Dangerous Ishq (Swaragini) Episode 3

Episode 3:

The episode begins with Ragini opening her eyes, “Where am I?” She glanced around the room.
“Dr! Dr!” The nurse shouted. The Dr and the police both rush in.

Ragini is given a statement to fill…

5 years later:

“Dad!” Sanskaar looks around until he sees his 3 year old daughter Shanaya sitting on the sofa.

He looks to the right and sees Kavita, he smiles.

“Sanky come here!” Kavita says laughing.

“What all this noise!” A new voice is heard.

“Shay, come here and see this pic I found” Kavita says.

They all crowded around her and glanced at the photo album.
They all laugh

“Shanaya, who is this?” Sanskaar asks his daughter.

“Dad that’s mum!” The screen zooms in at the pic.
They see Ragini and Sanskaars wedding pictures.

“The dinner is ready, come quick before it gets cold” a new voice is heard, they turn to the kitchen door and see Ragini standing their.

The end.

Thank you so much for enjoying my FF? I’m coming back with another one…it will be called Yevaduha. Can’t wait…thank you.

BYE?❤️? I hope to see u soon. Muaaah. Till then take care.

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  1. little bit confusing plz provide previous chapter links

  2. Super epi…but too short pls make it long……

  3. It was awesome by why did u end it so soon I used to love it ???

  4. Awsome…can’t wait till you back with a new Epi…..

  5. i am really confused about this one. what happened between her statement and the 5 years? who was the boss? and why is this called dangerous ishq??

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