Dard-e-Dil by Shazi (Part 10)

SOOOORRRRYYYYY for being so late! I was going through a depression phase and all… Will try to update next part sooner 😀
I know I was a bit shocking in my last episode. Kiss all of a sudden! Well guys when two people are attracted to each other, these things happen but of course RagLak don’t know that they have started to fall for each other. Also, that moment was very painful for each other so this was a way to soothe each other. There definitely is going to be awkwardness for now…

Both were lying down in their beds after this incident happened. Both had lost their appetite and were thinking about the kiss.

Laksh’s pov.

What just happened? I mean this was not supposed to happen! I know I have been a very spoilt kid but I never played with any girl. I might have kissed one girl or two when I was drunk but oh god! This was my first kiss, first one which I felt something immense. This was out of the world. Maybe I needed this to come out of my emotional state at that moment and maybe Ragini also needed it! I shouldn’t feel guilty about it in fact none of us should. It just happened in the flow and… aaaahhh what is happening to me? It feels like a bunch of warm water jets are literally exploding in me! But what if Ragini doesn’t feel anything about this whole thing? Then? What will I do? I will be broken once again!

I should slow down and get to spend time with her! But also, she is not a girl like that… but who knows what will happen! I should definitely give it time. I don’t know what I feel for her but these three days will prove what my heart wants. When you have feeling for someone, you know it, you don’t need years to figure out the same thing do you? Yes I will find out about mine and her feelings and then will go on from here. Let’s see what happens! I hope that this brings loads of happiness in my life.

Saying this, Laksh takes his pillow and with a smile on his face, he falls asleep. Meanwhile, Ragini is also lost in her thoughts in her room.

Ragini’s pov.

What was that? It was like both of us had been craving to kiss each other and then it just happened when we both moved towards each other. It was unavoidable. It’s not like he forced himself on me but me? What happened to me? His sorrows were too much for me to take in! I wanted him to stop crying because I couldn’t see him in this state. Where had the fun filled Laksh gone? Who was this emotional guy in front of me? I liked the way he said everything to me but did I also like the kiss? He was the first guy I have kissed but it felt like coming home. Like finally, I have found someone who understands me. I don’t know why I wasn’t able to look at him. He might think that I am just someone who took advantage of the situation to kiss him. After all, he is good looking but he knows I am not that type of girls. No I know he wouldn’t think that! Oh well we should forget all this and become friends. yes we can definitely be friends. I mean he also apologised to me so… As a friend, I need to spend these three days with him to get to know him! That could clarify a lot of things. His eyes tell me that I can trust him anytime but I shouldn’t be too carefree. We shouldn’t be guilty about this I mean it just happened…

Ragini also eventually dosed off with similar thoughts.

Next day, they both woke up and got ready for office. Ragini left earlier but Laksh didn’t realise it so when he looked out of the window, her scooty was gone. Laksh then got rushed and reached there too. He saw her working in her cabin and without disturbing her, he went into his cabin. The weird part was that they didn’t know how to approach each other after the incident.

During lunch time, Laksh saw her once again sitting alone and trying to focus on her lunch in the cafeteria’s terrace. Not many people used to come there because it was usually hot up there. Laksh went to the empty seat and sat opposite her when she was lost in her thoughts.

Laksh: Coffee?
Ragini looked up and a shiver ran down her spine: uh? N… no thanks!
Laksh: too late yaar I made it for u! now you have to drink it
Ragini was stunned on how normal he was and to be honest, he was just trying to make things less awkward but for Ragini, she was thinking that he might have kissed so many girls that this must not even matter. She got a bit disappointed by her own thoughts.

Laksh: I know Ragini you must be thinking that I might be a playboy and I’m taking all this so normally but I don’t want u to think that. I just want us to be friends and…
Ragini has her eyes wide open and thinks: is he in my head?
Ragini: no I…
Laksh: so now that we are friends let’s start fresh and have coffee?
Ragini: salted?
Laksh: hahaha no no a good one.
Ragini sips it: hmm not bad mister Maheshwari
Laksh lost his smile: please Ragini call me Laksh
Ragini: I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you
Laksh: friendship has rules madam! No sorry, no thank you!
Ragini: noted!
Laksh: why do u always have lunch alone?

Ragini: just because…
Laksh: even I don’t have many friends in the office and I think two lonely souls need to join each other for lunch times?
Ragini: lonely soul? Do I look like a lonely soul to you?
Laksh: yah the way you cut yourself off from everything
Ragini: that doesn’t mean I am a lonely soul
Laksh: fine then, allow me to be in your life

Ragini: what do u mean?
Laksh: I told you na! I will teach you how to live life in these three days
Ragini: you don’t have to I mean…
Laksh: no ifs and buts! Also, why do you come alone to the office?
Ragini: everyone comes alone!
Laksh: well not anymore! I am hijacking the keys of your scooter! These three days, you will be coming and going on my bike
Ragini: what will…
Laksh: don’t worry about anyone! Rule number one is to not care about anyone!
Ragini: what is rule number two then?
Laksh: I haven’t thought of it yet.
They both start laughing.

After office, both Ragini and Laksh go on their scooter/bike back home and Laksh asks her to be ready for the evening. Ragini expects that he would take her to a night club. To be honest, she is not very used to this environment but as now, Laksh is her friend, she couldn’t refuse him. Whoever enters Ragini’s life and has similar pain to hers, Ragini tries her best to keep those people happy.

Ragini gets ready in a black knee length dress which has full sleeves. It is a slim dress and fully covered. The only part that you can see is the lower part of her legs until her black ankle length heeled boots. She is looking ravishing as black looks amazing on her fair complexion.
Laksh, wearing black jeans and full sleeved white collared shirt, comes to her door and rings the bell. The door opens in a few seconds and seeing the rapidity of the action, he smiles thinking that she was waiting for him. But when he has his eyes on her, he is just in a dream world. He had always imagine having a beautiful person from the inside and from the inside loving him and only him. Getting prepared for him. And there she was, he was seeing her all prepped up for him. Ragini blushed a little by seeing his mouth hung open.

Ragini: you should close your mouth because bees will go inside!
Laksh: uh… oh… i… no…I mean yes… wait what?
Ragini starts laughing at his reaction and he scratches his head.
Laksh: shall we go before I faint seeing such a princess in front of me?
Ragini had a slight smile on her face and nodded
Laksh went on his bike: sorry this is our ride for today.
Ragini: don’t worry it’s perfect.

Laksh was riding the motorbike while Ragini was holding his shoulder. He was being careful not to have a harsh driving while the most gorgeous lady was sitting behind him.

They reached the place and Ragini was just stunned to see that it was nothing like she expected. It was a beautiful mountain decorated for two people, it had the set up for a dinner and some floral decorations for maybe a dance? She was just looking at the beauty of the place.

Laksh: see Ragini, how beautiful is the outside world? Feel the peace and the love in this cold breeze. Feel the freedom it is giving us.
Ragini had tears in her eyes: Laksh I had never seen this world so beautifully. Or maybe I didn’t want to see it this way.
Laksh: can we first have food? Because I am so hungry!
Ragini: sure!
They went to sit on the table and Ragini lifted the cloche.
Ragini: burgers?
Laksh: best thing about life
They both ate with their hands getting a bit messy but who cares! After eating, Laksh played the music and fun songs came up. He started dancing in a funny way putting his hands in the air and silly movements. Ragini watched and laughed! Laksh pulls her in the middle of those pillars of roses and suggested her to dance.

Laksh: Break free it’ll be so much fun!
Ragini also started to enjoy and they both were dancing like mad people. Suddenly, Cham Cham Cham played and Ragini felt water drops on her body. Yes it was the water jet. They both dance the choreography of the song with water falling on both of them. The song changed to hum tum…

Both were fully drenched and Laksh’s body was visible through his wet white shirt while Ragini’s dress was perfectly embracing her body. Laksh put his hand forward and Ragini hesitated but she knew she could trust him. Both of them were dancing together having their bodies glued to each other. They needed each other’s warmth to not feel cold. But to be honest, nobody was cold. Their bodies were on fire and they were looking into each other’s eyes.

This is when the music stopped and they parted. Ragini lowered her gaze and Laksh gave her a smile.

Laksh: see it was so much fun to be free of all the stress.
Ragini liked the way Laksh always tried to make her feel comfortable!
Ragini: it feels so different! So amazing!

Laksh: being with me?
Ragini looked at him.
Laksh: haha just kidding
She smiled.
Laksh: let’s go or else we’ll freeze here
Ragini: yes we should go.
Laksh put his jacket around her and she held him tightly this time with his jacket on her back. They went home after an evening well spent and dozed off with a smile on their faces.

Precap: more fun and feelings in the air!

So guys how was the episode? Again sorry for being such a pain and being so late :p

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