Dard e dil ki siffarish Part 5: Telling the past!

Part 5: Telling the past!

Heyo I’m back with showing some ishq and as it was requested by SulaimanSulaio , @Aarti32 @Shabnampatel and ishanaomkarakiwife to update the next part soon, so I’m back!

Continuation from the convo
“My life was sad since the begining, my mother died, because of cancer, my dad used to work a lot to pay the fees for her treatment, when he had the money for it, he was going to the hospital, but unfortunately he met with an accident and he became disabled, he lost his job as well and that day I lost my mom, so I stopped going to school and started to work as a con girl!” Ishana said and Rudra asked: “what happened after that?”

“I used to lie to people and get money from them, when I was 20 years, I met Rahul(played by Zain Imam) for the first time, I fell for him at first sight, I used to meet him a lot a and one day he asked me if I wanted to be his girfriend and I said yes!”

“How did you find out that he is playing with your feelings?” Saumya asked her.
“He used to tell me what I have to do and I did it as I trusted him.” “Once I caught him talking to his girfriend Aashi and he told her, how he trapped me, so I confronted him with the truth and he said that he killed my father and sister, then I ran home found both of them dead and the police suspected me of killing them, but they didn’t have any proofs, so they let me go!” “Since that day my only goal is revenge from that Aashi(played by Krisann Barretto) and Rahul, because of them I have suffered a lot!” Ishana ended her story, while tears were streamind down her face and Omkara hugged her while assuring her that everything will be fine.
“So the next one will be Om, who will tell us his past!” Ranveer said.

“I believe in truth, I hate lies, but my whole life was a lie and the man I respected the most, he had killed my mother and brothers, but today I got to know that they(his brothers) are alive and one of them is with me.” He said
while he had tears in his eyes, he was still hugging Ishana, which the two of them noticed after a while, so they topped hugging eachother and the others were planning something for IshKara(their evil mind was running a marathon)
“So now it’s Rudra’s turn!” Saumya said.
“So my real story is that my dad tried to kill me and my brother, but we survived, because our nana and nani saved us, they changed our surname from Singh Oberoi to Kapoor, I became the dumb but hot guy, who could have any girl!” Rudra said finishing his story and Saumya said: “hahah, you and hot, I think the girls were blind.”
“No, they weren’t Sumo!”
“Yes, they were!”

“Oh Tom and Jerry stop fighting or the whole neighbourhood will wake up and kill us all!” A highly pissed Priyanka said.
“So now it’s Saumya’s turn!” Omkara said.
“My life wasn’t always that normal, at college I didn’t have any friends, because people would make fun of me, my size and would insult me everyday, I ignored them, at night I would be the RJ Love Angel, who would give advice about love and one day the worst one of my life these guys defamed me and I started to hate that word love and I became the most cruel person in their lives, I became the Angel of death!”

Saumya said with a lot of emotions, everyone of them was proud of Saumya, that she didn’t give up living her life.
“How could they insult my Sumo!” Rudra said angrilly.
“Your Sumo?” Ishana asked him while she raised an eyebrow and he replied back saving himself: “how could they insult Saumya like this!”
“So now it’s Priyanka’s turn!” Ranveer said.

“In the beginning my life was great, I had loving parents, because I was their only child of them, they were well known as they were one of the top leading business empire named after PS, after my name Priyanka Singhania, my parents were very special to me, they pampered me a lot, fullfiled all my wishes, one day the tragic day of my life my parents met with an accident and died.”
What happened to you after the death of your parents?” Ishana asked her.
“After the death of my parents I went to live with my mausi and mausa ji, at first they were nice towards me, but suddenly everything changed my mausi started to hit me, whenever I made an mistake, my mausa ji would look at me with lust, then a few times he came to my room and raped me, I was a 18 years old at that time, I felt dissgusted and started to hate myself, until one day I decided to end the missery of my life, which was burning inside me.”

“What did you do then?” Saumya asked a crying Priyanka, while Ranveer was getting hyper.
“I took the opportunity, burned them to death and since that day I’m known as the Princess of the ashes!” Priyanka finished her story.
“Well done Prinku, they desserved the punishment, which you gave them was perfect!” Ranveer said, while he happily hugged Priyanka and the cause of that was that she was blushing like a bride.
“So now it’s my turn!” A not so happy Ranveer said.

“Yup!” Everyone said.
“So my story starts from that day my father became the prime minister of London, I was so happy as I never knew about the evil intentions of my dad, when I overheard him talking to one of his friends about taking over the world, I knew what I had to do, so infront of him I acted as I’m on his side, so I told him a plan, I was nearly there to catch him redhandedly, but he turned the tables of my masterplan!”
“What happened then?” Omkara asked him.

“My father cheated me, he made it look like I’m the bad guy, since then I have vowed to myself that I will take revenge  and because of that I’m known as the Prince of actfullness. He said while he was ashamed of whatever his dad has done.
“So guys the first step of our trust bonding got completed today, so tomorrow, we girls will give you guys a few tasks which will be the second step of our trust bonding, which should get completed, until 10pm!” Ishana said.
“And what will be third step?” The boys asked her and she replied back: “the day after tomorrow, you three will decide the task for us ladies and we will have to complete it, until 10pm as well.”
“Okay and good night guys!” RuMya said.

“Good night sleep well and have revengeful dreams!” IshKara and PriVeer said to RuMya.
“Same goes to you guys!” They said.
End of the convo

All of them went to sleep, while some were excited for the next day and some weren’t as they were confused about their own feelings and the course of their own lives.

Wow this is the longest chapter of this story till now!
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