Dangerous Ishq (Episode 1) (Mastaangi)

Hello ppl,i know that this serial has just started nd dere were not many episodes which could have given us a good idea abt the story…but i wanted to make up my own story nd so hope dat u all will like it

First introducing the characters

Rishab:head of Indian RAW agency, experienced,strict nd can go to any extent to save his country
Kabir:a talented Indian RAW agent,handsome,dashing,smart,cunning nd loves things related to music
Udita: a talented RAW agent,beautiful,shy,intelligent,smart and loves singing
Anushka:a talented RAW agent,beautiful,smart nd her only ambition is to finish her job as fast as she can nd spend time with Kabir
Shekhar: an Indian RAW agent but mostly works as a detective,smart,wicked nd can go to any extent to get Udita

Scene 1
It’s Delhi 1995
Rishab is worried as he got an information Dat some ISI agents have emerged in India to complete a mission named ‘Tabahi’,he calls one of his agents nd tells them to call the three best agents of RAW
After sometimes Kabir,Udita and Anushka enters Rishab’s room
Rishab:welcome agents
They all nod
Rishab:we hav got an information that the ISI agents hav invaded in our country nd are planning something big this time,and we hav also got another information…at this he stops and looks at Udita
Rishab:we got to know that someone from our agency is helping the ISI
Three of them are shocked to hear this
Kabir:how would we know who’s that person?
Rishab:dats y i m sending u three in this mission…u all hav to go to Ahmedabad as dey will have there meeting over dere…i hope dat u all will be able to achieve success in this mission too
Three of them shout together:Yes Sir
Rishab:ok then,dismiss
After the three of them leave,rishab calls someone and orders him to keep an eye on Udita

Scene 2
At Ahmedabad
Kabir,Udita and Anushka are sitting at a coffee shop
Suddenly Anushka asks
Anushka:acha Kabir,what do you think?…how shall we get ISI’s plans?
Kabir:(still staring at Udita) what? I mean purdon me plzzz
Anushka:(irritated) can u plzz make a plan to get the ISI’s plans
Udita:we should go to that party in disguise,where they r supposed to meet and take the hard disk…only then we will get to know there plan
Anushka:(still irritated)achaa! But for ur kindest information Miss.Udita this is not a mascaraed ball that u’l get to wear a mask nd disguise urself
At dis Udita looks at Anushka with that same serious look nd says
Udita:masks are not needed for disguise…if u keep ur profession and character a secret den its enough to disguise urself
Kabir looks at Udita as she speaks these things and thinks how thoughtful and philosophical she is…nd with dat she’s talented with wit nd intelligence
Kabir:Udita is correct,we will take different roles and then finish our job
Anushka:(angrily)fine den
After this Kabir and Anushka drop Udita to her suit nd leave for there’s. While Kabir leaves the place, Anushka grab’s his hand and asks him
Anushka: why did u take Udita’s side?

Kabir: cummon Anushka its not about taking sides,i felt dat her idea was good so i accepted it
Anushka:Kabir its not just today,but in evry mission u always give importance to Udita’s ideas,wat abt me?…it seems as if u have forgotten ur childhood friend
Kabir: cummon Anushka,friendship is somewhere else nd Udita nd i r partners for all dese missions,just like u nd Shekhar
Kabir speaks in between
Kabir: no more but’s,now go and sleep…tomorrow is going to b a long day for us
And soo he leaves
Late at night from one of the rooms of the hotel noise comes…a girl calls in a number and speaks…she informs someone named Zubair to be careful tomorrow as the RAW agents might attack them nd den ends the call…

To be continued…

Plzzz comment ppl…hope u all guys will like it…nd if u want to give any suggestions then u r always welcomed ?

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  1. Anoka is isi agent

    1. Actually that’s supposed to be a secret nd no one knows if its Anushka or udita

  2. Wat is FF OF RAW
    Nice FF DEAR ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

    1. Its research and analysis wing

  3. Nice story?

  4. Udita is an ISI agent not RAW.

    1. I know day dear but this is a fan fic…so i hav changed it

  5. Awesome………love kabir and udita

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