Dard-e-Dil by Shazi (Part 3)

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Sorry for not posting yesterday, but as you all know, I am getting very less feedback so that’s why I was a bit disappointed. Yes, I know I know all of you are waiting for Ragini to come but be patient. Here you go 😀 (I haven’t proof read it)

Triiinggg Triiiiinggg

I am here standing outside Omi’s house… open the blo*dy door man it’s cold out! Ugh I left the house without even thinking and now here I am… don’t even know what to do and where else to go. I see him peeping out of his door! Yes its him!

Omi: Laksh! You? At this time? What happened man?
Me: dude I left the house!
Omi: what but how? And why?
Me: are you inviting me in?
Omi: of course man come in

I went in and his mother saw me with my bag! She had a huge smile on her face. She always wanted me to get married to her daughter… she is 17! I mean she wants me to get with that kid just because of my dad’s status.

Omi’s mom: Laksh! Beta! It is great to see you here! I mean our house is not as big as yours but this is the first time you came for a sleepover.
Omi: mom can you please?
Omi’s mom: what?
Omi: leave us alone
Omi’s mom: ok fine beta Laksh please feel like home ok?

I just gave her an awkward smile. The moment I’ll tell her that I left my home… that moment, I want to see aunty’s face and her change of behaviour. That was an interior joke with myself and I assure you that I laughed a lot without anyone hearing.

I got into Omi’s room and examined it. It was small and he had a double bed. Compared to my room it wasn’t even half of it. Unfortunately, he shared his wardrobe with his sister which meant that I had to face her. I don’t really like the way she stares at me because it makes me feel very uncomfortable. I need to find a flat! And a job! As soon as I can. Oh gosh! The interview!

Omi: man I’m sorry that’s only what I can do
Me: no no you’re a true friend thanks for letting me in. dude I need another favour
Omi: yah?
Me: don’t tell anyone that I left my house before I find a place to live
Omi: don’t worry man u can stay here till as long as you want I know what you mean
Me: don’t try to make me cry now
Omi: haha get lost!
Me: I will hug you in this bed
Omi: As*h*le
I chuckled! I knew Omi would never change his friendship towards me.

When the sun rays hit my face in this bright morning, I stretch my muscular arms and to be honest, I look a bit trashy or maybe I feel trashy. I don’t know. What I know is that I need a job and I need it now! I can’t be a burden on Omi’s family. His dad earns enough to run his family and Omi hasn’t found a suitable job yet for me to live with him or maybe rent a place in sharing. I mean obviously his family needs him. Unlike mine! I get up and leave a note on his table:

Hey omi! Had a good night sleep? Well I did… lol… but on a serious note, I have to go out and hunt for a job. I will have my breakfast outside don’t worry I took some money out before leaving my house. Will call u after my interview.
Yours and only yours :p

I had to try and move on. I had to become a new Laksh! An independent Laksh who doesn’t need his brother or his parents to survive! Who doesn’t need a girl to appreciate life! I had planned this interview for a long time. Yes, me Laksh had applied for a job but I just need it to fulfil my basic needs. I have no intention to run after money and reputation like my dad.

I walk into the office and see so many candidates. I had never thought that people were so eager to get a job and that too in these big companies. I mean chill!
Nobody was getting selected and maybe the reason was me! Ram Prasad was dad’s biggest competitor and he needed to ruin his reputation. Oh god who cares as long as I don’t get the job because I am his son I don’t really care about his so called reputation.

(Note: here Ram is not DP’s brother he is just his competitor and wants to be on top of the businessmen in his genre. But he has a good heart and treats his employees well.)

Me: can I come in?
Ram: of course beta take a seat.
Me: look Sir if you want to give me a job because I am Durga Prasad’s son then I don’t need this job.
Ram: I will not give you any job because of your name
Me: thank you sir. These are my qualification, I know I haven’t got any experience in the field but you know I am here to learn and I need this job. I will start from the very bottom and won’t complain about the pay. I just need enough to pay my rent and to live.
Ram: I am impressed but I also have doubts! Are you here to gather information of my company?
I got confused as I never thought of this: no sir I left my dad’s house to prove him that I can survive on my own
Ram: good Laksh! I like the way you think and this is the way to go my boy!
Me: so shall I consider that you appoint me?
Ram: hmm yes but I want you to be trained by one of my best employees. In fact my best employee.
Me: I am ready to learn sir thanks a lot for the opportunity.
Ram: also, I want you to be faithful to this company.
Me: I always will sir.
Ram smiled at me.

End of Laksh’s pov.

On the other hand, in a flat of one room, there was a girl running here and there.
Anshhhh! She screamed! You are being late and so am I!

Ansh: didi we shouldn’t have watched tom and jerry till late at night

She opens the widow of her balcony and wind blows on her face. She closes her eyes to breathe the fresh air but suddenly, she feels like there is a strange smell and scrunches her sharp nose. Her big brown eyes open and she is in a state of shock! She has simple makeup on; just some eyeliner and a light pink lipstick showing the form of her beautiful plump lips. She has a watch on her wrist but she always manages to get late! She is wearing a long and flared skirt which is purple and her top is black. It is looking absolutely graceful on her. You guessed it right! It’s our Ragini!

Ragini: mausiiii (aunt) why do you keep your baby’s pampers in the balcony!
Mausi: soryyy
Ragini laughs and goes in: oh no! we are getting late again! Come on Anshu you’ll be late for school quick!
The little ansh was in his uniform and a bit upset. Ragini senses it…

Ragini: kya hua anshu?
Ansh: Ragini didi everybody’s parents come to school except mine and they make fun of me. I onlu want to be with you I don’t want to go to school!
Ragini: Anshu your didi is always there for you. And if you don’t go to school, how would you fulfil dad’s dream of becoming a pilot? (Ansh doesn’t know he is adopted by Ragini he only knows that their parents died after he was born)
Ansh: didi I love you a lot
Ragini: I love you too.

She hugs him and has tears in her eyes. She quickly wipes them and picks him up then swirls him. They rush out and she drops him in the school bus. The she takes her scooter out and starts riding it to work with her files and her hair flying in all directions.

She runs to the office and everyone see her and have a smile on their faces. She also spots Ram. She is the best employee of the office. Not only because she takes her work seriously but also because she helps the others a lot. But sometimes, she likes to have fun in the office and entertain others which keeps a good ambiance in the office. That is also why her colleagues love her.

Ragini: oh no! today I am gone! RP is here and I am late once again!
She tries to sneak to her little cabin (yes she is a manager of the employees and gives them training too! Ram considers her like his daughter because he knows she is an orphan. She has been working for him since a very young age and calls him RP.)

Ram is talking to Laksh but he sees her: Raginiiii
Ragini: oops spotted!
Ram: late again?
Ragini holds her ears and everyone around giggles.
Laksh looks at her face and stares at her for some time. Ragini is so beautiful that many people naturally get attracted to her. But she doesn’t like that attention because all she wants to do is take care of Ansh.
He then looks away and carries on listening to Ram
Ram: Ragini I want you to train this young man. His name is Laksh
Ragini: but RP I have got a team already and I can’t handle another person
Ram: beta (daughter) he is new so you have to train him I have assigned someone else to train that team
Ragini: fine I’ll do it but it’s a bit unfair
Ram smiled at her childishness while Laksh was confused by seeing her behaviour with her boss. The fact that he called her beta was also shocking for him but he tried not to pay attention and focussed on his task. Dealing with a girl! Uff not again!

Ragini was annoyed because she was very close with the people she was initially training. She was enjoying working in a team and now she has to be in this awkward position with one person. She was thinking why does RP gives him so much attention? She had to be tough with him she thought because she didn’t want him to get any wrong ideas about her.

Ragini’s thought: ok Ragini this is going to be tough but you have to do it! RP’s order… this guy doesn’t even seem to be interested in the job… well whatever!

Ragini: follow me to my cabin I need to explain you a couple of things before you start!
Laksh was annoyed that he had to follow someone’s orders but he had no other options so he went with her.

Precap: Laksh’s conversation on the phone with Omi and Ragini hears him… and the war between the two begins 😀

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Silent Readers I’m talking to you guys :p

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