Dard e dil ki sifarish (episode 16 and 17)

Sanskar:what happend swara
swara:vo vo
she starts to breath havily
sanskar gives her ‘r u mad’ look
swara:plz plz go na
sanskar:ok ok going

he goes to check…after some time he comes holding a tissue
swara:sanskar whats this?
Sanskar shows her
swara:aaaa cockroch..what r u doing..aaa sanskar no no dont come near me
sanskar:swara its my baby friend see na (he goes near swara) hai na cocku
swara:aaaaa sanskar sorry i’ll not irritede u..
Sanskar:n i can irritide u anytime
swara:ya no no
sanskar:so my baby friend…

Swara:ok ok now do something
sanskar smirks n trows the cockroch from window
sanskar smiles…
Swara looks here n there n starts to throw everything on him
sanskar:ahhh sorry
swara:idot duffer…u irratate alot
sanskar stops n pulls her by warist
swara was numb due to his sudden action
sanskar in hushky voice: stop running behind me like this go n change…
Swara looks at herself n then runs back to washroom…

..”peep peep”
swara’s phone starts to ring…
“sanskar plz pick the call” swara shout from washroom
sanskar looks at the sreen which flashed ‘question shop’…he
picked the call
persn:swara where r u didnt saw the time
sanskar:payal anty m sanskar…
Payal:beta where is swara
sanskar:wo wo ha we both r stuck in rain…so u dont worry i’ll drop her…save n sound
payal:but where is she
sanskar:swara vo (searching fgor words)…
suddenly swara comes n snatch the phone
swara:chachi m fine..ok bye..
Saying this she cut the call…
Both looks at each other
swara:she is a question shop
sanskar starts to laugh
swara stares him
Swasan:question shop

both brust in laughter…

Sanskar gives her coffee while laughing
swara gives a qustion mark look
sanskar:lets go to terrece…
sanskar:question shop no 2
Swara swara glares him…n both leaves to terrece
sanskar sits on the floor..swara also sit beside him…
Swara looks at him
sanskar:m sorry
swara:for what??
Sanskar:for coming late
swara’s face again turns pale
swara:its ok
sanskar:its not…they t-tuched u…
Tears roll down from her eyes
swara:no were at right time

sanskar:no i was not in time
swara brust in into tears
sanskar:what happend swara
sanskar.:u wanna know my past na
sanskar:if u want to..
swara: i was a spoilit girl..
Sanskar looks at her..

a girl is seen fighting with a man
girl:dad m going to pub thats it
man:no swara u r not going…today is ur mom’s death anivarsery
swara:i don’t care dad…bye
saying this she goes near car n drives off…
She was drinking n dancing like mad with the beat of music
someone puts hand on her warist
swara:hey karan
karan was just staring her
she shakes him
he put his hand on her warist n forcefully took her to the corner
swara:what r u doing…ah leave me
karan:yah babe after i enjoy with u..
Swara pushed him n was about to ran..but he held her neck tightly…
Swara:leave me

karan:no no baby i have wait for this day since 4 years..
Swara:no plz leave what i have done to u…
Karan:no u’ve done nothing (tuching her lips) just u r hot s*xy n ur lips r making me crazy..just one night babe
swara jerks his hand..
Swara:stay away from me..she was about to leave but
held her hand tightly n was about to kiss her…but someone kicked him…
Flash back ends
swara break down in his arms
swara (while crying):if that man woudnt come on time then…
Sanskar:shhh swara..dont cry..

Swara:after that my father thorw me out of house.. Think mumma cursed me..
Sanskar:no swara ur mumma only sent that prsn in right time
swara ask inncently:sachi
sanskar nodes:muchi
swara looks at sky
swara:m sorry mumma I love u very much…
Sanskar put hand on her shoulder
swara looks at him…
Sanskar:did u saw the persn
swara nodes
swara:no everything was dark i only see a tattoo in his arm written “swasan”…
Sanskar remains slilent and just stare her….
Sanskar:swara anty waiting for u..lets go
swara:no i dont want to go now i need sometime…
Sanskar:ok so w’ll go some where
Sanskar:my favrate place
sanskar:but call ragini to pack ur bags coz tomrw clg is talking to shimla..we r directly going to clg
sanskar:swara plz just try to enjoy…
Swara didnt say anything
sanskar:u go to car m coming..
Swara nodes n sanskar leaves…
@sanskar room
sanskar was punching his hand on wall…blood was falling like hell..
(karan leave me) he bang his hand again (some one kicked) he looks at her from window (he had tattoo written swasan)…
Sanskar smiles
a flash back comes to his mind

a boy is eating chocolate n a girl is trying to take his help
girl:uff motu nerd bhaiya help me na
boy (while eating chocolate):umm dont call me bhaiya m sanskar..samji Swara
swara:whatever motu nerd Sanskar stop eating chocolate help na..
he starts to help her..

Fb ends
Sanskar removes his jacket , looks at his tattoo on his arm..

A smile espcaped
sanskar:i find u Swara…u r that Swara…I love u swara…
He wears his jacket n leaves…
Swara was waiting for him
sanskar:i know baby
swara was about to say something but sanskar throws her glasses
swara:2nd glass
sanskar:i know baby
saying this he sits in car
swara was staring that with big big eyes
swara:this jeep
swara:how i will go up

sanskar:oo thats nothing
he foward his hand..swara held his hand n land on his chest…
Sanskar:aram se aram se sit
swara glare him n sits beside him…
Swara:whats the time
sanskar: 5:30 am
swara close her eyes
sanskar stare her then smile
swara:u know what sankar

swara:raath jitna gehra hota hai subha utni pass ata hai
swara close her..her dupatta n hair starts fly in air…
…main tenu samjhawan ki
na teri bina lagdaji
main tenu samjhawan ki

na teri bina lagdaji…
Sanskar hold her hand
sanskar:thank u
sanskar:for coming ba..
Tu ki jane payaar mera
mai karo interaaar tera
tu di tu eu jaan meri
mai tenu samjhawan ki
na teri bina lagda ji…
Sanskar stops the jeep
swara gets down she is
its a river side place…

Sanskar:its my favarite place
swara:its awsome..
…meri dil me sunlaya mei
teri dil diya ra
tu jo mere naal sure to
sur pe mere adaha…
Swara sits on green grass putting her legs into river…Sanskar also sit beside her..n held her hand
…jeena mera hai

gun hai tera ki megara
tu kar atwaar mera
mai karu intezaar tera
tu dil tu jaan meri
mai tennu samjhawan ki
na teri bina lagta ji…
Sanskar:when i am happy i come here
swara:y its ur favarite place
sanskar:becoz here only i found my favarite persn
swara becomes sad hearing favarite person
“peep peep”
swara’s phone ring before swara could answar… Sanskar snatch her phone..
Sanskar:ragini pack swara’s back..she is diretly going clg
sanskar:n u know na what to pack
he cuts the call
sanskar:nothing…he he he
sanskar:u wanna see something
swara nodes
sanskar took her hand on his hand..
Swara looks at him
sanskar points to her hand

swara the moment she turns she frezeed
betterfly was sitting on her hand
sanskar:u like it
swara:love it..
She hug him
he’s eyes fall on her lips
he comes close to her…they were just inch apart….but he jerks n stands up

sanskar:swara m waiting on jeep
saying this he leaves….
to be continued…….

Hey guys… Hello ………. How the part…uff no one is liking my story… But y me only gets lesss coment???should i change my writting style or i stop writting…

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