Dard e dill ki sifarish (Episode 10)

Sanskar: plz swara answar na
hide her eyes from him
swara:uff sanskar stop kbc
sanskar: plz
swara:when the correct time will come u’ll know iself
saying this she was about to leave he held her hand
sanskar:last question
swara:y r u looking tense
swara close her eyes n took a long breeth
swara:sanskar a boy n his family is coming to see me tommorw for marrige
a drop of water folls from his eyes
unnoticed by swara
sanskar:his name
swara:Arjun (huh naam liya nahi another devil)
sanskar leaves her hand
sanskar:we should go home
saying this he leaves from there
swara felt hurt…

Sanskar was driving the car… Swara was looking out of window
sanskar was trying hard to hold his tears…there in silence between them
“sanskar stop the car stop the carr plzzz” swara shout
sanskar stop the with jerk
swara run out of car and sit in the side of road
sanskar also ran behind her n sit beside her
sanskar:what happend
swara held his hand
sanskar stare his hand which is she holding n look at her with teary eyes
sanskar:what happend..swa..
Before he could complet swara hug him tight
sanskar also hug back
swara(crying): sanskar after i die…
sanskar slaped her
sanskar:dare to speak again
saying this he again pull her into hug n this time he also cried
after sometime sanskar jerks
sanskar:go to car
swara just like staute leaves to car
sanskar stands there for sometime
sanskar pov
whats all this god m not understnding anything u sent swara for me or for that Arjun… Why i feel pleasure when she is near me… Why the there words “after i die” is choping my heart in million peaces…why the Sanskar Maheswari who alsways loved himself now just feeling that he is nothing without her oh god WHY
i shout ” Whyyyyy”
sansakr pov ends
he leaves to car n drives off

Sanskar stops the car infront of bar
he comes down (aree some times just atlest try to be tierd)
he enters in bar

“hey give me onther bottle” sanskar
the man gives him bottle
man under his breeth:he drinked 8 bottle n now still he is on sence n asking for another bottle
sanskar:u-u sai-d sa-omth-ing
sanskar sees a waiter
sanskar: o-y-e w-wai-ter (he put his on his shoulder) u kn-ow a boy i-s co-ming to see my ch-ash-mish
he sits on floor n starts to sobe
waiter:sir ji u should go home
sanskar tries to pull the waiter’s pant
sanskar: m tal-king about my cha-shmaish n u
pulls more tight
waiter some how hold his pant n run from there…

After sometime the maneger comes n thorw him on dustebin (yuck)
waiter:sir he is a maheshwari
maneger: i know but i cant take him bar
both leaves from there leaving him on dirt…
Next day
swara comes to clg n start to find sanskar in hall
she bump wth laksh
laksh: lucky
swara:whatever where is sanskar
laksh: he is not well today
swara:what happend to him
laksh:clam down today morning i find him in dustbin he drinked last night n the bar maneger thorw him on dustbin
swara:what m going to him
laksh:clam down he is sleeping
swara: oh thank god
laksh:well he was just murmuring Arjun
swara: whattt
laksh: do u know him
swara:he is coming to see me today for marrige
laksh(shocked):what marrige
swara lost somewhere thinking..
laksh become sad
swara: ok m geeting late
saying this she leaves from there thinking something
laksh was also thinking something
when ragini comes to him
laksh:ragini this is not going god swara n marrige u know about sanskar
ragini: i know laksh i will try to do something but this is not in mom dads hand his his shekhar uncle’s order n swara is his dughter we cant do anything
tears folls from her eyes
laksh hug her
laksh:we will do something n bring them togther

arjun n his family was waitting for swara
@swara’s room
she was wearing a pink anarkalie..
She was sitting in front of dresing table n was brushing her hair
ragini comes from back
ragini:shona r u ok with him
swara:ya ragu he is handsome first time shekhar singhania had done something good…
Ragini: r u sure
swara: ya
ragini: ok as ur wish well shekhar chachu is also here
swara’s smile faded
swara: oh
ragini:lets go
Ragini brings swara down n make her sit beside Arjun
arjun looks at her… He was stuck in her… Glass
shekhar was giving what hell look to swara
ragini:swara put ur glasses down
swara realize she was wearing her glass here also n removes it in hurry…
After they talk sometime
shekhar was directly saying ”yes” (guys dont be cunfuse i said in intro her parents died n chachi was mericless so yes her swara think that her chachi is heartless she also know that for her safty she took kali mata’s roop
n about shekhar u all will know soon)
Arjun:uncle ur dughter is a nerd unlike we high class peaple she is diffrent from u so my answar is n..
Before he could complete her mather interput
sakshi (giving Arjun deeth glare):we need ime to understand her so well tell later
shekahar plasterd a smile n glare swara
shekahar: its ok..

Arnav: now we should leave
shekehar:ji arnav ji n sakshi ji
they leaves from there
shekher shout:”what the hell swara u weared ur glasses here also are kabhi khabi mere ijat ki bareme to sojho
sekhakhar:what bhai this ladki..
Swara:sorry p-papa
saying this she ran from there
Swara was walking on road aimleesly
someone pulled her force fully into a auto rikshaw
she was about to shout but the person put his hand on her mouth
persn:shhh sanskar
swara:uuummm hmmm
sanskar:arree uumm hhmm kya kar rahe ho
swara point to his hand which was sanskar holding
oh sorry
he removes his hand
swara:tho what
sanskar:what happend
sanskar:which one
sanskar:arjun n his family
swara: oh (showind to her face) iss budhi untie se kisiko shadi nahi karni
sanskar:tum budhi untie
swara smiles:ha ha ya
the sentence took his smile
swara:seriously he was handsome
i liked him but he was about to say no but god saved me…they gave me one chance
sanskar: ohhh
sanskar loking away:so u like him
swara: yeah
sanskar:hmm get down
swara:sanskar dont leave me at middile where will i go m so innocent tum is bhuly bhali iss ladki ko aise kaise chaor sakte ho (how can u leave this inncent girl like this)
sanskar look at her with suprise
sanskar:u dosent look what r u r
swara smiles:thank u
sanskar: oo drama queen stop ur drama we reched ur house
swara look with shock
swara: oh bye
she ran to home…
Sanskar smile
Sanskar: seriously she is mad…
(driver) bhai chalo maheshwari mansion…
Next day
@singhania villa
swara was getting ready for clg off white anarkali
“peep peep”
she hears sound of horn
she peeps brom window n finds sanskar in his favrate car waving his hand from window
sanskar calls her
sanskar:come down
sanskar: we r going clg
swara: oh coming
she cuts the call n went down..
sanskar was driving car n becomes bore
swara to herself:y he is so seriouse now days he was better before
sanskar: i heared
swara: go to hell
saying this she pulls his ear
sanskar tickle her in warist
swara: ha ha ha sanskar concentrete on ha ha driving ha ha
he leaves her n tries to concentrete on road
swara also tickle him on his warist but he is like stone
swara:y u r not louhing
sanskar:coz m not feeling it
swara:ya ya
made face n look outside of window
sansjar smile at her childish works
.sanskar: dramedazz
swara: u know u r better like this n Arjun is good with serious look.
His smile faded away n goes back to his serious mood
again silence took place between them
sanskar: taday is laksh birthday party u r invited
swara:i want invition from him
sanskar: ok
swasan reach clg
there they find raglak
laksh come to swara n sidely hugged swara
swara gives him what look
laksh:invaition of my birth party
swara: oh
laksh:today is birthday n the line of girls u r seeing they come to wish me but u r lucky that m giving u chance
swara: oh ha budho mai..happy birthday lucky n ur gift at party
laksh:the best gift is u called lucky
swara:oookk m hungry lets go to cafferia..
They all goes to cafteria…
Precape:laksh party …. Sanskar hurtly sings a song

hey guys thanks for coments n dont mind some times i becaome too senti sorry

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