Dard e dil ki sifarish (episode 11)

Hey guys today m giving a short one.. N want help… Read A/N at last… N chubly (hope i didnt done mistake in ur name) u r right y arjun is coming between.. Thank u for help now a new idea striks in my mind…

After they eating raglak leaves…leaving swasn alone
sanskar also leaves without saying anything to Swara
swara felt really bad
swara:y he is behaving like this…
Suddenly swara feels pain in her head…
Swara runs to washroom

Swara was washing her face..
Her eyes were dark red..
She run from wash room… N went to her class
he wents near her bag n out her dairy…
She starts to write..
“dear dairy i wont trouble u any more becoz today m writting my last wish
my last wish is to die in my true loves arm…”
she close the dairy and smile
“Swara” sanskar comes from back
Sanskar:swara what are u doing
swara tried to diverd the topic
Swara tuches his forehead
Swara:oh my god mr maheswari r u fine
sanskar look at her confusely
swara:u said Swara its of chashmish
“ooohhooo i fully forget” sanskar shout hapily
he almost picked her
“noooo nai Sanskar”swara shout n ran
sanskar shout:yess Chashmish
he also ran behind her
swara.: no no nai
sanskar:ya ya ya yes
i love to pick u mina muto madam
swara starts to burn
Sanskar:ya mina muto mato madam
here they take 180 turn
n swara is behind sanskar n sanskar is running here n there
swara:stop u bander
sanskar (while running):jhansi ki rani
swara:aaaa stop right now
sanskar stops like army officer
swara could not controll herself n both folls…
They share a small eyelock
Swara breaks the eyelock
sanskar coming to sence:Chashmish r u fine
swara nodes
she gets up from him
he was about get up but some one fowards a hand to him

both swara and sanskar look at the direction
samaira:get up na sanky
sanskar held her hand n gets up
Samaira starts to help him to remove dust from his cloth
samaira: so whats ur plan for velentin’s day
(plz samaira di dont kill me)
sanskar:bo plan m still single
samaira:tho will u come with me for dinner
sanskar was about to opean his mouth
but our jealous swara answar her
both samaira n sanskar lools at her
swara:i mean he is coming with me so how can sanskar go with u
sanskar was trying hard to hide his smile
samaira:oh bye
sanskar (in one breath): samaira if u r single u can go with Arjun
samaira n swara both looks at sanskar
n swara starts to cough
swara:hmm umm uhhmm
which Arjun
samaira:no thanks bye
swara(under breath): dekho she is fliirting with my sanskar..
Sanskar was smirking looking at her face…
suddenly swara shout
sanskar jump from his place
swara:u get hurt on ur hand
he starts to search
swara tuch his hand
swara:how care less u r mr.maheshwari
u dont even know where u get hurt
is it paining
sanskar cups her face
sanskar:clam down m not hurt
swara:yes u are
she tore here dupatta n tied n in his hand
sanskar was just staring jer


So guys this is a small chappy full with swasan scenes
Samaira di plz dont kill me ha ur role is not end…
A/N:guys plz help me..chose a song for laksh birthday party
which song sanskar sould sing
m giving opsitions
1. Boldo na jara
2. Mei jo je raha ho… Wajah tum ho
3. Pani da
4.ae dl hai muskil…

Ok guys m singing off n chubly swara is save from arjun for some episodes

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  1. Stella Shona

    ae dl hai muskil

  2. Awesome dear

  3. awesome

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  5. Simi

    Ae dil hei mushkil

  6. Mica

    uughhhh, our jealous Swara!!! the last one dear!

  7. Awsm……..mix all d songs…..Wht have swara problem????

  8. Awsm……..mix all d songs…..Wht have swara problem????

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