Dard-e-Dil by Shazi (Characters + Prologue)

Sorry for making everyone wait :p hope u’ll enjoy my new fanfic <3

Laksh: he is a spoilt child and doesn’t really care about his dad’s business but is always lost in his own world and his parties. He is 25 but still very childish and irresponsible for his age.

Ragini: A fun loving girl. She is an orphan but is very independent and lives in an apartment with a child she adopted since he was a baby. Her world turns around her younger brother Ansh who is her only reason to live as she is very lonely. She is 24 years old.

Ansh: (played by the little buy in Bajrangi bhaijaan who is Rasika’s younger brother) he is really close to Ragini and very protective over her. He doesn’t know that she isn’t his real sister and loves her the most. He only knows that their parents passed away when he was a baby and since then Ragini is taking care of him. He is 5 years old.

Swara: She is 29 years old and is a very secretive girl. She can keep secrets and surprise people when the right time comes.

Sanskar: Laksh’s elder brother. He loves Laksh a lot but is fed up of his habits and he tries to make him responsible but as the story unfolds, he has to make choices. He is also 29.

DP and AP (Durgaprasad and Annapurna): Laksh and Sanskar’s parents. They are very rich people with a well settled business and from a very reputed family: The Maheshwaris!

More characters will be added as we move down the storyline but I don’t want to reveal too much for now…


It’s crazy how a piece of paper with some writing on it can ruin our entire life! When I say entire life, it can actually break you down into a million pieces… I had never really imagined that such events would occur in my life and quite frankly, I have mixed emotions! I don’t know whether to cry or to laugh at my helplessness… Someone I don’t really know of said some day that love could change you but betrayal could put you back into the state that you were! That state where you think that I must become like I was before and not care about the world. But I can’t go back nor can I move forward! Why god why? Why me?

Precap of part 1: Who betrayed who? What’s going on? All of your answers lie down in the next update 🙂


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  1. Devihaa

    Hi..dr…pls do continue…
    Its seems really interesting….

    1. Shazi.Rajpoot

      Hey thanks for the comment I will post tomorrow ?

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  4. Interesting prologue and plz continue

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      I will continue tomorrow will post ?

  5. Asw

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  6. Ria

    Hey Shazi,
    Well, frankly I’d been waiting for your prologue. It was indeed really really good. Now, that the wait for the prologue seems to be over, I’m effing excited for the first update. Hope you can post soon. ?


    1. Shazi.Rajpoot

      Heyaa yup the first part will be posted tomorrow hope u like ? I have written it just waiting to post

    1. Shazi.Rajpoot

      Thanks to you ?

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    heyya shazii 😀 my nightingale….superbbbbbbbbb intro yaar…soooo interestnggg….loved rags charecter …waitng super eagerly for d 1st episode…m so curious to know who betrayed whom??? waitng to see how our beautiful couple raglak wl fall in love!!keep rockng n stay blessed sweety 😉 😀 all d bst wid ur ff 😀 lotzz of love ;)♡♡♡

    1. Shazi.Rajpoot

      Thanks darling! You will find out tomorrow for sure ?

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    Great start. The prologue is very intriguing. Can’t wait to read more ?

    1. Shazi.Rajpoot

      Thank u 🙂 will post next part tomorrow

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