Dard-e-Dil by Shazi (Part 4)

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I want to thank each and every single one of you for the encouragement it means a lot to me. Silent readers thank u all for commenting it was nice to see 🙂 Here you are with another part and now that our RagLak have met, some tashan is necessary!

Ragini was not a rude person but she thought of playing a prank with Laksh! He entered her cabin and this is how their conversation started off.

Ragini: well have a seat Mr?

Laksh: Laksh! You can call me Laksh (he said in a serious tone)

Oh god what an attitude! I have had enough already thought Ragini

Ragini: whatever! We here don’t really appreciate people who come late (she laughed inside because she was always late herself)

Laksh: oh so how come you were late this morning

Hmm someone challenging Thought Ragini

Ragini: because I am your manager! You are not my manager

Laksh: look (he saw a name plate on her desk) Ragini? Look Ragini I am not here to discuss about coming late or not I am here to learn about the work I have to do.

Ufff his tantrums are getting annoying! How rude! You should be called Khadoos (Grumpy)! She thought again.

Ragini: well you need to learn how to respect your seniors first of all! And the things I’m telling you about are the basics! Oh and by the way! It’s Madam for you and not Ragini!

Laksh: look if I complain about you…

Ragini: then what? What will you do? Get me fired?

Laksh thinks about this again and keeps quiet: sorry Ma-Dam

Ragini starts explaining him his work without really trying to play any pranks because she understands that if she plays pranks on him, he will again show his Khadoos expressions and she was the least bothered about someone who was disrespectful.

Beeeeeep! This was the bell for lunch time and as everyone else knew in the office, Ragini always used to phone Anshu at this time for him not to feel lonely during lunch time. As you all know she is very protective over him.

Ragini: lunch time! Please take your break…

Laksh: can you not go on your break later and explain me everything first?

Ragini: no I can’t I’m getting late for something important please leave

She should be called psycho and someone who doesn’t do her work properly thought Laksh. He was really annoyed with her!

Laksh: fine! How long is the break for?

Ragini: half an hour

Laksh went in the terrace to call omi… and Ragini also went there to call Anshu.

She was glad that he was finally accepting his other friends and had started to play with them so she let him play and have luch with her friends when she hears a her name.

Laksh: omi she is not only Ragini she is a which! A total kaamchor! She is teaching me how to do my job right but oh god! Someone should teach her how to do her job right! This is my first day and also the worst day of my life. I think I’m going to be mad in this office I’m telling you! If I didn’t need this job I would never tolerate such a person.

Omi: You got the job? Ok ok calm down yaar don’t have to worry too much about anything just tolerate her for training.

Laksh: tolerate? Oh my god! This looks like military training to me! (remember that Laksh has never worked before so he is finding all this very difficult)

Omi: By the way I found an apartment for you near your office. It’s a good community there and the flat is furnished so you don’t need to worry about anything. You can take my bike for your journeys.

Laksh: thanks a lot dude that means a lot to me. I need to shift my clothes and everything in the evening.

Omi: no problem


Laksh: I have to go dude the lunch break is over she must be in her office with her rule book open for me to see!

Omi giggled

The moment Laksh turns around his face turns pale. He sees Ragini with an angry face! She was so annoyed by him. She had definitely never seen someone who has no manners at all. Her round face was red due to anger and she was looking like a tomato. Laksh thought of her as a tomato and chuckled.

Ragini: what makes you laugh? Don’t you have any manners talking about your manager like that?

Laksh: sorry ma-dam but it was break time I have the right to be myself outside of work hours.

Ragini fumed in anger while Laksh walked away leaving her standing in shock.

Laksh: ma-dam if you stand here you’ll be late!

Ragini had no other options but to follow she knew by now the kind of person he was and she was in no mood to argue.

Laksh was so much happier that he succeeded in pissing her off and she was annoyed for the rest of the day.

Ragini at the end of the session: I want you to work on these files and give me the presentation by tomorrow! (she knew this was the best way to take revenge)

Laksh: tomorrow? I have no time to…

Ragini cuts him off: no time for work? You want to resign? (she said in a funny tone) I mean I have no issues but you need to speak to RP

Laksh knew it was all to put pressure on him: no ma-dam I will do this by tomorrow

Ragini: that’s like a good employee (she was proud of herself)

Laksh was hell annoyed and he had a lot to do tonight.

Laksh goes out of the building and sees Ragini going on her pink scooter with her helmet on. She was hell cute but of course Laksh saw an enemy in her.

Laksh: have to tolerate her! Uffff

He went to Omi’s house and took his things from there and Omi helped him.

Omi’s mom: why do you need to go so soon? I mean u just came and now going?

Laksh: aunty I left my dad’s house forever and also his money!

Her eyes opened wide in shoch and she looked at Omi: how could you let a man in this house when you have a young sister han?

Laksh laughed and thought: I knew this was going to happen

Omi: mom please! Leave this to me

She was still shocked when both the boys let for the apartments.

Omi: sorry for that bro

Laksh: it’s a natural reaction I was expecting it. I am having a bad day anyways.

Omi: I have two bikes so you can have one

Laksh: I can never thank you enough

Omi: shut up! You have also always have been there for me

Laksh: so what is this? A payback?

Omi: haha no I was just saying

Laksh: ok Let’s go to the apartments now

Omi: yah so it’s like a colony where families or single parents live so you should be ok with the environment. The landlord told me that everyone around you were quite friendly. This apartment was on rent just today because the single dad who lived there got married so he shifted and now this house is yours.

Laksh: interesting. How much is the advance?

Omi: no advance! My dad knows the guy so I just told him you were my friend

Laksh: brilliant! That money will be used for surviving this month

Omi: let me get you in.

Laksh looks around and sees a nice flat with a balcony. It was peaceful and he quite liked the environment. The landlord Mr Bhalla came in… he was an old and short man. Looked like a nice fellow and was very attached to all his tenants.

Omi: hi bhalla ji

Mr Bhalla: Omiii! Is this your friend?

Omi: yes Mr Bhalla meet Laksh.

Laksh: hi mister bhalla. Very nice place and thank you so much for everything

Mr. Bhalla don’t worry son if you need anything and I am not around, people on the top floors and bottom floors are all very helpful. You will like it here.

Laksh: this house is so nice and clean it has everything I don’t think I need to look at it twice. A one bedroom flat with fitted kitchen and bathroom, with a nice view! What could I ask for. Here is the rent for this month.

Mr Bhalla: thank you son. I have to go to the hospital to see my wife so I’ll be back in a couple of weeks.

Omi: thanks uncle

When Mr bhalla leaves, even Omi has to go back because his mother is calling him again and again.

Laksh looks at the two-seater sofa in the big living room and sits on it. Then he puts his hands in his hair and thinks about all the events that happened in his life. His life has been a crazy roller coaster ride in these two or three days. But this roller coaster ride has had all downs and no ups till now. He had his eyes closed but when he opened them, he saw his phone flashing. Laksh picks up.

Laksh: hi ma!

AP: hi beta how are you?

Laksh: alive

AP: don’t say that son I can’t see you like this

Laksh: maa I need your support otherwise I won’t be able to do this

AP: your papa is angry that you are working for Ram Industries

Laksh: maa please I want to be a self-made man

AP: I will support you with whatever you do

Laksh: thanks maa

AP: bye beta (son)

Laksh: bye

Oh sh*t! sh*****tttt! I had to do this presentation! I still do have time! Yes I do have time! It is 8pm I have the evening! Let me get my laptop out and do this. I need to prove to this Ragini and I am also Laksh! He thought

It has been an hour and Laksh was confused/ annoyed/ papers around his small dining table for two. He was trying his best and this time he actually was to prove his manager wrong.

It was 9pm and he started hearing some noises. He was pretty sure he was hearing things but after a good ten minutes, he decided to go and check and the noises were coming from the building. He peeped out and checked the bottom floor but no sound. He went up a couple of stairs and started hearing sounds of cartoons and giggles.

Laksh: oh god! No! no! noisy neighbours? Today? Hell no!

Screen freezes on a worried Laksh.

Precap: shock!!! And the war continues!

Hope you all liked it… please don’t forget to comment your thoughts it’s always nice to see feedback 🙂

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