DARE: Which started my love story (Epi 17)

Hello guys…shrilatha is back…so ..u saw my promo..actually its my style..I do emotional things more than funny ones..till now dare was fun but its going to be emotional from now..hope u love this also…

Ragini: I LOVE U I love u a lot….till now I was fearing it now no more fear..I cant lose u..
She turns around and is shocked…it was parth standing infront of her…while laksh looks on shocked and broken while swa………………………san r happy…and riya was happy
When ragini was saying all this laksh thought she was scolding so he closed his ears and rubbed his eardrums so as not to hear a word and parth came that time only and thought ragini was saying this to him..(if u read last epi..u will know guys she never mentioned laksh’s name)
Parth immediately hugs her…
Parth: thank u ragu..thank u so much..I love u too…I knew it u would accept my love one day…I am so happy..
He breaks the hug and kisses her forehead…
Tears roll down from laksh’s eyes he immediately turns around so that no one would find them…but ragini knew this…her heart was going through all this now…but she was numb not able to respond to anything around her..
Parth hugs swara while sanskar hugs ragini..ragini immediatey clutches sanskar’s shirt tightly and hugs him..sanskar could feel something was wrong but left the thought as it was happy moment…
Swara hugs ragini…
It starts raining while raglak r looking at eachother with painful glance
Main Toh.. Jiya.. Na Mara..
Hai Ve Das Main Ki Kara
Dil Jude Bina Hi Tut Gaye
Hath Mile Bina Hi Chhut Gaye
Ki Likhe Ne Lekh Kismet Ne..
Everyone was hugging each other in happiness while it was killing raglak

Baar Baar Rod Akhiyan
Tainu Jo Na Vekh Sakiyan
Khole Aaye Aaj
Kudrat Ne..
Kataan Main Ki Ve Din

Teri Soun Tere Bin
Main Toh Jiya Na Mara
Raglak were remembering their moments,their fights,their kisses,their moments..everything..
Chan Se Jo Tute Koi Sapna
Jag Suna Suna Lage
Jag Suna Suna Lage
Koi Rahe Na Jab Apna
Jag Suna Suna Lage
Jag Suna Suna Hai Toh..
Yeh Kyun Hota Hai..
Jab Yeh.. Dil Rota Hai
Roye Sisak Sisak Ki Hawayein
Jag Suna Lage
Ragini remembers laksh jumping for her ,waking in his arms at the hut,their marble fight,their mud fight..everything..
Chan Se Jo Tute Koi Sapna
Jag Suna Suna Lage
Jag Suna Suna Lage
Koi Rahe Na Jab Apna
Jag Suna Suna Lage
Jag Suna Suna Lage Re…
Suna.. Lage.. Re..

Sanskar goes to laksh
Sanskar : thanks laksh..i mean sir..thank u so much for saving my jaan…
he hugs him..but sanskar felt something odd…he has never seen laksh so broken…and same was with his jaan…
sanskar’s pov
why do I feel that jaan is not happy..doesn’t she love parth..and why is laksh sir so depressed..what is going on between these two…no no what am I thinking…if there was something like that jaan would tell me…
then everyone go back to the village to bid bye to them…
parth wraps his arms around ragini which made her uncomfortable…
parth: thank u so much for taking care of my heart..
villagers were sad to see ragparth bond..surely they thought laksh is her love looking at his concern..but now..parth claims that they love each other…a small girl came to ragini and asked her to bend…
ragini bends down..
girl: didi this bhaiyya doesn’t look good with u…that bhaiyya looks good with u..(she points to laksh) see this bhaiiya took ur smile also..
ragini hugs that girl and cry out…
ragini: beta ..this is the game played by god…don’t worry me and laksh r in one team no..we will definitely win…
the girl kiss ragini on her cheek…
no one notices this…
lakhan: dada why don’t u tell her u love her..
laksh: she knows it lakhan..but she choose parth..also parth loves her ..
lakhan: even u love her dada..
laksh looks at him..
laksh: I will miss u..
lakhan hugs him..
lakhan: dada I wont trust god until he unites u wih didi..i wish they never found u..u would be with us then that parth would have never come
laksh pats his shoulder and leaves…
..they reach the camp..raglak ignore each other..ragini want to talk to him..but desont know what to say..laksh who thinks that ragu loves parth..doesnt want to talk to ragu because he knows he will break in front of her..he didn’t want to force her anymore…

After two days there in Mumbai…
Ragini reaches her flat with sanskar and swara..
Swa________san were feeling bad for ragini because she lost her smile after coming from camp..
Sanskar: jaan..can I ask u something..
Ragini: sanky I am tired..
She tries to escape..
Swara: r u happy with parth..
Ragini: wo ..wo..
Swara places ragini’s hand on sanskar’s head..
Swara: now tell….
Ragini hugs swara and burst out crying…
Ragini: I don’t love him swara..i love laksh..
They were shocked…
Ragini: I need to tell u something..I didn’t meet laksh in college first …I knew him before only…
Swara: what?
Ragini tells them everything about the dare ,kiss ,intimate moments in drunken state and everything between them ..
Swara: then why did u propose parth..
Ragini: I didn’t propose parth..I didn’t even know he was there..I was proposing laksh..
Sanskar: jaan then why didn’t u tell this then..
Ragini: how can I sanskar..parth was so excited..I couldn’t do anything..u know him he is so sensitive…I was worried..I need to sort out everything with laksh first..
Sanskar: ur right..u need to tell laksh first that u love him later we will explain everything to parth..

He cups ragini’s face while swara places her hands on his shoulder..
Sanskar: we r with u..go tell laksh everything…
Ragini smiles and runs out..swara places her head on sanskar’s shoulder ..
Swara: everything will be fine na…I don’t want my bacha to face any obstacle in her love life..
Sanskar: I wish so….

Here ragini runs to laksh’s room and opens the door..but is shocked to find him hugging another girl….
The girl: lucky baby I missed u…
Laksh: tum yaha..I missed u too…
Girl: oh I love u so much..
Ragini is shocked and broken

Epi ends

Precap: new entry..u know who is it…

A/N..so guys..i was thingking about tanu of kumkum bhagya for this role…u can suggest anyone else.no kavya or aada khan..as kavya was already there and aada is riya..so please suggest someone…

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    Take care and keep smiling Shirilatha ✨

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