Dard e dil ki siffarish Part 11: The plan in action

Part 11: The plan in action

Hello Twistinians, ready to see some asses getting beaten up. I’m showing some ishq, as well as writing this part with full of craziness. Dedicated to my dear sista BooksByBela

So they went through the plan again, so that they all can act according to it, ShivIka would be supervising them as they were experienced in that business as they are special agents.

IshKara met Aashi at that place, where she requested them to meet her, as they didn’t trust her RuMya and PriVeer were hiding a few blocks away from them, so if they need kick some asses then they are ready for it. Soon Aashi came but she wasn’t alone, because the whole mafia gang was with her. In the beginning IshKara were nice to the gang as they knew the weakness of the men and women already as Rudra knows it all. Slowly PriVeer and RuMya were getting closer and closer.
“You thought you could trap me Ishana Patel?” Aashi spat after saying that.
“I don’t think that Miss. Aashi Kesarwalla, because I have already trapped you!” Ishana smirkingly said.
“Do you know is infront of you?” Rahul asked her and she answered back: “yes you are the king of the mafia empire but do you know who is infront of you?” She asked him after she replied back.
“Yes, I do know you, you are Ishana Patel a girl I used for my own goals.” Rahul said smirkingly but the next sentence rubbed the smile away from his face as Ishana replied back: “oh, you are so wrong, because I’m The queen of electricity who has killed a few of your men already.”
“Shit, that can’t be true!” He shouted.
“It is true my dear ex!”
“And who are you?” He asked Omkara while he was stuttering out of fear.
“The mysterious stealer!” Omkara smirkingly answered back.
“How can the two most wanted criminals be together?” Gang member 1 asked and gang number 2 replied back: “that means that they knew eachother from before!”
“Nope we met eachother few weeks before, when we met The king of cyber hacking, The angel of death, The princess of the ashes and the The prince of actfullness.” IshKara said shocking the whole mafia gang. RuMya were sneaking into the gang, while they were killing a few of the gang members, soon the were behing RaAshi, while Priveer were killing the people from the other side and soon they were infront of them.

Meanwhile ShivIka were worried as they haven’t heard anything about the dard e dil ki siffarish squad. So they waited and waited for a long time.

Back to the squad Rahul was going to attack Ishana, but she dodged it, the guys attacked the rest of the members, while Aashi was trying to run away. She was stopped PriYa and they were fighting with her for a long time, till she was unconscious. Soon all the members were dead and RaAshi were getting tortured by Ishana, until she had enough and called the police, telling them that she found the most wanted mafia in a semi-unconscious form, after the police took them away the squad could go home.

Soon they reached home said that they will plan Saumya’s revenge at next, no one noticed that Ishana was hurt except for Om.
“Ishana you are bleeding, lets get your wounds dresssed!” Om said and then everyone noticed it.
“No, it’s okay Om I’m used to getting hurt!” Ishana said and Om said to her: “from now on no one will hurt you, because if they will then they have to hurt me at first.”
All the girls were awwing IshKara, while they guys were like go and get your girl.

The copyright of this story belongs to this Twist ki dukaan with the twisted mind?

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