Dard e dil ki sifarish (episode 18)

Swara was now sitting infront of bonfire n Sanskar was sitting beside her…. Every one was sitting together…making a round near bonefire…
“students we have hide 9 flag in this jungle.. The student who will get 5 flag first will get a gift”
every one was giving shocked expesion…
Techers left saying this…
Swara was trying hard to go from there… But Sanskar was holding her by warist…
Swara:leave me

sanskar tighten the grip
“thats not possible baby” sanskar winks at her
swara jerks his hand…
“i said na leave me why the hell u r irrateting me” swara shout on his mouth
making every one shocked
“sorry” sanskar just said looking down
swara was about to leave
swara becomes irrated n turns
“ya Samaira” (guys its not mee ok)
“sit here” Samaira point next to her
“no m in n…” swara
“swara sit with me” Smaira lil shout
swara sits next to her…..n looked at Sanskar..

.. He was looking at fire without any expresion…
Swara felt bad
“god y i shout at him idot me
already m in tension now just blurt at him” swara murmers under breath
“lets play truth n dare guys” Samaira
“ya thats good idea whats say guys” laksh
“yup thats good” all
“m not in mood” sanskar stands from his place
“if he is not playing then we r also not playing” his on of chamcha speaks
“what nooooooo” all shout
“what no bro u r playing” manik shout
“ya we all will not play without you” all shout
sanskar gives them irrateted look
“ok ok m playing” he sits back to his place
Swara looks at him…. He was looking at bottle
Samaira spins the bottle….

one side stoped at laksh n another side at manik
“truth or dare” manik
“dare” laksh
“ok so u have to dance” manik smirks
laksh widen his eyes
“on this”
music starts
laksh gives an terrible look
“no no manik meri bhai no”laksh pleaded
“now get up”manik
he gives i will kill u look to him

“i hope u’ll not break my trust” ragini shouted
“ya ya we also hope” sanskar smirked…taking the revange sucessfully
“yup” all shout
atlast he becomes helpless n danced with the beat…
Swara was giving sanskar pleading guys… But Sanskar gives didnt even bother…
…..this time bottle stops at Sanskar n samaira
“truth or dare” samaira
“truth” Sanskar
“ok so will ask u 5 questions” Samaira
“shot” sanskar
samaira:u r
Samaira: u r clg’s
Sanskar: Chairman Of Student Council
samaira:u like he most
Sanskar:my car,,
Samaira:u irrated wich person most
Samaira:do u love some one
sanskar (close his eyes): yes
that was enough for Swara… Tears roll down from her checks…
Every girl was sad there hearing that…
Samaira spins the bottle again

it stoped at Swara n laksh….
“truth or dare “laksh
“dare” swara
“kiss the person who is sitting opposite to u” laksh
Swara widen her eyes… Which sanskar also does..
Swara looks at him who was sitting opposide to her…it was Sanskar
“no cant do this” Swara
“rule is always rule” Samaira
“oh wow without my permission she will kiss me…huh” Sanskar fold his hand near chest
“Swara swara swara swara” boys starts to shout…
Swara reached to him talking baby steps

their eyes meet… Swara was giving him pleading look…but he was giving a clam look…
Swara put her hand on his check…
He close his eyes… Swara also close her eyes (dont think much its nothing like that) n kissed on his check ….. N ran from there….
There was pin drop silence….
Sanskar was at his tent…. Sitting on floor….
Checking his phone….
Some one hugged him from back…
“Swara leave me ” Sanskar close his eyes
“Sanskar plz dont be angry woh i was just tens…” he jerks her
“Swara u should go n sleep to ur tent n in his mid night if some sow u then it will be problem..” sanskar turns his face
“sanskar pl…” cuts by him

“m feeling sleepy good night” he pulled the blanket on him…
Swara becomes sad n leaves from there…..
……Sanskar thorws blanket on floor n goes out from his tent….
“manik She is Swara yes i love her” Sanskar
“that u only said na ki u dont like that nerd” manik
“no bro i mean i loved Swara from 10th standard… But how can i feel same for another girl… I didnt knew she was my Swara only” Sanskar complet on one breath
“clam down bro” manik
“but how u know na manik he is in same clg… If comes to know that Swara is here then… No no” Sanskar panicks
” we will hide this from him… That swara is in this clg”manik
“shh slowly” Sanskar

“ok ok now go n sleep” manik
sanskar nodes n leaves……
This was heared by some one…
That was none other than kavita
smirk was playing on her lips….
To be continued………..

Ahhh hello guys… How was the part… Dont be kanjoss plz coment… Not to say just only good but if it is bad so plz bad is also good… But comenttttttttttttt
u all know first i used to get 20 coments… Then… Nearly 16 then 14 now 12..m sure one day i will get 0 coments
Plz cmnt.

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