DARE: Which started my love story (Epi 14)

Hai everyone shrilatha is back with another epi ..dont worry about riya I know u r angry with her but guys now raglak will have more time together..so here goes my story..
Parth: sanskar I can’t wait like this ..I’ll go and search for her..
Sanky: even I’ll come with you.please..
Swara: even I’ll come…
Parth: okay but proff shouldn’t know about this…
Riya listens to all this..

Riya: even I will come
Parth: why
Riya: because I love laksh sir..i want to find him..
Swara: riya we cant take u with us..
Riya: ok fine go..i will complain to proff…
Sanky: guys stop it ..let her come ..

Here raglak are sleeping peacefully in each others embrace..a boy of 18 years come there to wake raglak..he sees them sleeping hgging each other ..he smiles to himself and goes toward laksh and wakes him..
Laksh wakes and find ragini still sleeping..he wakes up embarrassed and looks at the boy..
Boy: dada my name is lakhan..

Laksh: I am laksh
Lakhan: dada vaidya is waiting outside to check didi..
Laksh: oh yeah ..
The person comes and checks ragini ..she stirs and opens her eyes..and murmurs laksh’s name..
Laksh comes forward to her..
Laksh: haa ragu I am here only…

Ragini: laksh my phone is okay na..
Laksh rolls his eyes..while villagers r confused on what she is asking…
Laksh: r u crazy ..here I am going mad thinking about u and ur worried about ur stupid phone..leave it u wont understand ..

He goes angrily from there another lady comes to ragini..
Lady: beta he was so worried for u..why did u ask about whatever that thing was..
Ragini: sorry aunty..i know he was worried for me..to lighten his mood I did like this..
Lady: but he got angry on u..
Ragini: I know that is what laksh is like..always fighting with me..
Lady smiles at them…

Outside laksh sits on the rock and murmurs angrily..
Laksh: what does she think of herself…areh she couldn’t ask me laksh how r u..no she is worried about her phone…
Lakhan: dada..
Laksh: haa..
Lakhan: u love that didi na….
Laksh anger cools down suddenly
Laksh: yeah..but she doesn’t love me..
Lakhan: u know I helped veeru and dhana also..i could help u..
Laksh: who Is veeru and dhana…
Lakhan: my friends ..they r married now..i could make didi fall in love with u..
Laksh: so tell me what I have to do..

Lakhan: not now didi is calling you..go..
Laksh smiles goes to ragini..he goes into the hut where ragini is waiting for him..he enters the room and finds ragini in blouse and skirt…
Laksh immediately closes his eyes..
Ragini: what happened..

Laksh: what r u doing..
Ragini: that aunty gave me this saree to wear..I don’t know how to wear saree so I called u..please make me wear this na…
Laksh: r u crazy ..I cant see u like that..
Ragini looks down..
Ragini: what is wrong in this..I wore much smaller dresses than this..
Laksh:I will not make u wear this..
Ragini: okay u make me wear it or I will go out like this only..
laksh: meri maa…wait… god save me from this girl..iam the first teacher who is threatened by his own student..
he drapes the plaits of saree..and tucks it….

Ragini: laksh ur future wife is really lucky..
Laksh: its u only
Ragini smiles..
Ragini: I am sorry..
Laksh: its okay..
He goes..

After some time ragini comes out..she sees laksh playing marbles with lakhan ..
Ragini: laksh which game is this..
Laksh: this is marbles. u wanna play
Ragini: no u continue I will see…
Laksh plays with the kids and ragini keeps on staring him lovingly…laksh observes her…
Lakhan comes to her..
Lakhan: didi play with us na..see dada is winning..

Ragini: but I don’t know how to play
Laksh: I’ll teach you..
He puts some marbles into her hand..he comes from behind and hugs her and holds her hand
Laksh: takes marbles in ur rights hand..
Ragini is lost in his fragrance..his closeness was disturbing her..
Laksh: hold one in front of ur index finger..pull ur finger and leave the marble with force..remember the marble should hit the other marbles in the circle..if marble fall out of circle..those r urs..

Ragini: mine..i can take them with me..
Laksh smiles at her childishness ..
Laksh: yeah u can..she jumps like a kid
She hits some marbles and two marbles come out of the circle but she pulls another one with her feet and squeals ..
Ragu: laksh I got three..see..

Laksh: u cheated..
Other kids: didi cheating..give my marbles..
Ragini: I didn’t cheat u r cheating these r my marbles I will not give..I won them
She helds them high..
Kids: we want our marbles..give us back ..friends lets take them..
they chase ragini ..but she runs and fights with kids..like kid..
laksh laughs at her..
kids: dada help us na..

laksh: okay
laksh comes to ragini and try to take the marbles but she held them high..
laksh: ragu give the marble..this is cheating..
ragini: I am not cheating..I won them…u r on their side or myside..
laksh: u wont give like this na..wait..
he tries to grab them off her hand but ends kissing her on the cheek…..
kids laugh at them while raglak look at each other.
epi ends with..raglak faces..

precap: laksh and lakhan plan..

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    Awesome dear? raglak moments are so cute…
    Lovely chappy dear…
    Waiting for the next epi…post it soon dear…

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    awesome episode shri didu
    fell in love with raglak in today’s episode
    didu we are sooo same even i wanted to play marbles but my brothers never let me play!!!
    i like swasanparth love towards ragu but this riya is a lizard always sticking chipku fevicol
    waiting for the next part

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