I dare to love (Episode 2)


love is not what mind thinks it’s something that heart feels
scene 1
shakti went to vidhyut room and told him he has to go for new project to ankush’s city today for completing all formalities and finalizing deal
vidhyut nodded his head without looking at him.
shakti:stop hurting ur self for past mistakes after all I am ur father listen to me
vidhyut: when a relation is over, leave there is no use to water a dead plant
shakti:love gives a memory that no one can steal
vidhyut:hate has already given me a heartache that no one can heal
shakti: give urself a chance
” if u carry old bricks of ur past to ur present u will build the same house that felt apart before”
vidhyut:forgeting betrayal is like trying to drown a fish
shakti: hope makes ur life a little better
vidhyut: If I am going in hell I will keep going
saying that he left
shakti:with such creature who will dare to love

scene 2
kaya comes to her mom
she was wearing white top with white jacket and jeans
kaya dad called me in office I am going bye
mom: bye
kaya went to office and after office she and Vicky were drinking coffee in cafe
kaya was laughing
kaya: so finally Mr Vicky shergill is joining office.
what will happen to poor girls
by the way from when are u joining
Vicky: next month
you also help ur dad then why are u laughing
kaya: because all parties will get boring without u
u were topper in college and also a part-time flirt how u manage both
Vicky: its art madam
u won’t understand who don’t even have a boyfriend
kaya: don’t start again I don’t want these kind of stuff and my fate helping
Vicky: hope is the heartbeat of soul
hey, u have to choose ur way by own fate only make ur way a bit clear
kaya: I choose to make rest of my life best of my life
Vicky: I wish ur fate meets u today
kaya: suddenly
Vicky: the best kind of relations start unexpectedly

scene 3
vidhyut had landed at hill station
he saw a woman arguing he commented: woman needs no reason to argue
later he was going in car
driver hit somebody
driver: I have mistakenly hit a girl on bike.
vidhyut: now she will start arguing like others
that girl fell from bike and a glass piece laying near prick her arm
the girl was non other than kaya.
he came out of car
he saw her eyes
don’t know from where air came. her hairs flying
he was looking at her unblinkingly then he was helpless from heart he gave her his hand but she stands on her own
she looks at him and also feel something
vidhyut: are u fine?
kaya: I am alright
then he looks at her arm blood was oozing from wound
vidhyut composes himself
vidhyut: u fell and…
kaya: “falling down is part of life getting back up is living”
she was not angry as usual because she thought
“life is so short to hate someone”
she sit on bike and was going suddenly she turns and said: be careful dude and left
that was all driver mistake she doesn’t say anything nor argued
(strange) vidhyut said to himself

scene 4
vidhyut reached ankush house
he saw panchi and greeted her
she blessed him( he respect panchi alot because he feels motherly love for and from her)
servent was taking his luggage to guestroom.panchi stopped servent and said he is family so keep his luggage in room near kaya’s room.
after that kaya came and bump into statue near gate she was covering her wounded arm with her jacket so no one could see.
ankush called her
she surprisingly look at vidhyut
ankush: he is vidhyut
she is kaya
kaya has never met him before only have heard about him
kaya: cousin and partner right
she shake hand with him
he look at her wounded arm.suddenly a blood drop falls
panchi: ur are again hiding ur wound
kaya: mom nothing to worry about it is just a cut
panchi: how it happened
kaya: nothing it doesn’t pain
panchi bought first aid box
kaya: mom it doesn’t hurts
panchi : shhhh
panchi applies anti septic
kaya feels pain and turn her face on otherside.he was noticing it.
kaya: happy, I said it doesn’t hurt na
panchi: now vidhyut beta go and take some rest
kaya was going to her room
kaya: partner( she calls vidhyut as partner)
this is ur room
vidhyut went to his room and thought
I know she was hiding her pain.theres some mystery behind her.she is unique
at dinner
ankush silently goes to kaya and said please save me from boiled food
she thought some idea and mix salt in a dish. thinking it for ankush( that was made for vidhyut)
she sit on chair and vidhyut was sitting beside her
dinner start
vidhyut eat a bite and stopped he looked at kaya angrily and again begin to eat
panchi goes to garden as she was feeling shortage of oxygen ankush left after her
kaya mistakenly put her fork in vidhyut plate and eat it
suddenly she drink two glasses of water
she stand up and said: partner how can u eat so salty food
he just glare at her
she snatch his plate he again snatch back he open his mouth to sway something she hurriedly put chocolate in his mouth and ran away with plate

scene 5
she says sorry to vidhyut near stairs but he was furious at her for her prank
kaya: listen I am sorry
vidhyut:u think that u are smart to fool me.don’t dare to say anything
kaya was about to say something when her hand mistakenly hit ink pot and ink fall on his shirt
he become more furious
he walked toward her she take step back
she was about to fall from stairs but he hold her by het waist
they share an eye lock

scene 6
it’s morning
kaya and Vicky was as usual ready for race
vidhyut was jogging and ignored kaya andva boy rahul came he was a racist and his college mate he had won many medals
kaya saw him
kaya challenged rahul a race
vidhyut mocked her
she said. if I loss I will never practice in race her whole life but I she win vidhyut will do whatever she says
Vicky was shocked
vidhyut accepted
they both glare at eachother

lets see who win
ones passion or others ego

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