Dard e dil ki sifarish (episode 14)

HAPPY VALANTINE’S DAY..Hello my guys.. M not talking m angry..But wanna see our swasan..What they r doing..

Next day
@ clg
a boy comes down from bike… He is wearing black tee n jeans… Girls was dieing to see his face
neha:look kavya another handsome after sanky..Now sanskar is really borring.. Alwys ran behind that nerd
kavya:ya tha..Sanky
“oh my good”
he removes his helmet n he is none other than sanskar
Kavya:omg he is looking like before…That arrogant wala
all was just staring him
he gives damn to them n leaves…
After some time they comes back to sence…finding swara entering
ritika:lo agai ms nerd…ha ha
all brust out
swara didnt felt anything…She leaves from there

Sanskar was playing football… Some one hugged him from back…
Sanskar jerks
kavita: today is valantine day
she starts to rub her body in his body
kavita:uffo i wanna date with u
sanskar jerks
Sanskar:go to hell with u date..
Saying this he leaves from there…
Suddenly she feels a slap on her checks
“how dare u to rome around him”
kavita widens her eyes
kavita: Swara
swara pulls her hair
swara:enough m bearing u since long time now will not bear
she starts to slap her more hard… N kavita falls on floor..
Swara pulls her hair again
kavita:ah swara leave me… I’ll complain to dean..
Swara:go to hell i dont care…
She keeps kavita slapping
all was looking at swara with horror look…

Swara was standind in front of dean
n sanskar was pooking outside of his cabin
dean:so ms singhania what was that?????
swara:sorry sir
dean:what sorry… U r a bright student n i didnt expected that u’ll beat someone like boys
Dean: first n last time
swara nodes n leaves from his cabin…..
“ha ha ha ha ha ha”
swara:u sanskar
sanskar:u r seriously dangarous
swara:oh really…
Sanskar:ha ha u have beaten her very badly ha ha so bad ha ha
swara:she desrve that n m not guilty…
Sanskar: thats like my chashmish…
He was pulls her nose… Something stirkes in thier mind
(none can love that nerd) her eyes becomes moist… (he is really handsome… I like him)… Sanskar’s eyes fills with anger …. (my carrer is imortante for me nothing else)….. (arjun is better like this) he steps back…. Swara runs from there…
Sanskar:damn Sanskar stay away from her…. Its better for u n for her also…

Swara:ragini m going u can go with laksh…
Ragini:but shona
swara:u go with him na enjoy..
Laksh:yup ragu lets go na
ragini:acha baba ok
she leaves with him
she looks outside of window…
Winds r blowing
swara:seems rain can come anytime…

Sanskar was in parking area
sanskar:damn this stupid rain can come to any time…
Uff i hate this brezzee
he was trying hard to hate brezze but no he was liking it…
Sanskar:i hate this rain.. This wind always remind me about our moments we speend in rain…
He starts driving…
Swara starts walking on road..
Swara:plz rain come soon na m waitting…
Sanskar was driving but his mind was some where
….dil mera nasamaj kitna
besabar ye bewakuf bada..
(its just an attraction nothing else)…(u love her sanskar…whole clg sees love in ur eyes) (i dont wanna waste my time)
…chahta hai kitna tujhe
khud magar nahi jan sakha…
(u snacthed my nost importante thing from me)….(dilse serve payar hota hai)
…iss dard e dil ki sifarish
ab kar de koi yeha
ke mil jaye isse wo barish
jo bhigha dai pori tarha…
Flashes comes to his mind.. ** both shared the jacket n swara hugged him for the sound of thunder**
….swara is walking on road… Its starts to rain
…iss dard e dil ki sifarish
ab kar de koi yeha
ki jaye isse wo barish
ji bhigha de puri tarha…
…..sanskar stops the car looks at a rock.. Its the same place when they falled over each other…
…kya hua asar
teri saath reh kar najani
ki hosh mujhe
naaa rahaa…
…. Flashes come to her when he slapped kavita (i’ll always stand infront of )…
..lafz mere thhe zubaan pe aake
par ho sake woh bayaan..
(my heart is cobing into million peaces after hearing that words)
….dhadkan tera hi maan jo le
ankhein bhi paighaam ye de
teri nazar ka hi ye asar jai
Mujh pe jo huaa…
(dont stare me i know m handsome) … ( shut up m not staring u)
…iss dard e dil ki sifarish
ab kar do koi yeha
ki mil jaaye issey woh baarish
jo bhiga de poori tarah…

Swara was feeling cold now…
Some boys were also walking behind her…
They were looking at her body which was visible from cloths
boy 1:see we can enjoy
boy 2:what a hot item…
Swara starts to walk fast
swara (in mind):plz god ji i dont know ur name save…
They also starts to walk faster

Sanskar:oh damn its rainning..I should go by this road… Its god but i heard in night there very bad boys rome… But leave na sanskar u r not a girl
He takes turn..To left side..

They all blocked her way
swara:leave me
boy1 held her hand
boy3; not so soon darling
boy2 pulls her dupatta
To be continued…

Now think what will happend?

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