Dangerous Ishq (Swaragini) Epidode 1


A girl is being chased by goons her face isn’t shown, she hides behind a tree and a goon sees a little bit of her dress…

The goon throws his head back and laughs.

The girl hears his laugh.
She covers her mouth and trembles while sobbing quietly.

The goon slowly approaches the tree, he leans forward and starts to speak.
” You thought you coul…” The goon stops speaking and glances around,
The girl was not there anymore.
‘Shit, boss is going to kill me’

His phone starts going off, playing the song ‘Afghan Jalebi’
The rest of the goons come back and were about to speak until they heard the song.

“Ha Montu is this your ringtone” the goons all start to laugh.
“Shut up or I’ll get boss to fire you!” Montu said.

He quickly picked up the phone.
“Have you found Ragini!” The guy screamed.
“Kya ‘sir'” The guy says.
“Well the girl she escaped”
“Sir don’t worry we’re looking for her we know which way she went”
Montu was lying straight through his teeth, he didn’t know where Ragini had gone.
“Boss what happens if we fail to catch her?”
“I will shoot everyone of you! Then cut you up into pieces and feed you to my dogs! You better find her!”
We need her here now”
The phone call ends and Montu sweats.
“We need to find the girl before boss kills all of us, now you 3 go look over there! You 5 look over there and we’ll look down there” Montu shouts at the rest of the goons.

Ragini is running as fast as she can, her sandals are in her hands as she sprints down the forest.
She could see the road.
‘Oh god please help me’

Ragini runs even faster and looks back.

She heard the sound of tires screeching. She looked to the side and froze. She was going to get hit by a car. Ragini puts both her hands up to her face.
The car stops suddenly and the effect of the situation made Ragini drop to the floor as she fainted.

Sanskaar was on the the phone with his brother, Shaurya.
He didn’t notice the girl on the road.
“Look Sanky My flight got delayed I promise I’ll be in Kolkata tomorrow.”
Shaurya says.
“Ok bro but you better be in time for my engagement.” Sanskaar laughs.
“I can’t believe my baby brother is getting married” Shaurya also laughs.
Sanskar was about to speak when he noticed the girl in the middle of the road. “Shay I’ll call you later”
He ends the phone call throws his phone into the next seat and hits the brakes.

“What the hell!” Sanskaar shouted.
He got out of his car and looked at the girl on the floor.

His face paled.
‘Is she dead?’
‘I can’t go to jail before my engagement’

The girl stirred and Sanskaar let out a breath of relief.

Sanskaar is carrying Ragini to the hospital.

Shaurya – Vatsal Sheth

Credit to: Pushpa

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