Dard e dil ki siffarish Part 3: 3 people in a team and 3 more needed!

Part 3: 3 people in a team and 3 more needed!

Hiya my crazy Twistinians, I’m glad that you guys are liking my story and showing some ishq. This part is dedicated to ishanaomkarakiwife Jerry_36 flying-cupid NehaGujar6
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Rudra’s pov
“So what’s the plan, what is our team going to do?” Omkara suspiciously asked Ishana and she replied back: “everyone will be doing some missions with the group and some will be done all by yourself!”
“So can I hack other people, who don’t have to do anything with our mission?” I asked her.
“Yes, you can, but at first you have to find out about the angle of death, the prince of actfullness and the princess of the ashes!” Ishana answered back.
“I found out that the angle of death here in New York, she is nearby, so I will follow her and when I get a chance I will bring her here.” I said, while IshKara were impressed with me and they said together: “well done Rudy!” Soon I went outside and soon I walked into a girl.
End of his pov

Rudra meets Saumya for the first time
“I’m sorry, that I didn’t see you!” Rudra said.
“You walked into me, because you desperately wanted to know, who I am!” She said angrilly.
Rudra replied back: “I already know, who you are miss. Saumya Talwar or should I say the angel of death!”
“How can you know that?”
“Because I’m the king of cyber hacking!”
“What?” She asked him in disbelieve and he replied back: “Shh, I can show it to you in my appartement, where the queen of electricity and the mysterious stealer are waiting for us or maybe more!” Rudra said, while he was smirking, so both of them acted as they are a couple, so he took her to his appartement, where IshKara and two other people were waiting.
“Hello guys, I’m the angle of death!” Saumya said, while she tried to give a nice smile to them and the others smiled back at her.
“Hiya I’m the mysterious stealer!” Om introduced himself.
“Hey, I’m the princess of the ashes!” Priyanka itroduced herself.
“Heya, I’m the prince of actfullness!” Ranveer introduced himself.
Hola, I’m the queen of electricity!” Ishana introduced herself.
“I’m the king of cyber hacking!” Rudra said at last.
“So from now we all are a squad!” Omkara said.
“So what’s our first mission?” Priyanka asked and Ishana dangerously said: “finding Aashi Kesarwalla!”
“Why?” Ranveer asked her as he was confused.
“Because her boyfriend is my ex-boyfriend and he is a mafiaboss, I have killed one of his best men in India and in London, so the next person is Aashi, because if I torture her, it will be the end of his mafia empire!” Ishana plainly answered back.
“But how will we trap that Aashi?” Rudra asked her.
“We all girls will befriend her and you boys will act as the husband of us!” Saumya said.
“Your plan is great Saumya!” Ishana happily said.
End of the scene

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