Dard e dil ki siffarish (IshKara, RuMya PriVeer) Part 8: The Tasks!

Part 8: The Tasks!

Hello my paagal Twistinians, I’m back with this one. I realy love you guys, not because you all are showing some ishq for all three couples, but because you guys are supporting me to write more.

The next morning they all woke up at first Omkara did whatever was told by Rudra as per plan and called Ishana to come over to his room, where he was waiting for her.

IshKara’s scene
“Om did you call me?” Ishana asked him, before she noticed that the room was beautifully decorated.

“What’s all this Omkara?” She asked him a little bit sadly.
“Ishana, I can’t do what the boys told me to do!” Omkara said truthfully.
“What did they ask you to do?” She asked him and he answered back: “to make you fall for me!”
“What if we act like I fell for you, but the truth is that we are only friends!” Ishana said and Omkara agreed to it as he still loved Gauri a lot. They heard footsteps, so Ishana said, while her heart and his heart were beating very fastly: “I love you Omkara!” RuVeer(Rudra and Ranveer) were peeping inside, while they had opened the door slightly, IshKara had noticed them, so Om asked her: “how would you describe our relationship?”
“Dard e dil ki siffarish hai tera aur mera rishta par hai humari kahaani badi intekaam wali!” Ishana answered back and our RuVeer went, both of them sighted out of relieve.

Ishana’s second and third task
“So your tasks are that you have to find
Aashi Kesarwalla and make her your friend, you have time till 10pm, so that our mission will be easy for us all!” Omkara said.
“Okay done!” She said, then she went towards her laptop and looked for Aashi Kesarwalla in Facebook, then she ran out of the apartement and Omkara followed her.
End of their scene

Meanwhile RuMya’s scene
“So Mr. Handsome Singh Oberoi called me!” Saumya said a little skeptically.
“Yes, my baby doll everything is ready, today it’s just about you and me!” Rudra flirtingly said.
“Oh really?” Saumya asked him, while an idea popped up in her mind.
“Yeah, babe!” He replied back.
“You know what I love you Rudy boy!” She said as she knew that this was his plan to make her fall for him.
“I love you too Saumya, hahaha!”

“Slap!” “Slap!” She slapped him twice and then she said: “never mess with the Angel of death!”
“Ouch, it hurts!” He cryingly said.

Second and third task of Saumya
“So your second and third tasks are yoz have to flirt with an random guy and start working as RJ love angel till 10pm tonight.” Rudra said.
“Okay that’s easy!” She said, then she went out of the apartement and Rudra followed her.
End of their scene

At last but not at least PriVeer’s scene
“So Mr. I Will Get My Revenge called me to do what?” Priyanka asked him, because IshYa(Ishana and Saumya) warned her already about the plan of the boys.
“Yes I did my princess!” He flirtingly said, before he could say something else she kicked him in his knee.
“Ouch for what was that?” He asked her and she replied back happily: “because of your plan, I know about it already!”

“Dammit, how did you find that out?” He asked her and she answered back: “I have my own ways mister!”
“What the!” He said, while she was laughing at him.

Priyanka’s second and third Task
“So your second and third task is to impress me, so cocking food for me and things like that until 10pm!” He said wickedly.
“Main kaha phass gayi!” She said, while he was laughing at her. Then she took hos hand and pulled him towards her, causing him to fall on top of her and she winked at him boldly.
End of their scene

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    Very well written by you, i loved all of them today ishkara describing their relationship was the major charm which caught my eyes, and loved sumo’s slap and that name Hand some Singh Oberoi, in Ib am missing the cuteness of rumya and glad that in this ff am able 2 find it, thanks yaar…Prinku’s task…..so sweet ranveer……waiting 2 see their scenes…gud work dear..keep it up……

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      Thanks a lot dear for liking this part, yeh I moss RuMya too and IshKara as well❤️

    2. AMkideewani

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