my first meet for anyone..she made butterflies fly in my stomach..too girly but true..I felt pain in her pain..I loved irritating her somehow I wanted to stay with her..today when she said she loves parth..I felt my life as meaningless….
Laksh’s POV ends..
ragini is rooted to her spot ..she couldn’t see him hugging someone else..her sobs left het laksh and tanu were disturbed..
ragini immediately wiped her tears..
laksh: ragini..u here..do u want something..
ragini nods her head in no..
tanu: who is she lucky..
laksh: wo..wo..
ragini: his student..

laksh looks at her in pain..tanu smiles..
tanu: hai ..I am tanushree Mehta..u can call me tanu ma’am..okay..by way why did u come here..
ragini looks at laksh..
ragini: sorry laksh and thanks for everything..
Tanu: laksh?..excuse me he is ur proff..so call him sir..
Ragini goes away without replying..
Laksh keeps on staring at her direction..
Tanu: how rude..
Laksh: tanu..why did u come all of a sudden..
Tanu: for u baby..I missed u and then I understood u r more important to me than my career..
Laksh: tanu..I am sorry .but we cannot be together,,
Tanu: what..r u kidding..I left biggest consignment for u and u r saying this..wait r u still angry on me..because I know how to cool u..

She comes closer to him…
He tries to stop her but she doesn’t listen so he pushes her.
Tanu: laksh what is this..
Laksh closes his eyes in frustration..
Laksh: sorry tanu but I am serious..I love someone else..
Tanu: what..who is it..
Laksh: ragini..the girl who came now..
Tanu : ur student?
Laksh: she wasn’t my student when I fell in love with her..but she doesn’t love me..
Tanu relaxes immediately..
Tanu: oh poor laksh..its okay baby..I think she loves u..
Laksh: no she loves someone else..
Tanu : no laksh see ..now looking she was so jealous..make her more jealous that she will except her feelings for u..
Laksh: but..she likes someone else..
Tanu: trust me laksh…
Laksh nods and goes inside..
Tanu smirks..
Ragini comes crying..
Swara cups her face..
Swara: ragu bacha kya hua..why r u crying… u didn’t tell him..
Rgini: swaru….
she hugs her and tells them everything..
sanskar: oh no now what to do..
ragini: I don’t want to snatch her happiness…
she goes inside crying ..swara and sanskar feels bad for her..

next morning..
swara opens the door as someone knocked..It was tanu..
swara: aap???
Tanu: hi I am tanu..laksh’s..
Swara: ex girlfriend..
Tanu: no dear …girlfriend..(she sees ragini coming down)we patched up last night…
Sanskar looks at ragini and wraps his arms around her ..
Tanu : hi ragini..I need u r help..
Ragini looks at her..
Tanu: I was thinking of a date with laksh..could u help me in chosing clothes..
Ragini: me?
Tanu: haa.wo laksh said u have good fashion sense..so I wanted ur help..
Ragini: but I am busy..
Tanu : offo ragini .please help me na..its so special for us..after long time we r meeting..please..
Ragini nods in yes…

Epi ends..

Precap: swara comes to know tanu’s intentions

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  31. Awesome episode and feeling bad for Raglak. I really missing Raglak scenes in this episode. If possible Plz try to write more Raglak stories

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