Dangerous Ishq (Swaragini) Promo

Hey guys this is Pushpa I’m writing a new ff the other one was just a prank my friend dared me to act like an over confident b*tch. It’s funny seeing everybody’s reactions.
Here’s the intro to my new ff dangerous ishq

A girl is seen running through the forest wearing a blue sari.

She keeps looking back every 5 seconds to check if she’s still being followed. Her face is covered by her long black hair.

She’s gasping for air as her sandal breaks.

She twists her ankle and falls onto the floor, “ouch” the girl sobs.
She could hear the loud sound of the men’s voices and their heavy footsteps.

‘Oh no’ the girl thinks.
She hurries and limps towards the tree to lean on, she brings her knees to her face and tries to hide from the men.

“She’s not there! Go look over there I’ll look here!” The man was very angry and couldn’t stop shouting orders at his men.

The man sees the girls blue sari…

Who was that girl? Why was she running? What was the motive of those goons?

Want to know more? Stay tuned….
Read Dangerous Ishq!

This is the promo of my new ff Dangerous Ishq. Please read and comment thank you.

I’m very sorry for being rude and overconfident, to be honest Halima dared me to write the other one to see everyone’s reaction, ?? Halima, the writer of CKDC and Heart connection.
Sorry I snaked you up!!???
But it was for fun!

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Credit to: Pushpa


  1. Halima

    ?? seriously? But it was awesome, can’t wait till the next update…….. And Yh guys it was a prank set by me for her….. But this ones far better??

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