Dard-e-Dil by Shazi (Part 11)

I know all of you guys want to kill me for not posting in a long time but have been going through a lot and I have so many exams coming up so posting a part before I do my exams guys wish me luck! All the previous parts are in the albums 🙂

Ragini and Laksh have been seing each other a lot in the previous days… Films in Ragini’s house, late night conversations and jokes, fun times.
This was the last day of Ansh’s trip and he was coming back together but Ragini didn’t feel it because Laksh kept her really busy in their moments.

In the evening, Ragini was wearing a black Patiala shalwar and a pink sleeveless tank top. She thought that the day was over and was ready to go to sleep but she got hungry and started to make chicken nuggets at night. Laksh was thinking about her already when he got the smell of nuggets and he just couldn’t resist. He went upstairs and had spare keys for the house that he stole from Ragini. He actually snatched it off her. He got in quietly and closed the door behind him but she was too busy in her cooking. He went behind her and was watching her simplicity and innocence without her knowing that he was watching. She turned around and was about to scream when he held her arm and put his hand on her mouth.

Laksh: don’t scream it’s just me
Ragini: ummmmm
Laksh: oh sorry I just came smelling the food
Ragini started laughing a lot
Laksh was just watching her and thinking: it is very strange that we can fall in true love without realising that everything we had before in life had no value. Ragini I never loved anyone else except you and you are the one who made me realise this.
Ragini: hey what are u looking at? By the way bad manners to enter into someone’s house this late at night when the person is in their pjs
Laksh: ufff o Ragini you’re my friend na it just is normal
Ragini: you are shameless! Shameless I tell you!
Laksh: can I get ketchup with those nuggets?
Ragini: what? Oh god!
Laksh moves towards the couch and turns the tv on… Ragini comes with the plate of food and they eat and watch tv. Ragini sits near Laksh and he puts his hand around her shoulder and she feels shivers because of her bare shoulders.
They have an eyelock but then Laksh pretends like nothing happened and carries on watching tv and so does Ragini. They don’t realise when they dosed off in each other’s embrace. Laksh wakes up in the morning and sees Ragini on the sunlight with the tv still on.

Baahon ke darmiyaan… Do pyaar mil rahey hain… Laksh feels awkward and turns the tv off then he looks at her again crunching her nose. He laughs and she wakes up.

Ragini: Ansh did we fall asleep once again?
Laksh: Laksh not Ansh
Ragini’s eyes open wide and she is in shock: Laksh? When did we fall asleep?
Laksh: never had such a good night sleep
Ragini: what?
Laksh: nothing just…
Ragini: go and freshen up
Laksh: I’ll go back to the house and…
Ragini: no just freshen up here I’ll make breakfast
Laksh: you’re the best Ragini
Ragini smiles and makes breakfast. They both go to office together and in the evening, Ansh comes back. Ragini sees him upset and Laksh tries to make him happy but it is not working. Ansh doesn’t say much but in the evening, Laksh brings him cake and he eats it… there is silence in the room but Ansh finally bursts out.

Ansh: in the trip, everyone was coming with their parents and talking about them! Everyone was teasing me for not having any parents. Why can’t I have parents. Why did they die?

He has crying and went in the room running. Laksh and Ragini went after him and calmed him down. And put him to sleep. Then they went in the living room and Ragini was crying a lot seeing Ansh in this condition.

Ragini: Laksh I have always tried to be a sister, a mother, a father to him but I failed
Laksh: Shhh Ragini (he said wiping her tears and hugging her) you have not failed! You are amazing! You are not his real sister and adopted him to give him a good life and you did it well!
Ragini: RP told you the details?
Laksh: I wanted to know… I felt a connection with both of you and you know it right!
Ragini: I know Laksh I just could never tell him that we never had any parents or anyone!
Laksh: don’t say that you have RP and…
Ragini: and?
Laksh: I am also there for both of you I mean as a friend and both of us will never make Ansh feel lonely
Ragini: I can’t make you take our responsibility you already are under so much pressure
Laksh: what if
Ragini still hugging him looks up and they have an eyelock: if?
Laksh: if I told you that I love you?
Ragini: Laksh I don’t want you to love me out of pity
Laksh gets angry: what? What do you mean? Is everything about pity? What about the times we have spent together? What about my feelings? What about us?
Ragini smiles at his tantrums: are u sure Laksh?
Laksh: I love you Ragini I really do! I am always there for both of you!
Ragini: I love you Laksh
Laksh cups her face and she closes her eyes… This time they get close and kiss each other with a lot of love and passion. They are hugging each other and kissing.
After some time, they break the kiss and Ragini is looking down.

Laksh: I will always be there for both of you! You don’t need to worry jaan! You made me realise that in love everyone should be selfless.
Ragini: Jaan?
Laksh sctratches his head and looks at her then holds her hands
Laksh: we together will never make Ansh realise that he is an orphan we will be there like his own parents!
Ragini looks at him lovingly and they both look towards the door but Ansh is standing there and crying!

Ragini: Anshu? Didn’t you fall asleep?
Ansh: are you not my real sister? Do I have nobody in this world?
Ragini: don’t say that I am!
Laksh: Anshu your didi loves you a lot

Ansh runs out of the house leaving RagLak shocked and they run after him!
Ragini is crying: I am sorry Anshu for not telling you
Laksh is running after him but he goes on the road
Ragini: Anshu please come back
Ansh just screams: why me god? Why me?
A truck approaches but they don’t see it and since Ansh is very small the truck driver can’t see him. The truck runs over him and Ragini is just too shocked to react.

Laksh: Anssssshhhhhhh!!!!
Ragini just falls on her knees while Laksh runs to Ansh and sees him in a pool of blood…
Laksh immediately calls the ambulance and they rush him to the hospital while Ragini is still unable to cry or react.

Laksh shakes her: ragini nothing will happen to our Ansh please don’t punish yourself
Ragini looks at him blankly
Laksh: I will call RP
Ragini just goes near the icu where doctors are treating him in emergency

Laksh: Hello RP?
RP: hello Laksh what happened everything ok?
Laksh: are you done with your meeting?
RP: yes but Rohan is not ready to do any deal with our company he is just trying to destroy our company with the help of DP
Laksh: I just… anyways RP this is not the time (Laksh starts crying)
RP: what happened? Is Ragini ok?
Laksh: RP…
RP: speak up!
Laksh: Ansh met with an accident
RP: what?
Laksh: come here as soon as you can (Laksh tells him the whole story)
RP: I’ll be there tomorrow (he also gets tensed)

Laksh goes to Ragini and hugs her
Laksh: he’ll be fine Ragini you’ll see
Ragini: this is all my fault he hates me that’s why this happened
Laksh: don’t be stupid Ragini you loved him more than your own child. How could you blame yourself?
Ragini: I can’t lose him Laksh I can’t
Laksh: don’t worry nothing will happen

Doctor comes out: who is a family member?
Laksh: we both are doctor is everything ok?
Doctor: he has internal bleeding and is very critical
Ragini finally starts crying letting her emotions out
Laksh holds her hand…
Doctor: if the bleeding doesn’t stop we’ll lose him but we are trying our best
Laksh: ok doctor please save him
Ragini is just remembering all the moments with Ansh till now

They both spend the night in the hospital while Ragini cannot stop her tears. In the morning, RP reaches. He tries to console Ragini and they all are waiting for the doctors to say something.

Doctor comes again: we are trying our best to stop the internal bleeding but he is a small kid and it is very tough
RP: don’t worry about the money doctor
Doctor: its not about money but more about fate
RP: I understand
Laksh: Ragini you haven’t eaten anything and haven’t slept let me get you both something to eat.
RP: she won’t eat but we need to force her
Laksh: she will eat and everything will be ok right ragini?

Laksh and RP make Ragini eat and sleep but she is not ready to leave the hospital. Ansh is going through his surgery and everyone is praying. Ragini wakes up at the same time as doctor comes out after the surgery.

Ragini: what happened doctor?
Doctor: it seems like he didn’t want to live
Ragini: what do you mean doctor?
Doctor: we tried our best but
Laksh: but what doctor?
Doctor: he is no more I’m sorry
Ragini’s world turns upside down and even RP starts to cry while Laksh is shocked hearing this…

Precap: Sadness and some decisions…

Sorry again guys I won’t be able to post next part soon because I have my exams soon but I promise you that I’ll try to post sometimes in between. I know this part was sad as hell but keep your comments and suggestions coming…

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