Dard e dill ki sifarish (Episode 6)

Next day
As always our hero was playing football n our heroine was talking to ragini
Swa:ragu that idot maheswari again called me chashmish
Rag:swara thom sanskar ke chakkar mei bolne lagi
Swa:ragini uff
Saying this she leaves
Ragini smile
Rag:i know sanskar will change u

Sanskar playing football swara comes there n stand at a distance from him.She was looking at him.His was full busy in playing suddenly he feels something behing so he turns
He took the in hand n goes near swara
San:so ready chashmish
Swa:for what
San:to see ur love winning in match
Swa:u n my love when
San:oh c mon m the love of every girl
Swa:n m unlike every girl
San:ok baby u go to field m going to my team donno what they doing
Swa:hey m not any baby
San:ok taby
Saying this he run from there
All r in the field (guys this is match of one clg to onther clg)
Swara is clearly seeing sanskar how he was guiding his team (huh m in mood to describe the match)

After the wonderful match which sanskar and his team won.All clg is happy on him he is surrender by hole clg…his father who really happy on him
Rp:beta ur great beta
San(looking here n there):i know papa i mean sir sorry sir
Rp:its ok
San:excuse me sir
Saying this he leaves from there
San:where did she go huh she didnt thought to wish me dont she like aree sanskar stop ur nonsence i should go to library n complet my assingment…
Swara who alrady there reading a book.Sanskar enter there n starts fing a book in shelf
Swara also getup from table n starts to find book in same shelf but in oposite side of sanskar.They ends up pulling same book.
15 mintues they were pulling same book at last they become irated n shout
Swa/san:who is this
Sanskar didnt take time to regonize her voice…
He comes to side
Swa:what r u doing
San:this is a labrary people come here to study
Swa:r u a robot
Swa:u played match ago n now u for studying
San:m a superman
Ok talk to u at break time
He then sit at table

Sanskar always serious in his study swara first time see his shade
Swara also sit with him studied

Break time
Sanskar was busy in libaray but swara goes to cantin
Swara was missing sanskar
Suddenly that group which was making fun of swara…comes to her
They were again trying to make fun of her
A boy:hi nerd how r u
Anther boy:where is our leader(sanskar)
A girl:rv what u think sanky just say 2-3 word for her that dosent mean he will save her all time
“correct”kavita comes from back
Kav:whta u think urself swa…
Before she could say ahead
all joined there hand n speaks
Swara becomes confiuse
Sara to herself:what happend to them
He thoughts were broke by a voice
Voice:m last time warning leave
Swara turns n find sanskar standing
Kavita:sanky see na i was saying the same
Sanskar wrap his hand to her hand
San:thank u kavi n u all i will save her all the time
Saying this he leaves with
Kav:u all idot who u said u all to do here
Kav:whatever do in a empty place
Saying this she leaves…..

Swasan was sitting on a table
San:ms problem what u want to eat
Swa:what u said
San:ms problem where ever u goes u just create problems
Sanskar goes from there
San shout:m going to give order
After sometime he come with 4 chicken burger n 4 bottle pepsi
Swa:y 4 4
“shona its very bad u didnt remember ur sister”
Swa:oh rugu but 1 extra
San:ab ur ragu’s camcha is left na
Swa:but who
“sanskar i will eat u instead burger”
San:ok then lucky ur one is mine
Swa:uff u both stop na m hugry
Saying this she start to eat her burger
Sanskar n ragini was smailing seeing her then ragsan notice each other
They both has seen change in her
Rag:lips something
Sanskar understand by her lipsing that she is saying thanks…
Lak:so whats the plan for freshars party
Swara while licking her fingar:umm desi
San:arre yar plz chasmish be serious sometime
Swara droped her jow
San:sorry i was just joking…
Guys there is coples dance so u have take chit n the writtin name in the chit will be ur partner.

Swa:k but m not doing any party
San:ys chudail u scare na
Swa:for what
San:u r coming
San:u r not coming
San:that means u r coming
Rag:tume mere kasam
Swa:now y kasam comes
San:n u said yes on ragini’s kasam
Swara become frusted:alright
They talked like this
Sanskar was going to labrary when he was passing from a roo he finds nikhil n his frands
Nik:guys u know that nerd her body shape is so i cant descripe when that i put my hand on her warist i comes to know i think thats y sanskar run behind her i wand her in my bed by….
Before he could speak he got a hard punch from sanskar
He beat him black n blue
San:dont dare to think bullshit
He last kicked him n leaves
Sanskar pov
What bullshit he was thinking damn. I cant bear anything wrong about her…I dont know y feel that. But whatever i wont let anyone harm my chashmish..
Pov ends he didnt even realize what he blurt out
The episode ends

Hey guys m really thankful to u all plz keep cmnting

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