Dard e dil ki sifarish (episode 15)

Swara:ahh leave me
she starts to cry badly
boy1 pulls her duppata… Swara with her full force pushed him n starts to ran
boy1:arre pakad ose
they also ran behind her
swara was running as fast as she can
swara:bhagwan ji save me…

It was heavily raining… Everything was so dark… Sanskar was feeling resstless… Just then some one bump with his car..but he was unable to see the face of person
sanskar:god now i’ve to go down..
No no i wont go this road is not good..
But the person starts to bang on his window
person:plz help me…

sanskar immediately comes out n hug her…
She starts sobing
sanskar:shh what happend swara n where is ur dupatta..
Swara point toward goons
boy2:hey stop heropanti let us to do our work..
Sanskar covers her with his jacket n hides Swara behind him
boy3:oo mr romeo we said stay away from her..or u’ll face the wrost..
Blood boilts into his eyes..
Boyt1:let us enjo…
Before he could speak anything
sanskar punced him…then glare others… They were steping back…atlast he some how he leave them but making them half dead..they ran from there…

Swara falls on her knees n starts to cry…Sanskar looks at her…
…hum tere bin
ab reh nehi sakte
tere bina wazod mera…
Takling baby steps he reaches to swara n sits down…
…hum tere bin
ab reh nahi sakte
tere bina kya wajood mera..
Sanskar: Swar…
Before he could say she huged him…sanskar also hug her back…
Tujhse juda agar ho jainge
tho khud se ho jayenge juda…
Sanskar:m sorry m really sorry..
Swara:thum sorry ho
sanskar:ha main sorry
swara:then m sorry
she hug him more tight..he also tighten his grip…
…kyu ki tum hi ho
ab tum tum hi ho

zindegi ab tum hi hooo…
They join there foreheads
swara’s hand went to his neck
n sanskar pulls her by warist..
…chain abi
mera dard abi
meri ashuiqi ab tum hi ho…
Sanskar:sorry for coming late..
Swara didnt said anything just was crying
…tera mera rista hai kaisa
ek pal door gawar nahi
teri liye har rooz hai jete
tujh ko diya mera waqht sabhi…
Koy lamha mera na ho tera bina
har saath itna mujh tera
kyu ki tum hi ho
ab tum hi ho
zindagi ab tum hi hooo
chain abi mera dard abi
meri ashiqi ab tum hi ho..
….sanskar leaves her with a jerk…
Sanskar (looking down):swara sit to car
swara:i cant go home like this
sanskar:u r coming in house

Sanskar:none is at home
swara nodes n goes to car..
Sanskar also sit n drives off..
A girl was talking on phone
girl:what happend
prsn:madam we tried but at mean time a boy comes n beated us very badly
girl becomes very angry
girl:u’ll r useless none will get a coin…
Prsn:plz madam ji
girl:do know the boy
prsn:no but we heared the name of boy wo Sa ha Sanskar
girl trows the mobile with anger
girl:this Sanskar always comes in between…Now kavita u have to do something..that nerd is snatching my Sanskar…
Swara was feeling cold
sanskar:swara u go to my washroom n take bath
swara nodes n leaves…

After sometime
sanskar enter in his room talking two cups of coffee
swara shout from bathroom…sanskar panicks n starts to bang bathroom’s door
Sanskar:what happend Swara…
Swara opens the door n hug sanskar…
Sanskar:what happend

to be continued……

Guys think what happend to swara… N tell me hows the part… N plz dont make me dissapoint
i alwys give regular update… Plz coment………

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