Dard-e-Dil by Shazi (Part 13)

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Ragini suddenly remembers.
Ragini: Laksh please get up
Laksh gets up excitedly and hugs her
Laksh: thank you so much Ragini

Ragini doesn’t reciprocate and has a tear escaping from her eye
Ragini: I can’t marry you Laksh
Laksh breaks the hug and is shocked but he holds her from her shoulders
Laksh: what are you saying Ragini don’t you?
Ragini: Laksh I can’t get marrie to you… I…

Laksh: is it because of Ansh? He would want your happiness Ragini and you know it that I will never bring tears in your eyes!
Ragini: you know it’s not because of him he loved you and he would have agreed too
Laksh: then?
Ragini: Laksh I can’t because your dad and RP are enemies

Laksh: I have nothing to do with him you know it
Ragini: I know but Laksh I always dreamt of a family and never had it! Everyone who is close to me leaves me somehow
Laksh: just shut up Ragini just stop!
Ragini bends her head down: it is true
Laksh: do you love me or not?

Ragini: I…
Laksh: yes or no? (Laksh’s eyes were red because he knew that she was his true love)
Ragini: I do… I love you Laksh
Laksh looks at her with determination: bas then nothing can stop me from marrying you
Ragini: but Laksh…
Laksh: I love you a lot and now that I know you love me too I can’t let anyone come in between us
Ragini: I have a condition!

Laksh: I will do anything for you
Ragini: we will only get married if your parents agree to it and we’ll live with them
Laksh: but Ra…
Ragini: Laksh have you thought how much your parents must miss you!
Laksh: Ragini you don’t know them
Ragini: no ifs and buts just do as I say
Laksh: they will never agree
Ragini: what if they do?

Laksh: you are too kind Ragini you don’t know the world yet
Ragini: do it for us… if you want to get married to me
Laksh: I also have a condition
Ragini smiles: and what’s that?
Laksh: we will get engaged then tell them! And if they don’t accept I’ll still marry you
Ragini: that’s not fair
Laksh: it is very fair Ragini! Do you agree or not?

Ragini goes near him and hugs him very tightly and Laksh also reciprocates
LAksh: Ragini
Ragini: hmm?
Laksh: can I also get a kiss now?

RP: have some shame you guys! (RP appears from the back)
Laksh scratches his head and Ragini rans to him and hugs him
Laksh comes and they both touch his feet.
RP: may you both always stay happy like this
Laksh: I will always protect her

RP: I don’t know how DP will react he hates me and he even got that business tycoon Rohan to be with him
Laksh: don’t worry I have my tricks
Ragini: he will agree once he sees his son happy
RP: he wants to destroy me knowing that his son works with us
LAksh: dad has always been like that
Ragini: believe me things will be ok

RP: we need to get you both engaged tomorrow!
Ragini: tomorrow? But I have nothing to wear and…
Laksh: I have actually planned everything
RP: yah short notice stuff I got the rings for both of you
Ragini: and when were you guys planning to tell me this?
Laksh: now you know

RP: ok go to your places you need to be fresh for tomorrow!
Ragini: ok fine
RagLak reach their building both being tired and Ragini goes to her door when Laksh drops her… Ragini opens the door but Laksh tries to come in.
Ragini: LAksh go to sleep otherwise you won’t wake up
Laksh: why are you torturing me?

Ragini widens her eyes: go to sleep Laksh!
Laksh: fine!

He goes and Ragini goes in her room… she goes in her room and looks at her teddy bear. She has tears in her eyes. Her Ansh always wanted to see her happy and now that she has the love of her life, he is not here to see it. She lies back and closes her eyes when tears are rolling down her cheeks.
She suddenly hears some sound in her living room chilling her spine. She gets a stick from behind the wardrobe and slowly moves towards the living room. She sees the tv on but the light is off. She gets really scared and takes the stick up and starts beating in the air till she hears…

AAAOUUUUCH! Are you planning to kill your husband to be?
Ragini gives a confused look: LAKSH??? You? Are you planning to scare me to death?
He touched her cheeks and wiped her tears: I knew that these would come to disturb you so I came to remove them forever!
Ragini smiles
Laksh: haye this smile

Ragini: you should really go to sleep
Laksh: haan let’s go
Ragini: you are so shameless
Laksh: I won’t go till you don’t fall asleep.
Ragini: ok fine

They both go to Ragini’s room and he puts her to bed. He holds her hand and make her sleep while he is sitting on the bed. Ragini knows that him being by her side, she is safe from anything evil. She wants Laksh to be happy and have a complete family with him and this is only possible if they go to his parents. She knows that family is important and that’s why she wants to take this drastic step even if it will have consequences.

In the morning, Ragini wakes up and sees Laksh uncomfortably sat. he fell asleep but he maintained a distance because he knew that Ragini will be uncomfortable. Ragini made breakfast and Laksh woke up. He went to the kitchen and saw her making breakfast.

Laksh: Beautiful
Ragini: breakfast is not ready yet
Laksh: I was talking about you
Ragini blushed and then they got a call.

RP: get ready both of you! I have organised a party with the employees for your engagement
Ragini: why can’t it be just us three
Laksh: we’ll be ready
Ragini hangs up: but Laksh

Lakhs: don’t hide! My princess is the most beautiful
Ragini: I love you Laksh
Laksh goes to her and looks into her eyes: I love you so much! I will finish all your fears my love!

Both of them get to the venue where some beauticians come to make her ready. Laksh is already in the hall seeing all his colleagues. He just speaks to them but he is looking for his princess. RP is very happy today that his daughter is getting married. Suddenly, the lights go dim and there is a spotlight on Ragini descending the stairs… she is in a pink lehnga (the one she wore on her engagement but not with the pallu on her head) Laksh just isn’t able to take his eyes off her.

RP goes to her and takes her to Laksh. Ragini winks at him and he smiles to her.
RP gives rings to both of them and everyone sees the beauty of this newly formed couple and bless them. Laksh takes Ragini’s hand and slides the ring to her finger.
Laksh: officially mine (he whispers)
Ragini puts the ring on his finger: forever yours
Laksh is so happy and so is Ragini.

Laksh: I want to say something. Ragini is the strongest and most independent person I have ever met! She has made me a new person and by seeing her strength, I get strong too and
I feel like I can win the world if my ladylove is with me. I want to tell you that you are not only beautiful from the outside but you have a golden heart too! I really am lucky to get a life partner as amazing as you!

Ragini gets tears in her eye and smiles. Everyone starts clapping for Laksh and he forwards his hand to her: Will you be my better half forever Ragini.
Ragini nods and gets shy.

The night goes on and RagLak don’t get a chance to speak properly.
RP: Laksh I have arranged a car for both of you. Please go home safely and we’ll go to DP tomorrow to tell him about everything.

Laksh: thank you so much RP you have done much more than a dad would ever for both of us.
They hug and Laksh holds Ragini’s hand then they go to the flat.
Ragini: Laksh this was an amazing day. Maybe the happiest of my life.

Ragini goes to her room and Laksh follws her. She unpins her chunni and Laksh comes to her. He backhugs her and they look at each other through the mirror. Ragini looks down but Laksh is constantly looking at her. He suddenly kisses her shoulder which is half exposed.
Ragini shivers to his touch.
Laksh: tomorrow we’ll go to dad and mom
Ragini nods
Laksh: sleep well my life

Ragini smiles and Laksh leaves.
Ragini is unable to sleep thinking of the love Laksh has for her but Laksh is unable to sleep because he is thinking about the drama that his parents are going to create the next day.

It is a new morning and RP comes to pick RagLak up. They have their fingers intertwined into each other’s and moving towards Maheshwari mansion.

Precap: Will Laksh’s parents accept Ragini?

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Till then keep wondering. Next part will be updated in June after my exams… Wish me luck 🙂

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