Dard e dil ki siffarish (IshKara, RuMya PriVeer) Part 6: You and I!

Part 6: You and I!

Heya my lovely Twistinian, this part is dedicated to NehaGujar6 Legendary_Anaconda Iaaakw and @Renimarenju

To my dear diBlissLv  you are amazing the way you are, so please never change yourself as you are an unique piece and never talk about leaving, so please stay with us di, keep calm, because the matter will hopefully get sorted out soon and smile?a big one please?? hum saab ke liye meri pyaari di❤️

So now back to the story

The next day everyone woke up, had breakfast, got ready, the guys were nervous, because of their tasks, because they knew that the girls were sweet like sugar and dangerous like hell!

As per plan of the girls, they called the boys in three different rooms, so they can test them, if they would do whatever the girls want them to do for them.

RuMya’s scene
“Saumya did you call me?” Rudra asked her and she replied back: “Yes, I did, because of your first task!”
“So what do I have to do now?” He asked her.
“You will get to know soon!” She answered back.
“Okay!” He stressed the word as he was scared of this dangerous woman infront of him and she smiled wickedly at him as she was excited to act according to the plan.
Saumya went towards Rudra seducingly, at first he was shocked then he smirked as he knew that this was his first task, soon Saumya acted as she is going to fall down, so Rudra saved her, one hand of his was on her waist and the other one at the back of her head. They were lost in eachother’s eyes, even the song You and I started playing as the background music. Soon both of them came out of their trance and he said, while he winked at her: “nicely played darling, but I know how this game works, so lets play it a little bit differently!”
“Oho baby, who said that the game is the same way that you know it, so lets have some fun!” She naughtilly said making him even more shocked as he never knew that Saumya can play the same game as him, because he was just bluffing as he didn’t know, what will be coming as the next task and his brains were working very hardly to guess it, but he failed badly at it.

The second and third task for Rudra
“So the next two tasks for you are, that you have to hack two systems which are connected to eachother by bluetooth, one of the systems is in Italy and the other one is in Canada, but it will be very hard to hack these systems as they have installed different kind of firewalls and anti Viruses apps, you have time to hack them, until 10pm and your time starts now!” She said and he ran towards his computer, started doing his work and Saumya was keeping an eye on him.
End of their scene

Meanwhile PriVeer’s scene had begun as well as RuMya’s
“So the princess of the ashes has called me!” Ranveer said, while he was acting as if he was taking all of it calmly, but innerly he was very nervous.
“Haan Jaanu(Yes sweetheart)!” She said while she winked at him, while she was shocking him, she went towards him, then she acted like she was going to fall and in time Ranveer saved her. Tere sang yaara started to play in the background as they were lost in eachother for enternity. Soon they realized that they were liking eachother a lot, so there was a long pause between them.

Ranveer’s second and third task
“So Ranveer as you are the Prince of actfullness, you have to go to a theatre, try to impress the jury with your skills and act for one show for today, but the difficult part is coming as you have to act in another language!” She said.
“In which language?” He asked her and she replied back: “in French!”
“What the heck!” He said.
“And you have time till 10pm sharp and you time starts now. She said and then he ran out of the appartment to finish his task as soon as he can and Priyanka followed him.
End of their scene

At last but not the least IshKara’s scene
“Ishana did you just call me for the task?” Omkara asked her, while he was scratching the back of his head as he was nervous and she flirting answered back: “Haan bhulaya toh tha maine tume, par tume aise dekh kar lag raha ki tum bhohut cute lag rahe ho jab tum nervous hote ho(Yes, I had called, but you are looking very cute, while you are nervous).”
He looked at her like, what’s wrong with her, soon she was coming near him, he moved backwards as he thought that she do something that he isn’t ready for, she then acted as was going to fall, he saved her, but she sprained her foot, she he was taking care of her foot while she was looking at him without blinking and Sun saathiya was playing in the background. He looked up to her and was lost in her magical eyes. Both noticed that they were nearly kissing eachother and she went to the other side of the room.

Omkara’s second and third task
“So Om your second task will be that you have to paint something  or someone that has inspired you!” She said.
“Okay that’s easy!” He said.
“And now to the difficult part of it you have to cook, while you are painting and you have time, until 10pm!” Ishana said, while his mouth hung wide open and she said: “Om please close your mouth or else I will kiss you!”
Soon she realized what she said, she blushed as well as he did, then he went to do it and she was keeping an eye on him.
End of their scene

Soon all of the boys were finished with their tasks, the girls hifived eachother as the boys had done the task as they had expected it, so the girls trusted the guys.

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  1. Fenil

    Awwwww such cute cute task girls gave to boys.totally crazy Sam phir bhi Om and Rudra ka easy hain.main toh Ranveer phasa Hain lol.loved it to the core.

    1. AMkideewani

      Thank you Bhaiyu?

  2. Aarti32

    Rudra’s task is a logical one.. Ranveer’s task is weird..but Omkara’s task is hilarious ??

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a ton Aarti darling???

  3. IshKara-Mahi

    It’s woawsome…….too good. I really loved it. Poor boyez. But I think Ranveer’s task is da most difficult 1. Plzzz try 2 post soon. Really excited 4 da nxt part.

    1. AMkideewani

      Thank you so much and I will?


    Dear AMkideewani
    RuMya Scene And Task? PriVeer Scene And Task? IshKara Scene And Task?? It’s Interesting Part??????

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. AMkideewani

      Thank you very much UF

  5. Shabnam

    awwwwwww soooo cute task girl give boys ishkara scene amaz ing loved it post soon keep writing stay happy love you ????

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      Thank you so much dear??❤️❤️❤️❤️??

  6. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear…. Rumya were cute…

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks dear???

  7. Renimarenju

    I am loving it a lot, the tasks are just fantastic, rudy will expertise task and ranveer’s track seems 2 be more interesting, omkara will never leave that artsy touch waiting 2 see what is going ahead??????????? Thanks for entertaining all of us with such a different story, crazy girls… And abt me, it’s not abt leaving writing, yeah i agree i had issues and mostly don’t know why in ishkara it straightly will be an overflow of so many mixture of emotions and sometimes without my knowledge it will be turning as much emotional and i finds much pain, but that’s the thing which i love in them…..

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot Renima, it means a lot to me, I love IshKara, because both of them understood eachothers pain

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