Dard-e-Dil by Shazi (Part 12)

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Two weeks went after the death and burial of Ansh and Ragini was completely shattered. She was not eating or sleeping properly. She didn’t want to see anyone and just was in her room crying with the memories of Anshu.

RP and Laksh were in his apartment thinking about Ragini because they knew her whole world was upside down. She was living only for Ansh and she didn’t feel like her life had any other purpose. Of course there was a lot of sadness in their hearts for Ansh but the fear that Ragini might do something to herself was frightening for both of them.

RP: do you know she’ll stop living
Laksh: I am really worried for her
RP: I loved Ansh like my own son and I love Ragini too if she lives like that, she won’t survive
Laksh: I don’t know how to bring a smile on her face. Even I miss Ansh a lot you know
RP: she was like his mother u know it
Laksh: what can we do
RP: I have an idea. Will you help?
Laksh: I’ll do anything for her! Anything!
RP: do you really love her?
Laksh: of course I do and I realised it… the way she is… I cannot see her upset… couldn’t see her properly in these two weeks and I die each day…
RP: will you marry her?
Laksh looks at him with tears in his eyes
RP: look Laksh I am from girl’s side but I still know that you are the perfect person
Laksh: I didn’t know how to ask you that in fact I will be lucky to get someone like Ragini. I love her a lot I cannot live without her
RP: the hardest thing is to convince our stubborn girl
Laksh: we will convince her let some time go and try to make her normal

3 weeks later, Laksh and RP were still in the quest to make her feel normal but Ragini was behaving like a lifeless body. She used to go home and come work never used to open her door. Ragini was being very stubborn and was blaming herself all the time.

Laksh knock on the door in the evening because Ragini has been avoiding him and he cannot take it anymore! Then he remembers about the key he has and he opens the door. He barges in the room and sees Ragini crying holding Ansh’s teddy bear. He gets his eyes red but he gathers his courage to go to her and sits next to her.

Ragini wipes her tears: Laksh you? How did you? Please I need some time alone
Laksh: how long Ragini? It has been five weeks! It has been five weeks since our Anshu has left us! If he sees you like this what will he think? That Laksh and RP couldn’t take care of her? He would be so upset!
Ragini: he is gone because of me Laksh! You don’t understand he got upset and left and everyone who I love just leave me…
Laksh pinned her to her bed and came on top of her. He had a lot of redness in his eyes and she could see it. Even her eyes were watery but he was not ready to leave her shoulders.

Laksh: listen to me carefully!
Ragini got scared
Laksh: it was not because of you… the situation was like that and he was a kid! It was normal for him to react like that! This was in our fate but he is still watching you! You have to live for him! For us Ragini. Ansh will come back you’ll see
Ragini is just looking in his eyes he is not lying on top of her just half of him is on her but this moment is more intimate than anything else. He is intimidating her in a certain way but she was getting reassured by his closeness.
Ragini: Laksh I…
Laksh: shhh not a word! You have to live for Ansh! Crying won’t help and if you live happily, I’m sure you’ll see him smiling. Remember him and his good memories then you’ll be happy. Cry as much as you want now and from now on, I will not let you cry!

He gets up and so does Ragini. He takes her in his embrace and they both cry their heart out. Ragini eventually doses off in his arms and he leaves her sleeping then he goes to his apartment. Ragini wakes up in the morning and finds herself sleeping till 10am.

Ragini: oh no! already 10am! I don’t know how I slept in for so long… Laksh is right I will live for u Ansh! Happily and will show you that your didi loves you.
What was Laksh saying? Will Ansh come back? But how? Laksh has been a great support to me for sure and I have to thank him.
She gets out of bed and wears a yellow top which was Ansh’s favourite then she wears black jeans and some light makeup.
Ragini: A new day, a new me! I love you a lot Ansh and you have taught me how to be happy so I will do what makes you satisfied. I hope you love me too.
After this, she sees Ansh teddy bear falling on the bed. She gets a smile on her face.

She moves towards her door to go and see Laksh but when she open the door, Laksh was struggling to knock on the door.
Ragini: Laksh what are you doing?
He gets mesmerised seeing he standing like that
Ragini: Laksh?
Laksh: oh sorry actually… breakfast?
He barges in and Ragini just smiles looking at his care for her
Laksh: I know that the food wont be great but it is how it is and you have to taste it! You know what, I was about to burn the whole kitchen down trying to follow that youtube tutorial! Unbelievable right?
Ragini starts to laugh and he looks at her
Laksh: it feels really good to see you laughing Ragini
Ragini: you were right Laksh I cannot let my sorrows make you all upset
Laksh: finally you understand!
Ragini: so what’s for breakfast?
Laksh: hmm so we have some paranthas and some special Laksh omelette
Ragini: tastes it and looks at him with a weird face
Laksh: i… I’m sorry Ragini I’ll try to make it better next time
Ragini: Silly! I was joking! This is so amazing! Your youtube tutorial worked well I must say
Laksh: it’s actually the effect of the love I have put in
Ragini laughs again
Laksh: and I also burnt a bit of my hand
Ragini’s laugh transforms into concern: what? How? Could you not be careful Laksh? I mean ufff! How could you be so careless? Show me!
Laksh: now I see my Ragini back to normal
Ragini: Lakssshhhhhh? Was that a joke?
Laksh: wo ummm no no I was just…
Ragini starts chasing him and he goes to hide in her bedroom but she comes and she is about to go to him when they slip on her bed.
Ragini: Laksh I have lost a lot of my dear ones and I don’t want anything to happen to you or to RP.
Laksh kisses her forehead being in that position: we will never leave u
Ragini: Laksh leave me na! we have to go office today!
Laksh: day off!
Ragini: what?
Laksh: we have more important things to do and you are coming with me!
Ragini: what things?
Just come with me and you’ll find out

Laksh takes her out and they have an amazing time… he takes her out for dinner, holds her hands and people find them as a perfect couple.

In the restaurant, there is a dance for couples. RagLak don’t want to dance but everyone forces them to so they join in.

Laksh holds her by her waist and she looks at him placing her arms around his neck.
Song plays:
Dil ibadat kar raha hai
Dhadkanein meri sunn
Tujh ko main kar loon hasil
Lagi hai yahi dhunn
(Ragini places her head on his chest and can feel his heartbeat saying the same things that the song is saying)
Zindagi ki shaakh se loon
Kuch haseen pal me chunn
(Laksh is just looking at her and his heart just wants to tell her to be his. To be the beat to his heart, he wants to fill her hairline and her life with all the possible happiness.)

Soon the music system stops but RagLak are having the deepest eyelock. They are not speaking but their eyes are saying a million things that the tongue cannot express.

Everyone starts clapping bringing them to reality and Ragini just goes back to the table. In the evening, when they both finish their meal, Laksh takes Ragini to the hill they went to on their first outing together.

Ragini: this place is one of the best! Thank you laksh for bringing me here I love it
Laksh: and I love you!
Ragini looks down
Laksh: do you love me Ragini
Ragini: you are my best friend and have brought happiness in my life once again of course I love you
Laksh: not as a friend Ragini
Ragini just looks at him: I am an orphan Laksh whoever has been close to me left me
Laksh: I don’t believe in such things and how could you believe in it?
Ragini: it is true I have such a bad luck that…
Laksh: enough Ragini
He turns around but Ragini runs to him and hugs him from the back
He does not reciprocate and is a bit upset with her
She hugs him even more tight and says: I love you too! Not as a friend but as my life… as my love! You have changed me Laksh and I want to be with u each and every time!
Laksh holds her hands and a tear escapes his eyes.

He tuns around and gets on his knees. Then he looks at Ragini.
Laksh: will you marry me Ragini? Will you be mine? Will you be Mrs. Ragini Laksh? Will you complete this incomplete man?

Ragini has a smile on her face but then….

Precap: what will Ragini’s answer be? Are you excited to know? Let me know in the comments!

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