Recap: sanskar share his past with swara and sujata get to know sanskar is not mad.

Next day:
Swara opened her eyes and look around but Sanskar was no where.
” he went yesterday night?” She thought he must have left after she slept. Then only a paper caught her sight. She picked it and read
” I went in the morning so don’t misunderstand that I didn’t listen to your words”. — Sanskar
Swara smile staring at the paper. He is really different from the sanskar she met earlier. She took deep breathe and went to washroom getting up.

Sanskar enter inside his farmhouse. Laksh glare at him bcoz he didn’t came yesterday night and the deal was won by Sahil.
” why are u fuming?” Sanskar chuckles looking at laksh.
” seriously sanskar how can you be so careless we lost the deal” laksh yelled
” hmm I know” sanskar said normally.
” you are not affected??” Laksh asked. He was hell confused what happen to sanskar. He would die for deal and here he don’t care.
” no I’m stopping this business” Sanskar said
” what the hell is wrong with you???” Laksh shouted.
” calm down it’s just I don’t want any mess in my life. I had already got much” sanskar explained.
” doing this for swara??” Laksh narrow his eyes at him.
Sanskar smile and nodded.
” good but how you will end it??” Laksh relaxed bcoz he know sanskar is trying to change since swara came in his life.
” sahil is coming and I’m going to sell everything expect my company to him” sanskar said.
” if you want you can handle with sahil” sanskar further said he don’t want that laksh should forcefully leave all this.
” we had started together so will end also at the same time” laksh said
Sanskar smile at him.

Sahil came inside and sit with sanlak.
” you are seriously leaving smuggling world SK?” Sahil asked still feeling it hard to believe.
” yes and it’s your Merry time,no competition” sanskar smirk.
” of course but will miss this enemy” sahil teases.
” me too” sanskar said.
They finalized the deal and sanskar sell all his drugs and export business to sahil. Even he promised not to reveal that SK is sanskar. Later he left from there.
Sanskar felt light and happy as if some heavy weight is removed from his shoulder.

Maheshwari House:
Swara is in the kitchen preparing breakfast. Sujata came inside and swara smile at her.
” I want to ask you something swara” sujata said standing beside her.
” yes mom” she said
” Sanskar is not mad right??” Sujata asked seriously shocking swara.
Swara silently nodded her head nervously.
” and why all this??” Sujata’s tone was stern.
” I’m sorry mom but Sanskar has strictly told me not to tell anyone. He has a reason behind this” swara tried to explain
” what reason??” sujata asked.
Swara told her everything about dp and adarsh.How they tried to kill sanskar and all.
” they did all this???” Sujata place hand on her mouth in shock.
” yes but plz don’t say anything to Sanskar he was just angry at them” swara said.
” I’m so happy that he is fine and he has his own company I can’t believe” sujata’s was overwhelmed with this revelation.
” means you are not angry?” Swara want to confirm.
” no I can understand him and you both are happy with each other?!” Sujata asked.
Swara nodded looking down.
” swara you love him??” Sujata can see the spark in swara’s eyes on the mention of Sanskar’s name.
” no I like him” she said blushing all pink.
” don’t worry love will also happen” sujata pull her cheeks.
” mom may I and Sanskar go for shopping I want to buy things for sanskar. He have no dressing sense” swara said with annoyance.
” okay you both can go” sujata said.
” plz don’t tell anything about it till Sanskar wants” swara requested.
” don’t worry it will be secret” sujata assures.
” thank you” swara said.

Swara enter inside the room and saw sanskar sitting on the couch busy on laptop.
“Sanskar you are unbelievable sometimes vanishing and then again coming back suddenly” she was amazed to see him. Sanskar laughs at her reaction.
” okay get up we are going for shopping” swara stood in front of him.
” you go alone what I will do??” Sanskar rest back on couch.
” shopping is for you. All your dresses are just black as if you have colour blindness” she said making faces.
” okay will come” finally he signed as he know how much stubborn she is.

Swara parked the car as she was driving bcoz sanskar is mad for all. They came out and went inside the mall.
Swara went to gents garments and bought so many coloured shirts for sanskar. He was silent as its waste to argue with swara.
When swara was busy in collecting things, Sanskar went somewhere.
Swara got tensed as he suddenly disappeared.
After sometimes,
” finding me??” Sanskar tap swara’s shoulder from back.
” where you went?” Swara frown.
” I was here only let’s go” sanskar casually said and they came out of the shop.
Then swara shopped few things for herself which she needed.

Swasan came back in the car with ice cream. They sit in the car and started eating as it was more comfortable here then in the crowded mall.
” its yammy” swara said licking it.
” yeah nice I’m eating first time” sanskar said
” First time???” She facepalm and he nodded his head.
” you are impossible Sanskar” she signed how can someone live without ice cream(valid point?)
After they finished eating, sanskar saw there is some ice cream at the corner of her lips.
” it’s there swara” he pointed but she was not able to clean.
Sanskar hesitately lifted his hand and slightly rub her lips with his thumb. Swara’s eyes got closed with his touch.
Her breathe got stuck somewhere.
Sanskar also felt something in his heart which is very new feeling to him.
Swara open her eyes when she felt loss of sanskar’s touch. There was awkward silence between them. Sanskar take out something from his coat pocket to divert the topic.
” wo swara I bought this for you” he said extending diamond ring towards her.
Sanskar seriously don’t know how to handle girls or how to give them gifts and make them feel special.
” you went to bring this??” Swara raise her brow.
” yes did you like.?” He asked
” it’s beautiful won’t you give me” swara forward her hand towards him. Sanskar got confused and turn her hand placing ring on her palm.
” offo who give ring like this make me wear in ring finger” swara roll her eyes.
“Ohh sorry” sanskar again turn her hand and inserted ring in her finger.
” thank you so much” swara said making him smile. He felt happy that swara liked it.

At night, swara was coming to her room after completely her kitchen chores. She was moving in corridor and smiling at the ring sanskar gifted. She was so lost in her world when she bumped with someone
” careful dear” person said holding her shoulder.
Swara look up only to see adarsh giving her wicked smile.
” thanks” she said and tried to move back but his grip was so strong on swara’s shoulder. He caress her arm making her feel uncomfortable.
” that mad don’t deserve you” adarsh said moving close to her.
Swara give him disgusting look and push him with all her might and ran to her room.
Swara enter inside the room hurriedly, breathing heavily.
” what happened??” Sanskar asked looking at her condition.
Swara got relieved seeing sanskar. She tried to give him smile and shook her head in No.
Swara went to washroom to calm her inter turmoil.She stood in front of the mirror as tears brim in her eyes. It’s not the first time adarsh did this, since she has came in this house adarsh always find chance to tease her or speak something rubbish.
Swara(thinks ): I should tell sanskar. Earlier I was scared from him but now our relation is mending and I should not hide this.
Swara took deep breathe and wash her face.

Swara came out and went to her side of the bed. She was surprised to see Sanskar wearing casuals and all set to sleep.
” you are not going out today!?” Swara asked.
” no ” he said
” strange” she mumble to herself. Sanskar raise her brow while she shook her head.
Swara open drawer to keep something when she saw drugs there. She take them out and show to sanskar
” you still take drugs??” Anger and concern was clear in her eyes.
Sanskar curses himself as he by mistake kept them in swara’s drawer instead of his.
” see swara I can’t live without them I need them as I’m addicted but I will slowly slowly leave them promise” sanskar tried to explain.
Swara being a doctor understood that its not easy to leave this addiction.
” okay but you will not consume these I will give you from hospital as a medicine that will remove your restlessness” swara said
” thanks for your concern” Sanskar said
” its okay good night” she lie down.
Sanskar stare her for a second then lie on bed eventually closing his eyes.
To be continued….

I really want to know you are not liking my stories if you don’t want plz tell me bcoz I’m really upset with the response on previous updates. I always plan to give more updates but less response discourage me to write.
you can criticise in positive way but plz don’t be silent. it’s humble request. if you all are getting bore with the stories then also tell.
I’m thankful to the one to who comment everyday.
Thank you.

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