Dard-e-Dil by Shazi (Part 1)

Prologue: http://www.tellyupdates.com/dard-e-dil-shazi-characters-prologue/

Thanks a lot for the warm welcome everyone. I know a lot of you want to know what actually happened in the prologue so here you go guys! Part one is ready for you to read. This part is a bit boring but you have to read it to understand and move on in the story :p

I walked in my room, wearing a dark pair of jeans and a blue shirt which was embracing my body. Quite obviously, you could see my muscles and a very hot body that would make anyone drool over me! I took my watch out of my wardrobe and the bouquet of flowers was lying on my bed! Yes, I was going to propose her today… I can’t believe that a spoilt guy like me could do that! But yes, I am going to propose her and of course her answer will be yes! I am young, dashing, strong, what could go wrong? Just a couple of details left. Here u go my hair is all spiked up and… what is this letter? Lying on my dressing table! Did anyone come in my room? I don’t remember anyone else but bhai coming in to ask me updates about the proposal! What is going on?

Dear Laksh,

I am really sorry that I have to announce this to you in a letter but I have changed my number and as you read this letter, I will be married to Sanskar and will be in Chicago. We decided to settle down there because it would be hard for you to see me as your Bhabhi! I always loved Sanskar but I couldn’t tell you because we didn’t want to hurt your feelings. I am sure that you would eventually forgive us one day. Please understand that I have to do all of this because me and Sankar belonged to a different cast and your family wouldn’t have agreed. This is why I got close to you and took care of you but I never imagined that you would have feelings for me. I am sorry Laksh but I had no other options because you were going to propose me.


Laksh made a ball out of that paper and threw it on the floor. Then he thought it might be a joke. He rushed into Sanskar’s room.

Laksh: bhai (brother)? Bhai where are you? I know this is a joke but I want you to come out…

There was no one in his room and he opened his wardrobe but saw nothing. Tears oozed out of his eyes even when he tried to control them. The biggest betrayal is when your brother, your own brother runs away with the person you loved? Or liked? Laksh doesn’t even know anymore. He is too shattered to react.

AP comes in Sanskar’s room: Laksh? You here? Where is Sanskar I need to give him this milk?

She sees his face and his eyes being red due to the tears and panics!
AP: what happened Laksh? Why is his room empty? What’s going on?

Laksh didn’t say anything but went in his room and his mom followed him. She saw the flowers on his bed and a shattered Laksh. Of course, his mother knew what his intentions were! She saw the paper and opened it while Laksh was lying on his bed half unconscious and half angry. Annapurna was in total shock and had her hand covering her mouth hung open.

AP ran downstairs with the paper and showed it to DP.
DP: what is happening in this family? I cannot tolerate such things! Where is Sanskar? Call him here now!
AP: this is all because of that girl she did all this!

Laksh hears their conversation and comes downstairs: this is all because of you two! The only thing that matters to you is your business that you never cared about your children. And see the results? In this family, nobody cares about each other!
He shouts on top is his lungs: NOBODY blo*dy CARES!

He goes in his room and both AP and DP hear a bang… DP is about to go up to him and again shout but AP holds his hand and nods a no! DP understands that he wouldn’t listen at this time!

In Laksh’s Room:

Why? Why me? I couldn’t imagine my bhai! The one who took care of me because of mom and dad not being present enough and today he also left! He did that to me? Or maybe I did that to him! They loved each other from before and decided to hide this. What for? To break me into pieces? Laksh Maheshwari the spoilt child was finally getting on track but this, this has just… uuuggghhh whatever I don’t need them! I don’t need anyone! I… I… I don’t feel bad because she left me but my bhai! I would never understand this and will never forgive them! To hell with everyone…

Tears roll down his cheeks! He holds his bouquet and then thrown it on the floor. Liars! All are liars! He shouts… After a while, his tears stop and he puts his jacket on, then storms out of the house leaving his parents scared? Or maybe confused? It’s a mixed feeling for them.

Meanwhile in the flight:

Swara is leaning on Sanskar’s shoulder with her sindoor and mangalsutra.

Sanskar: we didn’t do the right thing by not telling him… He deserved to know this way before. I was scared to see him break down in front of me… I loved him like my own baby. And I also love you… I couldn’t ruin your life and you got pregnant too I couldn’t give you stress. I had to make this choice before anything else happened! I love you Swara and I hope Laksh will be able to understand this.

Swara was lost in her thoughts and she goes into a flashback:

I was walking down the road and I hear a car hitting a drunk guy near the club at the corner of the road. When I went near, I saw Laksh Maheshwari in a pool of blood. Wait Laksh? He is the brother of my boyfriend! I need to call Sanskar right away!

Sanskar: Swara you at this time?
Me: I went out with my friends but your brother had an accident come to the hospital near Hardcore Club right now!
Sanskar: what? This lucky I swear is too careless! I am coming
Me: quick!

He rushes to the hospital and they speak to the doctor:

Doctor: thanks Swara for bringing him on time we could have lost him
Sanskar: doctor he is my brother is he going to be ok?
Doctor: he needs care… a lot of care so I suggest you don’t let him drink and go to the bars
Sanskar: doctor I will try my best

Me: how are we gonna do that?
Sanskar: I have an idea! Since you saw him first in this situation, you will take care of him with me. Then we will announce our relationship to mom and dad so they will have to accept because we’ll make Laksh come out of his party life. You will then be his Bhabhi and they will all love you! This is a great idea…
Me: do you think it’ll work?
Sanskar: it will!

Days went by and and I was taking care of Laksh… Me and Sanskar managed to take Laksh away from his bad habits but I also made a place in Maa’s heart. Laksh was getting better and better. I was thinking that me and Sanskar should now tell everything to Maa and Papa.
I came to Maheshwari mansion and saw Laksh talking to his Maa…

Laksh: Maa I think I’m feeling something special for Swara
AP: Laksh! You cannot fall in love for her she is Bengali and our society will never accept her!
Laksh: I will do as I wish! You and papa never understood me and Sanskar anyways!
AP: your papa will never let this happen

I was completely shocked! I ran to Sanskar’s room without anyone noticing. Sanskar! I shouted. I ran to him and hugged him. I needed to be in his arms and cry. I told him everything! I had a fear and of course I never loved Laksh how could he even think that this friendship care could be anything else. I hugged him tighter and he of course understood my fears. I locked his room and we needed this proximity! I don’t know what happened to us but love won over us and we became one! That night was the most beautiful night for both of us because we forgot that anything else even exists. In the morning, Sanskar and I decided to get married no matter what. I was keeping my distance from Laksh and he was getting confused. After some weeks, I told Sanskar that I was pregnant but that is when he told me that Laksh was going to propose me!

Me: Sanskar, I need you to take me away forever and marry me if u really love me and our child I cannot bear this!
Sanskar was torn in two: I… I don’t know what to… I… I am sorry Swara I did this to you and…
His voice was breaking and I took his hand and placed it on my belly: I cannot see someone else with me take me away! Now please! This is ours and the baby needs us please!
Sanskar knew he had to take his responsibility and he loved Swara too much to leave her in this situation

End of her flashback!

Swara smiled and was peacefully in his arms. They flew to Chicago…

Meanwhile in india: Laksh was seen in a pub… Shots after shots, drinks after drinks, he was not in his senses at all!

Laksh: haters gonna hate! Hahaha I am heartbroken you b*st*rds and you are enjoying? How dare you all?
Omi: let’s go Laksh I’ll drop you home
Laksh: are you also my friend or will u also betray me or crush my feelings? My family doesn’t give a sh*t a me! Hahah oh god! I thought things will get better but u see my desperation? I am a nobody to people
Omi: you are my friend I love you!
Laksh: love? The ones I thought I loved were never mine actually
Omi: let’s go now Laksh please!

Omi forcefully takes Laksh to his house and drops him there! Laksh enters the house and…….

Precap: Laksh is in a very bad state so he shouts in the hall of Masheshwari Mansion… DP’s decision!


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