DARE: Which started my love story (Epi 15)

Hai everyone..so..okay today lets interact..fun segment..name and hometown is done by my friend naz..favourite actress and mother tongue is done by me…so today everyone will tell me about their dream destination..the place which u want to visit alone ..for me its kerala..i’ll go alone there and enjoy it to fullest..such a wonderful place kerala is!!!!and please everyone please answer…

Swara ,sanskar parth and riya r now inside the forest searching for raglak…
Swara: sanky nothing will happen to ragu na…
Sanskar: she will be fine ..nothing can happen to us..
Parth fakes a smile ..he is strong for swara and sanskar but deep inside he is completely broken..
Riya: stop ur hum saath saath hai kahani..even laksh sir is in danger.u cant think about him..only ragu.ragu..
All the three of them glare her..
Swara slips and hurt her foot…
Swara:aah ouch
Sanky: u okay..swara u sit here I will get some water for u..
Parth and sanky goes for water…
Riya sits next to swara..
Riya: swara..r u sure sanky loves u..
Swara: yeah..
Riya: but he keeps on saying ragini is his life
Swara rolls her eyes..in frustration..
Riya: I think both of them r cheating on u..if u want to save ur love wish that ragini is dead by the time we reach her..
That’s it within no time riya was on rocks while swara was holding her neck…
Swara: last time u get it last time..if u say anything against ragu..u will be dead next time..if seriously ragsan r cheating on me..i will be happy to move aside..
Riya coughs and swara leaves her..
Swara: what do u think of urself..u think I don’t know what u did..i saw what u did..
Riya becomes nervous..
Riya: what I did..
Swara: don’t lie..i have seen how ragu fell down..the reason I didn’t tell sanky about it is because my ragu should be one who punishes u..so don’t try ur cheap tricks on me..

Here raglak were tired playing marbles…
Lakhan brings some fresh sugarcane juice for laksh..
Ragini: for me..
Lakhan: didi..baba is making it wait for sometime…
Ragini pouts..
Laksh: yumm it is so good..
Ragini: let me taste..
She grabs the glass and drinks it…
Some ladies clasp their mouth and goes murmuring..
Ragini: lakhan ..why r they looking at me like that..
Lakhan was already in shock…
Laksh shakes him..
Lakhan: dada wo only husband and wife drink from one glass..thats why they were looking at u…
Raglak look at each other..
Ragini looks around to avoid situation and finds a potter making pots..
Ragini: laksh pottery come lets go..
Laksh: yeah u go I’ll come..
Ragini goes..
Laksh grabs lakhan..
Laksh: now say what is ur plan..
Lakhan: bhai girls r afraid of wild animals..so tomorrow a wild bear will attack didi and u will save her..she will become ur fan..
Laksh: haha the bear is my friend na..i will run first ..
Lakhan: dada don’t worry ..i will dress up as bear…
A huge smile comes on laksh’s face..
Laksh hugs him and says thank u..and they go to ragu…
Ragu is bending holding her knees and looking with lot of concentration…
Laksh: u have never heard any of my lecture with this much concentration..
Ragini: don’t disturb..how easily he is doing it…
Potter: easy this is very difficult beta..
Ragini: can I try it uncle..
Potter: beta u cant do it..
Ragini: please..
Laksh: ragu..he is saying na u cant do it..
Potter: its okay beta come try…
She comes to the half moulded pot and puts her hand inside the mouth of pot to shape it but the whole pot breaks and mud falls all over..
She keeps her face like a kid..
Laksh: wah what a pot..ragu ..why don’t u bring water with this…okay please tell me how did u learn this…
ragu comes to him..
ragini: like this..
she applies all the mud on his face..everyone laughs at him..he glares her
laksh: u r so dead…
he rubs his face on her applying all the mud on her face..
ragini: haaw ..laksh see I will not leave u..
she picks up wet mud and throws it on him..
he picks her up in his arms and throws her into wet mud pond..ragini is completely filled in mud now..
ragini: okay baba sorry..help me..
she forwards her hand..
laksh: that’s good..
he gives her hand but ragu smirks and pulls him too..and splatters all the mud..
ragini: not only ragini even her sorry is dangerous..
laksh: very funny..come now lets clean..
ragini: but it is so much fun na..
lakhan: dada..there is a river next by why don’t we go there…
he winks at laksh..
laksh understands..
laksh: okay we will clean there only..
ragini: yeah..

three of them reach the river and start cleaning them selves..laksh looks at ragini..he is so lost in her.
Ragini was completely wet and her saree sticked to her completely..her hair was dripping water and she was shining like a vampire in the sun..
Laksh even forgot to blink and breathe…
Epi ends

Precap: ragini: I LOVE YOU …I LOVE U SO MUCH..i always feared it ..now no more ..i won’t hide it anymore

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  5. Dear in last you write vampire ?? i think there is some mistake otherwise chappy was superb

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      Thanks ankita and there is no mistake it’s vampire only because Edward shines in the sun in twilight movie..he says vampires shine brightly in sun..that’s qhy

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    Awesome part shri and I loved it…
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    And lakhan is such a sweetheart…
    Haha!!Ragini pulled laksh too into d mud…vry funny…
    Laksh’s expression at last was too gd…
    I don’t want to go alone to any destination dear…bt I wish to visit Venice atleast once in my life time and in India I wanna go to Udaipur and Fatehpur sikhri…bcz I love to see such kind of arch…
    Waiting for the next part…post it soon dear…

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    It’s so awesome to interact

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  25. As usual Outstanding episode dear and Raglak scenes are really beautiful. Swara rocked, Riya shocked. Riya deserved​ it. Loved Lakhan’s character. My dream destination is Kashmir. Love you dear and take care ??????

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