Dard e dil ki siffarish (IshKara, RuMya PriVeer) Part 10: New members!

Part 10: New Members!

Heya my twistinians, I’m showing some ishq.

The boys gave their room to ShivIka, so that they can sleep comfortably. Shivaay wanted to talk to OmRuVeer, so they went out, while Anika was talking to IshPriYa about a lot of subjects, but then she asked: “Chutki, where is Choti, papa and mom?”

The conversation of AnIshPriYa
“Gauri di got killed by ShivOmRu’s father after he raped her, mama died, because she had cancer, dad and our yougest sister Mona got killed by my ex-boyfriend, so I’m here to take revenge from Rahul!” Ishana replied to the question.
“What, how did this happen?” Anika asked, while she was recovering from the shock and then Ishana told the whole story with the help of PriYa(Priyanka and Saumya), Anika was crying at the end of the whole story and she asked: “can I be a part of your mission, in the ones, which have to do with our past?”
“Yes di, but not now, because you are pregnant, it will be dangerous for you and for my niece or nephew.” Ishana replied back, while Anika was pouting like a small child and then she said: “but I want to help!”
“No!” All three girls said and Anika gave up after a while and then she said: “okay I will help in the mission after this one!”
“Yes, that’s a good idea di, good night and take care of this chotu or choti and sleep well.” Ishana said after hugging her sister and went to the other room to sleep as tomorrow Aashi has invited her and Omkara over to have dinner with her. PriYa went after tucking Anika in and telling her if she needs anything then she can call them.
End of their convo

Anika was engrossed in her thoughts that she didn’t notice, that the guys coming back home so soon.

Meanwhile ShivOmRuVeer convo
“So how did you all meet?” Shivaay asked curiously.
“We met, because of Ishana!” Rudra answered back.
“But how?” Shivaay asked, because he was confused, so Omkara told him: Ishana is the queen of electricity and she needs help in completing her revenge against ex-boyfrind, who is a mafia gang leader Rahul, because him and his girlfrind killed her sister Mona and father.”
“What are you huys insane and you are helping her!” Shivaay shouted at the boys and Rudra replied back: “yes, because our father has killed her other sister Gauri after he had raped her, so our revenge is her revenge as well!”
“Oh my mata, if Anika finds that out she will kill everyone, who has hurt her family!” Shivaay said, with an shocked expression.
“Oh man all 3 sisters are dangerous!” Om said, while he was thinking about Gauri and Ishana at the same time as he still was confused about his changed feelings.

“I’m so lucky that my Saumya isn’t their sister!” Rudra said dreamingly.
“To my luck my Priyanka isn’t their sister either!” Ranveer said beamingly.
“Oh, so that’s going on!” ShivOm said and RuVeer asked: “what’s going on?”
“You both are in love!” Shivaay said happily.
“No, I don’t love Priyanka!” Ranveer said.
“HiFi, Ranveer even I’m not in love with Saumya!” Rudra said, but his eyes were saying something else.
“Oh really, then why are the eyes you both saying a different story to me!” Om said and then he said one of his poems: “tere dil ki baat tere ankhoon ne baya kar di hai magar teri zubaan ne nahi ki hai, kyunki yeh zubaan badi teez chalti hai(your eyes tell the story of your heart but your lips haven’t done that yet, because they are working too fast).” Only Shivaay understood the poem completely and RuVeer were totally confused, so they asked him: “what did you say Om/ Om bhai!”
“Only an Ishqbaaz will understand it just like Shiv bhai did!” Omkara said and then the guys went back as it was late and they were tired.
End of their convo

Shivaay went to his room, where he saw that his wife was lost in thoughts, so he asked her with a lot of concern: “Anika are you alright?”
“Oh, it’s you Shivaay, I don’t know what to feel, because after knowing the truth, I want to take revenge for what they did to my parents and sisters.” Anika answered back and Shivaay then said: “I think we should be a member in the group!”
“I am a member already, but won’t help in this mission, because of my pregnancy!” Anika said.
“Yeah, they are right saying no to you, but in 6 months we can help them, as we both will swap and look after our child!” Shivaay said and even Anika agreed. Soon both of them fell asleep, while some of them were thinking about their girls respetively about their boys.

The next day everything went as per plan, they were well prepared, as nothing could stop them to meet Aashi, then kidnap her, blackmail Rahul and then torture her.

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