DARE: Which started my love story (Epi 16)

Hai Shrilatha is back …sorry for late ..I am kind of busy guys..so sorry..so ok here goes…

Ragini is enjoying herself in the beauty of nature while laksh is enjoy himself in the beauty of ragini..ragini goes in search of some shells that she found on the shore..she plays like kid far from laksh completely forgot him…
Here laksh forgot everything in her beauty…suddenly he feels a hand on his shoulder..he turns around to find a bear infront of him…laksh heart comes to into his mouth in fear..
Laksh: mum…

He is about to shout in fear but the bear closes his mouth
The bear removes its mask and its lakhan..
Laksh sighs in relief ..and immediately drags him behind the tree…
Lakhan: u almost spoiled the plan dada..
Laksh: sorry ..sorry but u look too scary..
Lakhan rolls his eyes..
Lakhan: dada bears r not girls to look beautiful…ofcourse they will be scary..by the way If I scared u that means…
He looks at the sky
LAKHAN’S IMAGINATION(please imagine in filmy way)
Ragini sees the bear and comes running and hugs laksh tightly..and laksh like superman does DOOM DAAM and saves ragini..
Laksh: don’t worry jaaneman…when laksh is here no one can harm u …
Ragini: laksh u r my hero,my superman…How can I live without u…tumhare bina mera kya hoga..

Lakhan was smilimg like idiot thinking about raglak….
Laksh hits him on his head..
Lakhan: what dada..
Laksh: I know what u r imagining..but ur didi is not like that..I worry for u..

He remembers ragini hitting the goons infront of pub during his first meet..
Lakhan : dada go otherwise she will get doubt..
Laksh: ok all the best…
Laksh comes to ragini..
Ragini: where did u go..
Laksh: I saw some fruits..so I went to chec..
Ragini: ok come I am tired..
Laksh: yeah..
Laksh was hell nervous..
Suddenly out of blue the bear attacks on ragini and growls..
Raglak get scared..actually laksh acts like he is scared..
Ragini moves back in fear..
Bear growls…
Laksh: thank god I thought he will talk..good acting..
Ragini looks at laksh in fear.
Suddenly she grabs a stick and starts giving left and right to the bear…
Laksh gulps in fear and shock…
Ragini: u wanna scare me..come I will show u what is ragini..
She hits him more harder…
Bear growls more louder..
Laksh: how can he act in so much pain..stupid lakhan she came to know its u..stop ur drama yaar..
Ragini keeps on beating..
Ragini: stop ur acting..
Laksh is watching all this in fear….suddenly he feels a hand on his shoulder..
that was lakhan with his mask in his hand…laksh understands the situation and clasp his mouth with both the hands..
lakhan is stansing like a statue..
the bear runs away in fear..
ragini: now its ur turn…

she turns around but is stunned to find laksh and lakhan in front of her..
she immediately turns around and looks in the direction where the real bear went…
she looks at the stick in her hand and sighs in relief..
both the boys were sweating in fear no not of bear they r scared of ragini now…
lakhan immediately falls on ragini’s feet
raglak r shocked..
lakhan: jai van mata ki…jai van mata ki…
laksh looks at him weirdly..ragini is totally confused..
lakhan stands up
lakhan: van mata..
ragini looks at him confused ..not knowing what to answer..
ragini: r u talking to me..
lakhan: yes van mata..
ragini: ohh(she nods her head like stupid)
lakhan: u wait here I will bring all the bhakths here only..
laksh keeps on looking from ragini to lakhan with astonishment like a puppet..with zero expression
ragini: whole band?….I mean whole bhakth band..ok go..
lakhan touches her feet and runs shouting “van mata ki jai”
laksh keeps on staring lakhan while ragini glares laksh with her hands on her hips…
laksh gulps in fear looking at her..
laksh: what r u staring at…
ragini: don’t do drama I know u did this..
she turns around and blushes..
ragini: actually I love this plan..so good..u know what I LOVE YOU..I LOVE U SO MUCH…I fell for u at first sight but I was scared but now no need to fear ..I love u..I knew u would come for me when I fell down the cliff..I knew it..I always refused my feelings but now I love u..I love u a lot..she turns around in excitement..but is shocked..

epi ends..
so this epi was somewhat stupid..but I had to do this..

precap: decided but wont reveal now..

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  1. Mintu

    Awesome Shri…!! Hahaha.. Bear is a really poor soul.. Pity for it..!! lak- lak reaction is funny….I think maybe this stupid lucky is gone without hearing her words..!! Can’t wait to see next.. Post it soon dear

  2. Jayanti

    awesome episode shri….ragini confessed…the bear scene was so hilarious…haha..lol….really loved it…next part soon

  3. Superb…. I knew it that real bear will come… Ragini is too good…
    Laksh – Lakhan conversation is Awesome…

  4. Follybraverl

    Awesome dear raglak lovely

  5. Amul

    awesome keep going

  6. Aditi.Ayansh

    awesome Shri di finally Ragini confessed her feelings for Laksh….the bear drama was so funny

  7. Amazing dear…..hahahahahahah beer scene was hilarious ??????


  9. Naagin

    Super shri Finally she accepted

  10. Awesome nd bear drama was superb

  11. Crystal089

    awesome finally she confessed i think sanskar and all were their

  12. Awesome part best

  13. Lovely7


  14. Asra

    awesome dear….poor bear feeling bad for that…lakhan raglak bear scenes superbbb dear…i enjoyed lots dear….y ragu shock…eagerly waiting for nxt one..tkcr dear…

  15. Dharani

    awesome…jai van matha ragini devi… hehe

  16. Nymisha281

    Awesome……Ragini van mata ki Jai..???

  17. Awesome I am eagerly waiting for next chapter

  18. Harinipriya

    Ragini beating bear and Laksh’s and Lakhan’s reactions were WOW! I am laughing here like hell. OH GOD, Ragini, van matha! I can’t laugh more than this. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Ragini’s confession but what happened Ragini to be shocked? Please next part soon, Bye!

  19. Fantastic dear

  20. superb

  21. Niriha


  22. Awesome

  23. Asw

    Nice ? for bear keep going

  24. Awesome

  25. Di awesome episode….can’t wait 4 next…u nailed it

  26. Outstanding episode and loved it. Raglak and lakhan scenes are interesting. Finally Ragini confessed her love towards Laksh. What happened next? Why she shocked? Eagerly waiting for next episode and plz try to post next part ASAP

  27. Fantastic awesome superb amazing

  28. IQRA222

    shri di what to say bout this epsidoe it was simply superb awesome
    lak- lak are so funny i was laughing too much at van mata scene
    and oh god ragu confessed
    but i think lucky has fainted or bend down to propose ragu
    waiting for the next part

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