Dangerous Ishq -Arya FF (Chapter 7)

Jhanvi ; Vandana and Kavita were talking about the crazy things which were happening in the house…

Vandna : I don’t understand.. after even all tgese things.  Maya still refused to wear that thread..

Jhanvi : I also don’t understood why she denied.. she believes in god so.. much

Kavita : I can help you with that..

She takes her pedant and opens and keeps the thread inside the locket..

Sakshi , Ayaan and Arjun discussed about the arrangenemts for wedding.. Maya was also there..

Kavita : Wow.. I think engagement plans are going fullon..

Sakshi : Nothing.Bua.. i am still confused bhai is showing so much themes..

Kavita : Umm….Maya i have something for me..

She shows the pedant and maya looks at her..

Kavita : Arjun make her wear this..

Arjun does so while maya was continuously saying no..

Maya after wearing the pedant starts screaming..

Arjun holds her

Arjun : What happened maya..

Maya (double voice) : Maya ! Maya ! maya ! Maya !

She holds arjun’s neck and pins him to the wall

All : Maya!!!

Maya (double voice): Stop calling her name.. she won’t here you..

Ayaan : Bhabhi.. leave bhai..

Arjun : Maya.. are you gone nuts .

Maya : I feel angry when her name comes from your lips.. Can’t you just see . i am saanjh.. your dusky..

Vandana : Sanjh!!!

Maya : Arjun … stay away from her.. i will take you with her..

Arjun : Saanjh..

She leaves her hands and nods with a teary face..

Arjun : Please leave Maya.. she’s innocent..

Maya by herself moves to the wall and tries hide herself..

Arjun goes to her..

Arjun : Maya…

Maya hugs arjun..

Maya : Arjun.. i am feeling heavy.. its something here which is stopping me.. i don’t know.. there is a..

She faints and Arjun takes her to their room


Jhanvi : Will anyon tell me what just happened here.. Why was maya calling herself Saanjh. Who is she???

Vandana : Arjun’s ex-girlfriend.. she died 4 years ago..

Jhanvi : Whats all these happening.. is this any black magic..

Kavita : Bhoot..

Ayaan : What rubbish..??

Jhanvi : How is all this possible.. what are..

vandana : Are you .. serious.. You mean saanjh ki booth..

Vandana : Arjun do you believe all this…

Kavita : You have to belive  i felt that from the first time i saw her and by analyising the thinks haooend here it is sure.. that..

Arjun : Okay.. just stop it.. I just know that i want her alive and just as she is..

Kavita : Please tell me how saanjh died??

Arjun : I.. I don’t know.. she just dissappeared on a day without even a phone call..

Kavita : Tell me.. what exactly happened the day you last meet her…

Arjun : It was Akash my firends birthday party.. and we had invited her.. But that party didn’t happen as his grandmother passed away and so we had to postpond the party… and my friend Sammy

kavita : Can.. i meet that friend???

Arjun : Actually he died .. its about 3 and half years..

Ayaan : But.. if its saanjh gost why didn’t she attack us.. till now..

Arjun ( remembers about the womens words) : A pure soul makes her powerfull

Vandana : What!!!

Arjun : That.. that women she said about.. pure soul..

Sakshi : But.. who is a pure soul

Kavita : The unborn is always pure…

The women enters again..

Women : Don’t worry nothing will happen to Maya.. but there is difficulties.. (She closes her eyes) Saanjh’s body didn’t burried by doing proper traditions.. so we have to find her body and do the tradition..

Just then they hears a scream…

Arjun : Maya!!!

The door was closed. Arjun breaks the door and sees Maya

Arjun holds on to maya’s legs and pics her up.. After that ayaan also holds maya’s leg.. Arjun goes put and unties the knot from her neck..

Arjun : Maya .. say something..

Maya just holds her belly..

Maya (double voice ) : She is saved this time.. i won’t leave her until you becomes mine..

Arjun hugs Maya very tightly..

Maya : I’m scared arjun..

Arjun : Nothing.. Nothing will happen to you..

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  1. Jasminerahul

    shocking that Maya is possessed by saanjh n became violent.how did saanjh die? shocking that the possessed Maya tried to hang herself. glad that arjun saved her.the last arya scene was very emotional. perfect pics

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