In the episodes swara is slapped by sanskar….this is not fair how can he also swara??inspite of.. if any problem between them ..sanskar says swara my princess….swara my darling..etc etc…he says swara is my life…swara is heart beat…I can’t think a life without her…without her my life is incomplete…for most of all swara is sanskars wife how can he slap her???….swara loves him sooo much he also knows … appa enna problem va irundalum he must have not beaten her…. (what problem it be ..he must have now beaten her sorry mother tongue came inside)infact when I first saw that video I actually can’t believe it…I repeatedly watched two or three times then only I could beleive sis said sanskar mistakenly slapped her…but that also I could not beleive it… swara loves sanskar sooo much..and sanskar tooo loves swara sooo much ..then why this scene…in that video sanskar bet swara and next second he cupped her face saying sorry while ragini came running and holded swara by shoulders and asked sanskar what is this?? And sujatha also hugged swara actually she dragged…and shouted over sanskar for beating her and reported this incident to Rp and he also scolded sanskar. this I founded comments below like why ragini came inside this…ragini is swara s sis and she she has soo much care and love for swara absolutely I would have been there I would do that I am sure…moreover it’s the strength over joint families …now adays not seen in India…
Sorry guys …I am sorry for wasting your Time I do not know whether swara is sad over this…but I am very much dispointed over this..and found this is the way of relaxation….and writers pls do not show like this again…I am heart broken?..

Cracy swasan fan…
#actually cracyness over loaded…
Share your thoughts ..
With love …
Sorry guys I was writing a fan fic on dahleez…I could not continue it beacause while dancing Bharathanatiyam I slipped and fell and fractured my right hand…doc said one month i should be completely in test ..really boring u knoe I am sorry for that….
And you all come up with a question I know hyped this then? This is typed by my bro my darling….fate he too should watch swaravini with me…i was soo upset over sanskar and he helped me to relax by typing this …he is not interested to give his name for credit ..anyways thank u bro…. love u guys bye….take care..

Credit to: sudharshna udhayakumar

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  1. u hld have noticed.Sanskar immediately worried for swara.he asks if she is alright.the thing is when people are madly in love theytend to misunderstand eachother more.dont worry swasan will always b one!

  2. realllyyy wat d helll//?????????????????????

  3. Can I get the link of video I m not able to find it please

  4. Hey plz send the link of video

  5. where u saw that

  6. when is this going to happen??
    And y?

    1. Swara k bangles thives le lete h n he got angry n didnt listen to her n glti se dhamaka i mean slap kr deta h

    2. Swara gave that bangle which sankar gifted to the thieves right…… Bcoz of that…..

    3. Anjali its by mistake..BT it was WD full force..bht jorse laga swara ko..??? and instantly he said sorry and was consoling her..BT haa.. after seeing swara’s facial expressions Am damn sure c won’t forgive him sooo easily..though in front f whole family c WS saying its by mistake..BT c won’t forgive him..and Pari bhabi was instigating sanskar against Swara at DT situation..???????hw mean..??

      1. And u knw wat at last when pari bhabi WS blaming Swara for loosing bangles Sanskar instantly defended Swara and took a Stand for Swara…and plzz DONT BLAME MY SANKU..???HE IS SOOO SWEET..?????

  7. Well…….love is tuff, sometimes when u love someone u respect the fact that they do make mistakes………….. And misunderstandings are common??

  8. Ya that was by mistake… n actully a tight one… indeed they want trp bt they dont get it k trp inke romance secayegi jhapad se ni…n everthing got spoiled by the family members by nt listening to him once… as swara too knows that was by mistake..

  9. I don’t think its a slap it was a fight between swasan over the bangle getting lost and swara makes him understand but sansakar doesn’t listen and moves his has which was like a slap and everyone started shouting at him for raising hand on a girl specially ragini and sujata!!!!!

  10. Swara will lose a piece of jewelry Sanskar gave her and will accidently slap her.

  11. Hey guys I’m doing a ff on swasan and raglak meeting is done part I part 2 and part 3 pls comment

  12. calm!!!! even i watched the video many times and i noticed ki sanskaar was shocked at what happened because of him actually he moved his hand and turned around to say something like I dont want to here anything else but swara was too close aur bas swara ke chere par sanskaar ka haath laga thode zor se lekin………………….but news mili hai ki sanskaar swara ko romantic tareeke mein manayega!!!!

  13. yaar it ws by mistake…soon he worrird for her nd said srry too….bt dis family drama….nd in life small small fight hote he na….dnt wrry by dis der lv for each other increases….by dis shw sm intens trk of swasan….LOVE U SWASAN…SWASAN IS BEST

  14. yr its OK galti se Mara vo sirf swara KO dur kr RHA tha …
    uske bad vahi manayega b

  15. Sankar don’t do that …what made sanskar to behave like that?

  16. Ya it was really by mistake…… Bcoz he immediately reacted and started consoling her …….

  17. what the hell??? when this happen????sanskar cant do this….it shud be by mistake only….

  18. First of all I hate CVS for showing this crap. Why are they back of sanskar now. Even I have seen the olv and it is clearly evident it it was by accident. He didn’t even meant to do that but tears in swara’s eyes made me sure that she wont forgive him so eaisly and the way whole family scolded is something which I really felt bad for. Why do CVS want to ruin his charecter. He is the only person in the show whose love is so intense not even swara (no offense, my personal pov). Ughh now we will get to see hurted sanskar.
    Even these writers are making parineta a gray charecter although the logic is justified. She is so cute. If they want to increase importance for her, they might have used other means..anyways this is serial AMD I need to be calm but I really cannot be when it comes to the charecter sanskar.

    1. I agree….
      I have no idea why this scene is even necessary… Havent swasan been through enough??

      And yeah… Sree… its true…

      Sanskaar’s love just makes me go all dreamy eyed… Swara’s love is cute but Sanskaar’s is intense and passionate..

      I just love VARUN

      Instead of shoeing happy fun times like their honeymoon or whatever, theyre showing this crap.. I am very very annoyed especially now that pari is also bad.. ugghhhh

  19. Seriously guyys plzz stop overreacting,he did not slapped her knowingly and after that he said sorry too.U can see the video he did not slapped her knowingly and swara also knows this

  20. Aww. I love Sanky. A mistake right? Should be forgiven coz he truly loves Sanskar. His lov is pure and most intense. C’mon! Now cheer up. I’m sure Swara will do some drama of being angry and then they will forget it by a kiss. (I hope so) but I dont trust the CVS. Their job is to ruin a good track. Show some positivity yaar. Swaragini are meant to be together. And its so obvious that Ragini should step in this matter as Swara is her sister. I dont get the logic when finally Swaragini have united why are still few people behind them. Anyway, right now focus only on Sanskar ?

  21. Umm .. Actually girly .. The slap was by mistake and not intentionally .. In an attempt to withdraw his hand , sanskar mistakenly slaped swara.. Moreover swara is not angry at him she will just pretend to do so

  22. It was by mistake guys.. wn I opened fb and saw ds I WS like ????????????.. I repeatedly saw DT post and olv.. I just couldn’t blv DT..BT it was by mistake..Sanskar instantly said sorry nd cupped her face..he was damn guilty for DT..and Swara won’t forgive him so easily.. after this incident we will get some intense swasan chill guys..??

    1. BT yes..its spoiling Sanskar’s character.. I agree WD Sree.. his love is very intense.. BT swasan is the main it’s quite common..and it will be Swasan centric track.. so enjoy guys..sanskar will start his mission Patni Manao.. ?????and I know Sanskar will do DT job romantically..???

  23. Sanskar mistakenly slapped her nd he was worried for her also he didn’t do it intentionally nd I’m in sanskar favour there is nothing to bash on him……now I’m eagerly waiting to see swara’s raccoon on it becz if her love is true she should forgive hum as it was by mistake

  24. ya..i also don’t like family interference in husband wife matter..

  25. Swasan are majured & they understand each other very well so misunderstandings will be cleared

  26. Really good..Loved it…

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