Dard-e-dil (one shot)


A girl is running in the corridor of a huge building pushing and shouting on people coming in her way
She stops in front of a class with name MBA 3rd year she took a deep breath and entered the room

Girl , sir may I come in ??
Teacher looked at her angrily
Sir , you are already in swara
Swara said with a pout , sorry sir
Sir , I don’t nerd your sorry go out and stand
Swara , but sir
He glared at her she made faces and left the class
After few min a boy came out from same class laughing holding his stomach
He saw swara standing there
Boy, you didn’t go till now
Swara , I was waiting for you by the way why are you laughing
Sanskar , you missed it yaar you should have seen that sir face
Swara widens her eyes , what you did with that khadoos
Sanskar , nothing much his most and became hot so just smashed a water balloon to cool it down
Swara , impossible
Swara , why are you looking tensed Sanskar

Sanky , swara please don’t get angry…….actually papa found a match for me

Swara shockingly , what????

Sanky , yes! I think we should tell our patents about us before it becomes late

Swara , are you nuts have you forgotten our patents killed your sister and my brother just because they were in like be with each other

Sanky , I don’t know when this maheshwari and gadodia rivalry will get over

Swara , don’t worry we will find a solution
After few days
Swara was sitting in a park waiting for sanskar to come
She saw him coming towards her she immediately ran and hugged him tight
Swara , where is my birthday gift

Sanskar parted her from him

Sanky , swara I want break up

Swara looks at him shockingly and teary eyed
Swara , sanskar what are you saying we love each other right then

Sanskar , I am sorry swara but first time dad asked something from me so I was not able to deny him sorry and here take this my marriage card
He kept the card on nearby beanch and left from there leaving a broken swara behind

Swara looked at the card and took it with shaking hand
Swara in broken voice , nice gift you gave me on my birthday
The day of sanskar’s marriage
He was sitting in his room lost somewhere
When his chain of thought was broken by a call he picked it up and what he heard from other side turned his whole world upside down

He quickly ran from there taking his car keys
Dp was shouting from behind to stop him but he was not in a situation to listen anything he drove away in full speed
His car stopped in front of a huge mansion which was burning in fire right now
He stepped out from his car and looked at it with continuous flow of tears
He sat down with a thud shouting SWARA!!
he was sitting there and crying when he felt a tap on his shoulder
He looked at the person with blur vision

Person , sir according to our sources Mr. Gadodia his daughter and few servants were there in mansion and ……

Sanskar looked at him to continue

Person , Sir the fire was not a accident but it was a preplanned murder

Anger took over him he holds that person collar
Sanskar , who was it

Person , sir your father
Sanskar grip on his collar loosened he can’t believe that his own father can stoop so low
Leap of 5 years
Sanskar became top most businessmen of India
He had everything now except his smile which he lost somewhere in past

Today he is sitting in the same park where he lost everything
His mind was revolving around his mories with swara
His chain of thoughts was broken by a ball which hit directly on his head
He looked at the ball and then at the little girl who was standing in front of him holding her ears

Girl innocently , sorry
Sanskar smiled a genuine one which he lost years back

Sanskar , what is your name dear

Girl , Myra

Sanskar smile fades away he remember telling swara once that he wanted a girl who name he will keep myra
He was busy thinking about that time when a filoar voice hit his ears he looked up only to get the biggest shock of his life
He immoderately stood up whispering , swara
Tears were continuously flowing from both there eyes the pain which both were carrying from past five years can be clearly seem on there faces there eyes met with each other
A painful eye lock took place

They were back to sences by Myra

Myra running towards swara , mamma

Sanskar mind yelled , mamma ?????
He confusingly looked at swara

Swara was about to leave when Sanskar holds her hand

Sanskar lovingly , swara where were you these many years don’t you once think of me you left everything and disappeared why swara why ?

Swara was trying hard to hold herself but finally she broke down in his embrace letting all pain put after crying for almost hf an hour she stopped

Sanskar , how are you alive swara ?

Swara sobbing , actually that day before that fire incident took place papa threw me out of house because he got to know about our relation
But you were going to get marry then

Samskar , how can i marry after loosing you

Swara , Sanskar I want to tell you something

Sanskar , hmmmm…

Swara , vo … Myra is your daughter

Sanskar looked at swara in shock , how ??? Why didn’t you telle about it

Swara , I also got to know after papa threw me out and I thought you might have got married so

Sanskar looked at swara while she bowed down feeling guilty but samskar puuled her in bone crushing hug

Myra , papa mamma you forgot me very bad

Sanskar broke the big and picked Myra in his arms
Sanskar , sorry dear saying this he kissed her cheeks
Sanskar , swara I promise you I will not leave you now
Swara smiled and huged both father daughter


Hope you all liked it sorry if it bece too long or boring

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