Dard e dil ki siffarish (IshKara, RuMya PriVeer) Part 9

Part 9: Falling in love!

Heya dearies, guess who will fall for one and another at first?
So lets show some ishq!

So the girls were doing their tasks with a lot of effords. Soon it was 10pm and the guys made the videos of the girls. IshYa came in with OmRu, both brothers looked like they were tired.

The scene of all
“So lets start with Saumya’s task, then with Ishana’s and at last but not at least with Priyanka’s task!” An energetic Ranveer said, while the others agreed.
Then Rudra showed his video of Saumya flirting with a guy, Ishana looked at the face of that man with an blank expression, which Omkara noticed, so he asked her: “do you know that guy?”
“Yes, because he is Rahul Khurana my ex.”
“So that means your ex is in New York, so your revenge can be eassily taken.” Ranveer said smartly and she replied back dangerously: “Yes, this will be fun as he will never expect that from me!”
Then all of them saw how Saumya was performing as the RJ Love Angel, everyone was shocked seeing a romantic side of her as they have never expected her to perform better than they thought. Then the video ended and it was Omkara’s turn to show the video of Ishana.
So Ishana met Aashi, fooled her and became her friend.
“Well done Ishana di opps bhabhi!” Rudra said, while IshKara looked at him like they wanted yo kill him, while the others were laughing at Rudra’s state as Ishana has messed up his hair with her bare hands and Omkara polished Rudra’s hand with nail polish, then they maked up his face, so that he looked like a clown. As the others were laughing a lot their stomach started to pain a lot, but they couldn’t stop laughing. As soon as Ishana’s video finished it was PriVeer’s turn.
So the video started with Priyanka massaging Ranveer, making food for him and she was dancing and he only was staring at her, making the others awww at them as they could feel the love between them is true, but both of them haven’t realized it yet.
Soon they went to eat dinner as the video was finished, Rudra took Saumya with him, the same happened with PriVeer and Ishkara were left alone in the dining room to wash the dishes.
End of the scene

PriVeer’s scene
“Ranveer why did you take me from there?” Priyanka asked him angrilly, ao put his finger on her mouth and said: “shh, we want to bring Ishana and Om closer that’s why I brought you here.”
Then she bit his finger, so he was screaming in pain as it hurts him a lot: “oww, for what was that?”
“Because you shushed me, so I bit your finger, so that I can talk again!” She answered back.
“Oh, I’m sorry my doll!” He said apologetically.
“What did you just say?” She asked him and he replied back making her blush like tomatoe: “you had heard it right, I called you a doll as you are cute like one!”
“Really?” She excitedly asked him and he answered back: “yes love!” After he said that both of them realized that they have something for eachother, but they thought that they can’t be together as it will endanger their missions, so both of them went to their rooms.
End of their scene

Meanwhile RuMya’s scene
“Do you think that something will happen between Ishana and Om?” Saumya asked Rudra and he replied back: “yes, there is something between them, but they aren’t ready to accept the fact that they love eachother!”
“About whom are you talking Rudra?” A voice asked him, Rudra turned around and was shocked seeing that person.
“Bhaiya!” Rudra happily said.
“Haww Rudra, you have forgotten me!” Another voice said.
“No, Anika bhabhi I haven’t forgotten you!”
“Hello bhaiya and di, I am Saumya Talwar!”
“Hi Saumya it’s nice to meet you!” ShivIka said.
“Why are you both outside?” Shivaay asked them and Rudra without thinking said: “because Omkara bhai and Ishana di oops I mean bhabhi are inside!”
“Do you mean our brother Om?” Shivaay happily asked and Rudra answered back: “yes!”
“Can we go inside?” ShivIka asked and Saumya replied back: “soon bhaiya!”
“Okay!” They said.
End of their scene

Meanwhile IshKara’s scene
“These guys are unbelievable!” Ishana said, he agreed to it and then he said: “I think they wanted to let us have some time together.”
“But why?” Ishana asked.
“Because they think that something is going on between us!” He blushingly answered back.
“What the hell.” Ishana shouted and everyone came to the dining room.
“What hapened Ishana bhabhi?” Rudra asked and she answered back: “I’m not your bhabhi.” Then Anika noticed that Ishana is wearing a moon chain, which was similar to her moon bracelet.
“Anika di?”
“Yes it’s me!” Anika answered back and then Ishana asked looking at Shivaay: “who is he?”
“He is your brother-in-law Shivaay Kapoor!”
“Shiv Bhaiya!” Omkara said and Shivaay said: “Omi!”
“What’s happening here?” PriVeer asked as they were confused, so Saumya replied back: “Shivaay bhaiya is OmRu’s elder brother and Anika di is Ishana’s elder sister!”
“Wow that’s fantastic!” PriVeer said.
End of their scene

Shocking twist eh?

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  1. Renimarenju

    Huuuhhhhhhu……Twist pe twist likhna koi aap se seekhe, crazy girls……Loved it to the core….Specially priveer romance was so catchy, i loved when he called prinku as doll……So cute…..Liked rumya, ishkara and the last part of ani-ishu union was so gud…….Happy Diwali 2 u dear……

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a ton dear and happy diwali to you❤️❤️❤️

  2. Fenil

    Wow Aflatoon….full if shitti maar….

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      Thanks bhaiya???

    Dear AMkideewani
    IshKara And Rudy Scene?? PriVeer Scene And Conv? RuMya Scene And Conv? ShivIka Entry? IshKara Conv Om Blush?? Ishana And Anika Is Sisters? ShiOm Meet? It’s Awesome Part??????

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. AMkideewani

      Thank you very much my dear UF❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?

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    It is nice one dear

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  5. AMkideewani

    Dear dislikers can you please tell me why you guys disliked this story, if you are SwaSan fans then please keep your distance from all my stories as it won’t end well for your health and I care for the health of guys as you all humans as well!

  6. Aarti32

    You’re rilli crazy.. itte twists to TV shows mein nhi ate jitte tumhare FF mein h

    1. AMkideewani

      Hahah thanks Aarti baby❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️, haan TV shows pe nahi aate yeh twists par meri stories main zaaroor ayenge kyunki hoon main Twist ki dukaan?

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