Dangerous Ishq (Episode 3) (Mastaangi)

Hello ppl…thanx a lot for ur comments i never thought that Il get any reviews as this is a new serial but it seems like i did…so thank u soo much for reading my ff

Scene 1
The three of them, Kabir,Udita and Anushka get ready to leave for the party. They take their microphones nd check if they are properly working or not. Kabir informs the two of them dat there main target is to take the hard disk of there computers C.P.U and getting all information’s about ISI’s plans.
As they leave it’s shown that Anushka comes in the attire of a waitress while Kabir comes out as a bar tender
Anushka: wow Kabir you look dashing.
Kabir doesn’t reply.
Anushka:(irritated) what happened Kabir?whom r u looking for?
Kabir: i m looking for udita.

Anushka:(angrily) o yah,dat is supposed to be obvious. Now a days u have no one else in your life except her.
Suddenly they are interrupted by a sweet voice,
Udita:its not like that Anushka.
Anushka and Kabir turn around to find Udita standing there,wearing a blood red dress. Kabir gets mesmerized by her beauty but controls his emotions due to Anushka’s irritation.
Anushka:what r u going to do?
Udita: Il play the role of a singer.
Kabir smiles at this and thinks how Udita and his likes nd dislikes match. On the way they discuss the plan which is muted nd so reach the party.
Udita goes towards the back entrance as Anushka and Kabir enter from the main gate. They wait for half an hour when suddenly they find a person carrying a big box upstairs. Kabir informs the other two and then tells them to start there acting.

As he leaves with two champion bottles to start up there plan he suddenly stops hearing Udita sing. He gets mesmerized and moves towards her as if attracted by a magnet when suddenly Anushka informs him to do his job first.

Scene 2
Kabir goes upstairs,towards the room where the man had entered with that large box but sees a guard standing there. He informs him dat d person inside had ordered wine nd so enters. As soon as he enters the room he keeps the bottles and takes out his gun and shoots the man who was sitting with the computer. Meanwhile Udita finishes singing nd a romantic couple dance starts in the party. Udita instructs Anushka to keep an eye on that room’s entrance way,but Anushka ignores her nd imagines Kabir nd her dancing romantically like dose dancers.

Unfortunately Udita finds Zubair nd his people approaching that same room where Kabir is busy getting the hard disk. Udita tries to inform Kabir but her signal breaks. She tries to signal Anushka nd make her understand the situation but she was unable to do anything. So without finding any other option she moves towards Anushka,takes out Anushka’s gun which was secretly tied to her anklet nd shoots in the air,while gaining everyone’s attention. Zubair and the people with him starts running after Udita while Kabir understands that something is wrong and tries to get the data faaster. Anushka gets surprised at all this and tries to escape but finds a person already pointing a gun towards her. She freezes at this sight,while Kabir comes out of the room with the hard disk to find all this outside. He sees Udita at one corner nd Anushka at the other. When suddenly the person shoots a bullet towards Anushka but within that fraction of a second Udita jumps from the side to save Anushka nd the bullet hits Udita’s arm. Kabir watches all this nd comes down running but doesn’t do anything as Udita signals him to leave. Then she takes Anushka nd runs away from the hotel when Zubair and his men follow them,but fortunately the three of them escape somehow.

On the way Anushka goes on ranting about how much she was hurt. Maybe some of her bones must have broken as Udita jumped up on her. Kabir got irritated but he just kept quiet fir the sake of Udita.
Anushka: Udita u could hav at least inform me about these.
Udita:that’s what i had been trying to do for the past half an hour,but you were soo busy watching the dance that u didn’t pay attention.

Anushka glared at her
Anushka:its ok Udita,if you want to take the credit then take it,but do not insult me by telling that i m not working properly.
Udita opens her mouth to clear the misunderstanding but doesn’t say anything,while Kabir thinks that if Anushka speaks anything more then he will surely hit her.

To be continued…

Guyz Il upload the next episode fast but right now i m quite busy so i could not end dis part properly,so sorry for that nd hope that u njoy reading my ff.

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