Dangerous Ishq (Swaragini) Epidode 2


Sanskaar nearly hits Ragini with his his car and Ragini faints.

Sanskaar walks toward the girl that’s laying on her back on the floor.

‘What should I do with her, should I wait till she wakes up, or take her to the hospital’ Sanskaar thinks.

He sees Ragini morning, groaning and thrashing her limbs around.

He runs towards her and picks her up.

He starts carrying her towards his car as Ragini and cuddles against his chest.

Sanskaar looks down at Ragini and an unfamiliar tightening happens in his chest.

He shakes his head and puts her in the back.

He starts driving towards the hospital.

Sanskaar reaches the hospital, gets out of his car and picks up Ragini from the back.
He carries her into the hospital and to the reception.

“Excuse me, this girl fainted in the middle of the road” Sanskaar says to the lady at the reception.

“Ok sir take a seat we’ll call the nurses to come and take her to a room to get checked up” the lady says.

“Oh and sir we need you to fill out this form, I need to ask you a couple of quick questions,” the lady said.

Sanskaar nods and carries Ragini to a seat and puts her down.

He walks up to the reception. And fills out a form.

*a few minutes later*

A few paramedics come to the waiting room with a portable bed.
They lift Ragini up and place her on the bed. They start wheeling her away and Sanskaar follows.

They take her into a room and tell Sanskaar to wait outside.

“I’ve got a meeting in an hour, I need to go!” Sanskaar shouts.
“Sir we understand, but you can’t leave until she wakes up, we’ve called the police and we need you to confirm your story and after the girl wakes up she needs to tell us what happened.” The nurse said apologetically.

Sanskaar sighs and sits on one of the chairs outside of the room.

*5 minutes later*

The police walk down the ward to where Sanskaar is sitting.

“Hello sir if you don’t mind we need to ask you a few questions” the police at the front asked.

Sanskaar nods and they ask him some questions.
“Sir we need you to describe what happened or what caused the patient to faint”

They give Sanskaar a form that he filled in and wrote about what had happened.

“Thank you sir, but we’re going to have to wait until the patient is up until you can go, because she needs to fill out the same form and explain to us what had happened so we know everything you told us is true,” the policeman said.
The head police takes a seat and tells the constables to leave.

Ragini wakes up and tells the police about how she ended up being chased by goons, Sanskaar visits Shaurya

Shaurya: Vatsal Sheth.

Credit to: Pushpa

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