I dare to love (Episode 1)


It’s a hill station(fictional).
sun is about to rise
everywhere we can see small hills tress greeney.it’s always cold here.cool breeze was blowing.everything was silent except tress which were flowing with wind.it was a mesmerizing site.
Now two figures are seen running.
one said:today I will make u lose in race
second stopped and said:really and it take a turn start running in other direction.it started to climb a little hill and run a bit and then slide from hill.it was looking like it was doing some stunt.
after that it start running like wind.in No time it was near a wall.it saw first figure on other side of wall running toward flag.it jump from wall in style and hold flag first.then it’s face is shown.her eyes were mischievous.she was smiling.she was our heroin kaya(but her style was like if she was hero(

1st figured sighed.
he was a boy.
he look at kaya and smiled.
he was Vicky
kaya:I won again woooo
Vicky phone beep
voice:hi darling,missed me I was calling u from 20 mins why were u not picking my calls
Vicky:(flirting)baby I am at home. I was talking to ur picture now.hear my voice it’s tired by that.I missed u so much.
voice: how sweet
kaya laughed and said :liar
Voice: with whom u are oh my god a girl..u cheater.u liar u betray me.
Vicky(uninterestingly):baby, u are doubting me.u don’t trust me.I was fool for planing a surprise for u.
voice: sorry
kaya mischievously smiled and snatched his mobileand loudly said by the way whats ur baby name.
voice:shockingly I am not Tanya
Vicky: hold on Tia, Sammy,kiran,suhani,piya ummm…
voice:I am somanya u don’t remember my name
Vicky: it’s ur mistake.I have not said to have so difficult name som…
voice: go to hell

kaya laughed
Vicky: yar kaya
kaya (laughing): thank me she was so irritating and by the way she was not ur last girlfriend
Vicky: that’s true .every girl die on me
kaya: they are fool
Vicky:it not ur fault god has made u like it
kaya:like what
vicky:like that
kaya:me monkey
vicky:look u agree u are monkey
kaya:u dog and from which angle I look like monkey
vicky:only monkey climb walls and tress like u
kaya:shut up u know racing is my passion and I am only good at it
vicky:hey heroin or are u hero

u are unique combination
kaya how
vicky: u are very daring
kaya: life is nothing without dare
vicky:look u are daring but never gets angry at any situation
kaya:u know na I have promised mom
I will never get angry after in school I had broken one boy leg
Vicky: and u never break promise
ur passion is racing but u want to join ur dad bussines
u always keep calm but ur mischievous
u never complains how much ur hurt
ur hot but never believe in love
ur list is never ending
ur unique
sometimes I feel ur not girl but alien
kaya: what

Vicky: ur super human dude
kaya: stop praising me
u flirt but not like popularity
ur cute and caring but never shows
tell me what are u
Vicky: I am super friend of super kaya sanyal
Vicky: who will dare to love u
kaya: no one
scene 2
Lamborghini 750_4 sv is seen on road
It stops near a factory
door of car opens
a tall handsome man in blue Armani suit is shown
he enters factory
he removes his blue ray ben goggles
his face is shown
he has deep eyes his face is expressionless
he is vidhyut sehgal

he is the top businessman of Mumbai
he is known for his discipline and rudeness
a man is shown held by police he goes there
man: sir please forgive me plz plz
vidhyut: vidhyut sehgal never forgive betrayal
police: he was caught stealing important papers
man: sir plz forgive me ur rival gave me money I did this for my family my wife
vidhyut: every misfortune happens due to woman
vidhyut punched him hard and man fainted
vidhyut: I hate betrayers
after that he went away in his car
in way some goons surrounded him
he single handed beat them all

one goon come to stab him he twisted his hand and break his probably back bone
vidhyut went away saying bl**dy fools
then after office he went his home he was going to her room when
a man called him beta from back
he turned it was his father shakti sehgal
shakti: listen son
vidhyut: don’t show love
now there is only hatred inside me there is no space for love
scene 3
in kaya home a couple is arguing
they are ankush and panchi her parents
kaya comes and happily said: hey dad when did u come
dad: ah my princess
look I have came now and ur mom is torturing me
kaya: king what queen did
dad: queen is torturing me by giving me boiled food
kaya: what queen so much torture

u be quite or I will also make u have it
doctor said him to eat boiled food .
king have it or I am not talking
dad: queen dont be angry I am ur slave I will do what ever u say
kaya: king to direct slave what a promotion wow
mom: u go get fresh
scene 4
shakti called ankush
they are cousin brothers
ankush: bhai shahib ka call
ap kaisa hain
shakti: hum theek hain aur ap sab
ankush: pehle jaise
kaya come
kaya: dad bade papa se meri baat karwane
kaya: bade papa
shakti: kaya kaise ho hyme pata chala hain ap ki shaitaania bad hai hai
and keep it up

kaya: ap kab a rahe ho hum se milne and ap ne hi to khul kar jeene ko kaha hai
shakti kabhi badlna mat
kaya: never bye
ankush: bhai shahib wo new project Jo humne yahan karna hai us ko kab Karen
shakti: I am sending vidhyut for it he will reach tomorrow
ankush: sure

first meeting of kaya and vidhyut
car and bike bumping
kaya mischief and their bet

if u like please comment
it’s my first ff and I am not experienced
if u don’t like I will not continue it

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  1. I like kaya charecter every girl need to be look like her brave bold caring

  2. Hey rey very nice yaar but cudnt get some words I guess its d typos !!

    Jus love d story !! 2nd epi !!☆☆☆

  3. thanks
    I also feel so because girls are not so weak and can only cry.
    they should be daring and cool

  4. Rey it’s good n kayas character is also good plzzzzzzzz continue yaar

  5. Love kaya’s character n her philosophy too.

  6. Wowwww, nice episode rey, liked convo between kayak n vicky, Loved Kaya’s Daring Nature And vidyut Entry Was superb…Lovely Convo Between Kaya’s Parents, Loved It Very Much. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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