Dard e dil ki siffarish Part 4: the bonding of trust!

Part 4: the bonding of trust!

Heya Twistinians, I’m crazy and I know it, but I love writing all my stories a lot, as I can express my feelings with all the stories, I have written till now and I can or we all can show some ishq for our IshKara, RuMya and PriVeer.

The discussion beetween the squad before going to sleep
As they were hungry, they ordered three different Pizza’s, which they all shared as well. “So when are we starting our mission?” Saumya asked Ishana as it was Ishana’s revenge plan and she replied back: “at first we have to start trusting eachother, before the actual mission starts.”
“Okay, I’m tired I’m going to bed!” The rest said at the same time.
“But where will we girls sleep Rudra?” IsYaPri(Ishana, Saumya and Priyanka) asked at the same time and Rudra replied back: “Girls will share the room next to mine and the boys will share the room with me!”

“Alright!” Everyone said.
They all went to their rooms, got ready wearing their pyjamas, guys were shirtless and only in pants.
Ishana’s pyjama

Priyanka’s pyjama

Saumya’s pyjama

“Good night guys!” The girls said to the boys and they said it back to them as well.
End of the scene

Ishana was turning and twisting in her sleep as she would get flashbacks of her haunting past, something similar was happening to Om, so both of them woke up and went to the kitchen, where they walked into eachother.

IshKara’s convo
“Are you alright?” Omkara asked her as both of them hit eachother pretty hard.
“Yeah, I’m fine!” She replied back.
“Do you want an hot chocolate as I’m making one for me?” She asked him and he replied back: “yeah, sure thanks!”
“Not to mention!” She said back to him, while she was smiling back at him.
“So how come you are still awake?” Both of them asked at the same time and they started to laugh.
“I couldn’t sleep, because I was thinking about him and what he has done to me!” Ishana said, while she was lost in her thoughts, then she took a sip of her hot chocolate and soon came back to reality.

“Is it something to do with your family and that Rahul?” He asked her.
“Yes, I hate him, because he killed my father and my sister Mona!” She answered back.
“What about you Om?” She asked him, so she could divert the topic.
“I hate lies, I always was truthful, so for me the truth was everything, but the sole truth is that my life was full of lies!” He said and she asked him: “how?”
“My dad murdered my two brothers(Shivaay + …) and my mom, he lied to me and said, that they met with an accident.” He replied back and their conversation was overheard by RuMya and PriVeer. “Om bhai, it’s me your younger brother and still alive brother!” A voice said, shocking everyone and the voice belonged to Rudra.
End of their convo

The convo between the whole squad
“That means that your real name is Rudra Singh Oberoi!” Saumya said.
“Yeah, Shivaay bhaiya and I got adopted by our Nana and Nani after our mom died!” Rudra said.
“So how is Shivaay?” Omkara asked him happily and he answered back: “he is fine, he is married to Anika bhabhi and is expecting his first child with her!”
“Omg, I’m going to be chachu!” Om hapily said and then he hugged Ishana at first, RuMya and PriVeer were smirking at them, then he hugged Rudy, Saumya, Prinku and at last he hugged Ranveer.
“Guys lets go to bed!” Ishana said, while killing the mood of everyone and the others said: “no, we all could talk about our past!”
“But you all will pity me after knowing my past!” Priyanka said.
“No, we won’t, so lets start with Ishana bhabhi’s past!” Rudra said.
“Bhabhi!” IshKara shouted.

“Sorry, he meant to say Ishana di!” Saumya corrected Rudra, he agreed to her words and IshKara were relieved.

Not the end of the convo

The copyright of this twisted story belongs to me?so if anyone copy pastes it be aware what I can do to your fate????????

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  1. Aarti32

    New dhamki today?? Lol
    It was rilli interesting..Espclly d Shivaay n Anika’s revelation part..Ishana bhabhi??
    Update soon

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a ton dear for liking it will update it soon❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    you finish your ff interesting note post soon dear ishkara tallk sooo emotional omru has obroi brothers lovely ishkara hug soooooo cute loved it

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      Thank you very much dear for loving it and I will post it soon???

  3. Renimarenju

    OMG!!!! Shock laga…..Loved ishkara moment 2 the core and i liked rudy when he said that bhabhi……Totally a different level of story from u crazy girls, It’s becoming interesting day by day…..

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  5. Hey!!! Your fan-fiction is superb man!!! I love that part when rudra said ishana bhabhi…. and I liked the ishana hugging om ….Can you please update it daily???Please….

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      I will try dear, but can’t promise to update it daily as I’m busy studying for my exams, I’m sorry, but I will try?


    Dear AMkideewani
    IshKara Scene And Conv? OmRu Unite? Om Hug Ishana? It’s Interesting Part??????

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

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    Om bhai I m Ur bro wow , IshKara scene superb and ShivIka revealation Om’s happiness all are happy seeing him.cant wait for next.दिल ❤ के इतने ️? साफ़ हो तुम,
    तभी ? तो इतने खास हो ❣ तुम..

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    Wonderful update… Loved it.. .. Ishana bhabhi.. ??

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        Ankita dear that’s cool as IshKara is one of my favourite couple?Keep reading Dard e dil ki siffarish and loving it❤️

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